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Daylight Saving: Getting Your Sleep Schedule Right

Daylight Saving: Getting Your Sleep Schedule Right

After a harsh winter, we’re now seeing rising temperatures and brighter days that signal spring is on the way. One of the ways we welcome in spring is through Daylight Saving Time, in which the clocks are pushed forward one hour for us to make the most of the long, sunny days.

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While there’s much to look forward to, Daylight Saving can knock your sleep schedule about. Be it that lost hour of sleep or the lighter mornings and evenings, keeping your sleep on track can be challenging. Follow our tips to keep yourself well rested and make the most of Daylight Saving.

1.       Start going to bed earlier a few days before the change.

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You want to prepare your body clock for a change. We recommend sleeping 15 minutes earlier each day. If you’re ready to lose that extra hour of sleep, you won’t feel yourself being an hour ahead of the clock.

2.       Treat your bedroom as your place of sleep.

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Too often are we bringing work and daily life into our bedrooms. This can stop us associating our bedrooms as a place of rest and more of a second living room or office. Redecorate your bedroom to feel cosy and comfortable, remove work materials and computers from the room and recondition yourself to feel sleepy in your bedroom.

3.       Avoid eating and drinking 2-3 hours before bed.

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While most of us enjoy an evening snack, we’re actually giving ourselves energy that will interrupt sleep. Alcohol and caffeine are also bad for sleep, so it’s good to save those cups of coffee for the morning and the drinks for a late night.

4.       Soothe yourself to sleep with warm baths.

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Give yourself a relaxing night time routine that will make you want to get comfortable in bed. We recommend nice warm baths or showers, and also warm cups of water, milk or herbal tea (no caffeine, no problem!)

5.       Regulate your temperature.


During spring time, nights can fluctuate between being too cold or too warm. This makes our bodies work harder, preventing us from being well rested. It is recommended that we sleep at 16-18 degrees. Keep a throw or blanket beside your bed in case you need extra warmth, and soft pyjamas with wool socks are the best way to keep yourself insulated. For warmer nights, stick to loose pyjamas and keep your sheets and pillows in bags in the freezer over the course of the day. Our range of double sided mattresses feature warm sides and cool sides, so you can easily regulate your temperature.

6.       Seize the day.


The more you do in the day, the more tired you’ll be feeling come night time. And with the approach of longer days, sunny spells and warm temperatures, there’s no better time to start making the most of your day. Whether it’s more exercise, reading, gardening or housekeeping, all these activities will help you feel ready to sleep come the end of the day.

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