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Nest Of Tables

 A nest of tables is a set of two or three small side tables which stack together.  It’s a highly functional piece of living room furniture and a superb way of saving space.  Lee Longlands supply many different kinds of nesting table in a wealth of materials and styles, including wood, stone, high gloss, glass and ceramic options.  Different colours are available so you can perfectly match your tables to your décor.

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42cm(w) 42cm(h) 42cm(d)  

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What are Nests of Tables used for?

Nests of tables have great utility in any lounge.  They are particularly useful for conserving space, since their stacking function means that they can be tidied away into the same size area as a lamp table.  This makes them a great choice for compact living or a small lounge.

Since the tables are different sizes, they are more versatile than a standard lamp table and can be squeezed into smaller corners of the living room.

Nests of tables offer a place to put a drink, phone, tablet or TV remote.  The top table can be used for a lamp or picture frame, while the smaller tables beneath can be taken out for guests.  As a nest of tables provides multiple surfaces, it’s ideal for anyone who likes to entertain.

A nest of tables can also be a great style feature, with the tables’ matching design and varying proportions creating a pleasing visual effect.  Some nesting tables come in complementary colours for a splash of extra style.  The tables may be square, round, rectangular or irregular in shape, contributing to the aesthetic of the room.

What types of Nesting Tables are there?

Nesting tables come in various types depending on your requirements.

Wooden Nest of Tables

A wooden nest of tables is probably the oldest incarnation of nesting tables and its popularity persists to this day.

Woods vary in weight, but tend to be lighter than other materials, with woods like pine being deceptively light.  This makes wood nests of tables easier to lift and carry, an advantage if you’re planning to use your nesting tables often.

Different woods have different looks, and beech and ash are common choices for furnituremakers.  Whilst both are heavy and odourless, beech has a distinct pore pattern while ash has a woodgrain that resembles oak’s.

Woods are highly versatile in appearance, because they come with different natural colours and woodgrains and can be stained or painted in a wide selection of colours.  They can also be finished in different ways, such as waxed, oiled or lacquered.  All this choice makes it easier to match a wooden nest of tables to your personal style.

A dark wood nest of tables will help make a stark living room feel smaller.  Lighter woods make a small lounge feel airier and less cluttered.  Blonde woods bring a sense of warmth to a room, while dark finishes like walnut and wenge are more modern-looking.  Mahogany is a rarer finish which is typically used for a more traditional look.  Some tables use different finishes, or even different woods, for the top and legs to add interest to the design.

 A wooden nest of tables can have many different leg styles to suit various interiors.  Ornate legs are reserved for traditional tables, while tapered legs are a common choice for modern retro and Scandi styling.  A chunky square leg works well for rustic style ranges, particularly in a lighter finish.

Oak Nest of Tables

Oak is sturdy with a stunning woodgrain and is often cut in a way that helps it to resist warping. Its warm coloration is brought out by a matt lacquer finish.  These are some of the reasons why oak is such a popular choice in the furniture industry today. 

Oak tables are available as solid oak or oak veneers – sometimes, a mixture of both.

  • Solid wood is a more characterful option which is valued for its beauty and durability.
  • Veneers are preferred for modern nests of tables, with knots and other character features kept to a minimum.  Veneers are less likely to split than solid wood.

Painted Nest of Tables

Made from wood, painted nests of tables are favoured for contemporary styling.  A painted nest of tables may be painted all over, or might have a painted base and a top in a wood finish to provide contrast.  The table base is typically painted in white, grey or a muted green for a farmhouse look.  With its light colour, a white nest of tables will help to make a small lounge feel more spacious.  Some painted nests of tables have a distressed finish and are made using reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Nest of Tables

A reclaimed nest of tables is a good choice for anyone eco-conscious and looks brilliant in industrial style or shabby chic surroundings.  These tables have lots of character and are less likely to split, having been made with older wood.  New wood contracts and expands more than older wood, a key cause of splitting and cracking.

Glass Nest of Tables

A glass nest of tables is an extremely elegant addition to a modern lounge.  Though higher maintenance than other materials, requiring a little bit more elbow grease to clean, they more than make up for this with their stylish appeal.  Glass tables will also make a room lighter, since their surfaces reflect the light.

Glass tables often have chrome coloured bases which contribute to their wow factor.

Stone Nest of Tables

If you’re looking for a modern nest of tables, stone could be the material for you.  Stone nesting tables exude sophistication, with many coming in monochrome shades to provide a more dramatic contrast.  Thanks to their heavy stone tops, stone nests of tables often use metal bases for support, most commonly in hues like silver, grey or black.

High Gloss Nest of Tables

High gloss is another brilliant choice for a modern home.  Shiny tops and chrome bases draw more light into the room for a more minimalist look.  Often high gloss tables come in white, black, cream and grey, timeless colours which never lose their appeal.

Nest of Tables Brands

Our nest of tables range includes renowned brands like Ercol and Nathan Furniture, both of whom offer fantastic products and quality you can trust.


Ercol is a British company famed for their superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and terrific style.  We supply many different Ercol nests of tables.

  • The Bosco has a distinctive style due to its attractive finger joint detail.  Made from oak, the range is modern with a beautiful matt lacquer finish.
  • The Teramo range boasts modern retro features such as tapered legs and an overhanging top.  Its clear matt finish and warm oak colour complete the look.
  • Designed in the 1950s, the Originals range is all about shape with its angled tapered legs and rounded tops, and works beautifully in any 21st Century home.  The range is made from elm and beech and comes painted or in a selection of wood finishes.
  • Made from natural oak, the Capena features tapered legs and carved leg detailing for retro appeal.

Nathan Furniture

Nathan Furniture use the finest veneers and hardwoods to achieve a consistent grain and colour in their furniture.  Created in 1916, the company offers a fantastic combination of styles and designs which are suitable for the living room, dining room and study.

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