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Dining Room Buyers Guide

Dining and Bedroom Furuniture Buyers Guide

What’s right for you?

Here at Lee Longlands we offer dining & bedroom furniture which is both functional and stylish. We have sourced a vast array of furniture, from ostentatious contemporary pieces, to more subtle classic designs.

Therefore you need to think about the room you are furnishing.

  • How big is it?
  • Is it already decorated?
  • Surrounding space
  • Functionality of the room

Wooden furniture

Some pieces we carry are manufactured from solid wood, while many of our pieces combine the elegance of solid wood and the durability and functionality of wood veneers.

Solid wood

  • Solid wood displays the natural beauty of the tree
  • Depending on the type of wood, grain patterns, knots and burrs will be different and unique to the piece of furniture
  • Whenever buying solid wood pieces we advise buying all furniture pieces at the same time. This enables the furniture to match as closely as possible. This is due to individual trees having varying characteristics.
  • Solid wood pieces are also susceptible to warping if there are significant changes in temperature and humidity in the home.

Wood veneers

  • A wood veneer is a thin cut of real wood applied to a hard wood or inner board (mdf, particle board etc.)
  • Gives a uniform or distinctive look to a piece of furniture.
  • Lighter and easier to move than solid wood

Most of our ranges use a combination of solid wood and veneers and we do our best to represent all information accurately.

Stone furniture

Each piece of stone furniture is unique, natural and beautiful. Unique colourings and variations are found in nature and none of the natural veins, pores and variations are to be considered defects.

We offer a wide variety of marble, travertine and granite in a vast array of naturally occurring colours.

Caring for your furniture

The type of furniture dictates the level of care needed to protect your investment! We always recommend taking out our 5 Year Furniture Protection Plan to protect your investment. However we do have some handy tips:

  • Never place warm plates or cups directly onto the furniture – use quality place mats and coasters
  • Wipe up spills immediately and avoid putting wet glasses or vases directly onto polished surfaces
  • Never drag or push furniture – lift the item to avoid weakening the joints
  • Do not tilt dining chairs on their back legs when sitting on them
  • Avoid strong sunlight and excessive heat?
  • Always follow manufacturers guidelines
  • Glass can simply be cleaned with glass cleaner or soapy water.

Our 5 year Furniture Protection Plan

Marble & travertine care

Marble and travertine are a natural porous stone, and to provide an even surface, any natural cavities are filled with a combination of hand placed stones and resin.

  • Large items such as dining tables should not be move once placed in the house. If items are transported in the incorrect way the structural integrity of the stone can be compromised and cause it to shatter into pieces.
  • Avoid spillages – especially acidic drinks such as wine and fruit juices. The acid can remove polish/wax and quickly stain the stone.
  • Always use place mats and quality coasters.

Our 5 year Furniture Protection Plan


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