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Fabric Sofas or Leather Sofas: Which to Choose?

Buying a sofa can sometimes be a confusing task, especially considering the huge range of colours, styles and designs that are available. One of the most difficult questions you have to ask yourself is whether to choose a fabric sofa or a leather sofa.

This guide will weigh up the benefits of each sofa type, helping you make the right decision on your new sofa.

Fabric Sofa

  • Comfort – Fabric sofas offer a warm and comfortable seat, with soft fabrics providing the perfect chair to relax on. If you need somewhere to curl up on after a long days work then a fabric sofa is perfect for you.
  • Care – Although stains can be a nightmare for fabric sofas, there are some benefits in terms of care. For instance, if you have a pet, it’s much harder for them to leave scratch marks like it is on leather. This can be a bonus for all the animal lovers who are tired of seeing their new chair ruined by their cats and dogs. Also, most sofa fabrics are specially treated these days so they are much easier to clean and stains are much easier to avoid.
  • Choice of Patterns – Fabric offers unbeatable choice in terms of patterns and colours. For instance, at Lee Longlands we offer everything from simple block colours to bright floral designs. This means that fabric sofas are perfect for anyone who wants to get creative with their interior decoration.
  • Price – Generally speaking, fabric is less expensive than leather, but this can depend on design, frame and other materials used. For this reason, those who are conscious of how much they are spending on a sofa and want to save some cash, fabric might be the right choice.

Leather Sofa

  • Style – Leather sofas give a room a sense of elegance that may be hard to replicate with a fabric sofa. If you are interested in providing your room with a classy, traditional look, leather might be the right material for your new sofa.
  • Hypoallergenic – This is something many people may not consider but leather sofas are actually much better for those that suffer from allergies. This is because they do not hold dust, pet hair, dust mites and other allergens the same way that fabric sofas do.
  • Easy to Clean – If you have kids, who are bound to spill something on your new sofa sooner or later, leather can be perfect, as the surface is easy to wipe clean instantly. Leather also only needs a quick clean every few months to keep it in good condition.

The most important thing when choosing a sofa is making sure it suits you and your household! Hopefully, you won’t be stuck between fabric or leather any longer, and will soon be able to purchase your perfect new chair in no time! 

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