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Rugs are floor coverings used to protect your floors and add that perfect finishing touch to your room.  Lee Longlands supply living room, bedroom and dining room rugs in all sorts of styles, materials, colours and patterns, including abstract, animal print, striped, plain, floral, shaggy, Persian, damask and geometric.  Some are also available with extra features, such as anti slip backing to reduce the risk of tripping.

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What are the different types of rugs?

There are different types of rug available for different rooms of the house.

Living room rugs

Living room rugs vary in size depending on the size of your living room and furniture, but are most commonly medium in size.  A large living room may require a large rug.

Living room rugs should ideally complement your sofa set and cabinet furniture in terms of colour, and should match the style of the room – for example, a Persian rug is best for a more traditional room, while an abstract rug is great for a modern home.  Cream and grey rugs are neutral enough to work with many colour schemes.

Bedroom rugs

Bedroom rugs tend to be small, often being used at the foot of the bed or at the side of a single bed.  They are a great way to tie the room together, and overall make the room feel more colourful and less stark.  You can also use a bold pattern or colour to support an accent chair.


A runner is a long, thin floor covering which typically sits in a narrow space, such as a hallway.  As hallways don’t have room for many furnishings, a runner helps to give the space more personality.  Runners are often available to match a standard rug.  In this case, they can be used to unite different rooms of the house under one look.  Finally, runners provide a soft and warm area to walk from one side of the hallway to the other – a relief for bare feet on a hard wooden floor!

Can you get different styles of rug?

The short answer is, yes!  There are lots of different styles of rug available for any number of looks, including modern rugs, vintage rugs and traditional rugs.

Modern rugs

  • Geometric prints – geometric prints are very popular for classic contemporary styling, with their bright colours and eye-catching geometric shapes.  These contemporary rugs can be coordinated with geometric accent furniture for a fun but stylish look.  You can purchase a standard rug or a shaggy rug in a geometric style.
  • Animal prints – animal prints bring a colourful wow factor to your lounge.  Their dramatic look is guaranteed to make an impression on guests.  Different prints will complement your furnishings differently – for example, a snow leopard or zebra print rug will work well with a monochrome colour scheme, whereas a leopard print rug adds a touch of glamour to your surroundings with its gold hues.
  • Rustic – rustic options may be flatweave or made from materials such as jute for that vintage feel.  These styles are quite rough underfoot, but work well with bohemian style or shabby chic surroundings.  Patterns and stripes are softened by browns and neutral tones to blend perfectly with your furnishings, but more colourful options are also available.  An example of a rustic rug is the Monsoon Goa.
  • Faded – faded rugs come in a wide selection of different styles to suit a variety of furnishings.  Amongst these are damask and Persian styles with faded patterns and soft colours for an aged look.  The Damask VI is a fine example of a faded rug.
  • Persian rugs are elaborately patterned and bordered, with some featuring a medallion design in the centre.  They may well be the first thing you think of when you picture a classic rug.  Often these styles use deep, regal colours such as reds, blues and greens to mark their look.  As such, they look their best when complemented by luxurious colours and materials and traditional style surroundings.  Chesterfield sofas are the perfect accompaniment.
  • Although damask is actually a type of fabric, damask rugs are most often characterised by their scrolled motif patterns, which are typically highly elaborate in design.  These patterns are the perfect excuse to work in some metallic coloured thread or use contrasting colours, such as dark blue and white.  Many damask styles are two tone so as not to overwhelm or look too busy, but you can also purchase multi coloured damasks to brighten up the space.

Vintage rugs

Traditional and classic rugs

Cheap rugs

Lee Longlands sell cheap rugs along with more expensive options, so you can always find a high quality rug to suit your price range.  Click here to see some of our cheaper options.  Our Sloan, Damask and Celestial cheap large rugs look fantastic and are easy on the budget.

What are the different sizes of rugs?

There are a variety of rug sizes available to suit many room sizes and purposes.  The most important part of choosing your rug size is ensuring that the rug will look right in relation to other features of the room when in situ.  We divide our rug collection into small, medium and large options.

Small rugs

Small rugs go up to approximately 160cm in length.  They are ideal for a small room and work well as decoration, particularly for complementing a small sofa or for adding a splash of colour to a bedroom.  Most coffee tables will also fit on top of a small rug, making them a great way to accent the living room centrepiece.  In the bedroom, you can place a small rug at the foot of the bed or in front of a wardrobe or piece of accent furniture.

Medium rugs

Medium sizes reach up to 200cm and complement 3 seater and 4 seater sofas the best in terms of size.  (3 seaters generally range between 190cm and 220cm long, while 4 seaters range from 220cm to 280cm, so always check your dimensions to make sure your rug is the correct size by comparison.)  They are an excellent addition to a lounge or a dining room with a small dining table.

Large rugs

Large rugs are typically up to 300cm in length.  They look most at home in larger rooms and rooms intended for entertaining, such as a dining room with a large table or an expansive living room.  If you’re not sure a large rug is big enough, we also offer extra large rugs which extend over 300cm.


Lee Longlands well a broad selection of different style rugs to suit your tastes.  For more information about any of our products, please call 0333 200 1552 or email us at


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