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The Cleveland collection fuses classic style with a clean contemporary painted finish. The overall feel gives a bedroom a cool and calming ambiance that you will relish spending time in. This range has been made in the UK and can be hand painted in a host of colours.

Not all of our stores carry every range. If you wish to view a collection please phone 0800 9961811 or email

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Products in this range

148.5cm(w) 125cm(h) 206.5cm(l)  
£955 multi-buy from £619
163.5cm(w) 125cm(h) 218.5cm(l)  
£1055 multi-buy from £685
158cm(w) 110cm(h) 217.5cm(l)  
£955 multi-buy from £619
148cm(w) 110cm(h) 212.5cm(l)  
£819 multi-buy from £529
98cm(w) 110cm(h) 212.5cm(l)  
£619 multi-buy from £399
180cm(w) 202cm(h) 56.5cm(d)  
£1875 multi-buy from £1219
125cm(w) 203cm(h) 56cm(d)  
£1279 multi-buy from £829
110.5cm(w) 197cm(h) 57cm(d)  
£1165 multi-buy from £755
53cm(w) 61cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
£335 multi-buy from £215
38.5cm(w) 53.5cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
£265 multi-buy from £169
104cm(w) 50cm(h) 50cm(d)  
£429 multi-buy from £279
88cm(w) 102cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
£769 multi-buy from £499
124cm(w) 95cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
£855 multi-buy from £555
53cm(w) 144cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
£699 multi-buy from £449
124cm(w) 82cm(h) 43cm(d)  
£685 multi-buy from £445
48.5cm(w) 49.5cm(h) 37cm(d)  
£339 multi-buy from £219
65cm(w) 170cm(h) 44cm(d)  
£259 multi-buy from £165
54.5cm(w) 56cm(h) 14cm(d)  
£229 multi-buy from £149
100cm(w) 61cm(h) 2cm(d)  
£189 multi-buy from £123

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