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Divan Beds

A sumptuous selection of divan beds in all sizes, comfort tensions and fillings with various storage options to suit you.

Handmade in Britain, the Chester 5200 has 100% natural fillings for a luxurious feel.
Featuring 3 zoned reactive pocket springs system for great support.
One of Vi-Spring's most popular beds, the Herald Superb has thousands of honeycombed springs.
The Hypnos Adagio divan & mattress set is crafted to help you achieve a perfect night's sleep.
The Hypnos Larkspur seasons turn divan provides comfort in all temperatures.
Each spring senses your shape & weight distribution thereby providing total body support.
The Hypnos New Orthocare 8 mattress is handcrafted in the UK by master craftsman.
The Hypnos Serene Divan Base & Mattress responds to your unique shape and movement.
The Hypnos Serenade Supreme is upholstered in luxurious materials and covered in soft, silky damask.
The Hypnos Wisteria boasts total spinal support and provides comfort whatever the season.
The Ragley 20000 provides support and comfort with natural fillings and 20000* pocket springs.
The Trentham 25000 has unmatchable quality with 25000* pocket springs and natural fillings.
The Canterbury 3000's spring system and platform base offer great support and a firmer feel.
The Durham 5700 boasts 5000 Microlution Airflow and 100% natural fillings.
The Hereford 16500 seasonal turn mattress has a True Edge base for ease of use and longevity.
The Wells 13000 has a turn free mattress & True Edge base for low maintenance & excellent longevity.
The Cheltenham 9000 platform base divan & mattress has a Revolution spring system for comfort.
Boasting 1400* pocket springs, the Sealy Genoa is an innovative and intelligent bed set.
The Sealy Messina is a Which? endorsed divan set with 1400* pocket springs.
Beneath the soft knit top of the Alder are 800* pocket springs to provide support and comfort.
The Elm 1000 divan & mattress is micro-quilted and features a side stitch effect damask border.
The Foxglove divan base and mattress is sure to keep you rested thanks to the 2000* pocket springs
Made in the UK, the Fuschia 2000 is traditionally tufted with a luxury knit panel.
The Hazel's memory foam layer and firm tension provide a comfy, supportive night's rest.
This UK made Primrose mattress and divan set guarantees comfort as it features a soft knit lid
The Sycamore combines pocket springs with a layer of memory foam to maximise comfort.
The Hypnos Stratus boasts a lavish pillow top matched with the ReActive 10 pocket spring system.
The Elite surpasses the best offerings from most other bed manufacturers, with 1854 pocket springs.
The Regal Superb mattress provides the perfect balance of springiness, softness and support.
The Hypnos Alto offers a sumptuously soft and supportive sleep
The Cirris recognises your body’s shape & weight, providing support exactly where you need it
Hand upholstered and all natural materials the Baronet Superb offers incredible comfort.
The Dartington provides the signature Vi Spring level of exceptional comfort
Vi-Spring Devonshire is both soft and supportive and is produced with all natural materials.
The Vi-Spring Kingsbridge is a luxurious soft but supportive bed. Hand made using age old skills
The Vi Spring Shetland is a superb choice for a good nights sleep.
At the heart of this bed are two layers of pocketed springs, combined with all natural fillings.
The pocket springs offer great support, & the all-natural fillings provide a sumptuous comfort layer
The all-natural fillings provide a sumptuous comfort layer, great for a good night’s sleep.
The Tribune offers fantastic comfort at a modest price.
The Viscount divan is available in various different sizes and has a great choice of fabric
The Tempur Ardennes Divan collection offers true versatility in design and storage.
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