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Geometric Rugs

Geometric rugs are a great way to add more life to a more neutral scheme, and have become a popular feature in homes as trends have become more minimalist and sleek.

/live/blogs/geometric pink rug.jpgGeometric patterns are a classic design staple that can add excitement and energy to a room. The beauty of geometry in design is that it is both subtle and vibrant; the repetition of lines and shapes keeps it simple while bold and blocks of colour make it stand out amongst other furniture pieces. A geometric print can be act as the foundation for a room’s design, forming the centre piece of the new interior. Geometric rugs are a perfect piece of furniture for this.

/live/blogs/geomwtric - maisey.jpg

Geometry is everywhere in modern home decor, although, this is not just a contemporary trend. The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural designs. This has continued throughout history, with the trend becoming particularly popular within the seventies. This decade saw the introduction of bold patterns on every piece of furniture, but in recent years we have seen a more stripped back and minimalist approach to geometric shapes. Geometry is now limited to statement pieces that stand out against more minimal environments,

 /live/blogs/geometric - minimal rug.jpg

With these trends invading thousands of households across the country, our range of geometric rugs have become increasingly popular. From bold cubic prints to diamond patterns with an eastern flair, our rugs can be the perfect way to tie a room together and add a vivid visual appeal. Not only will a rug add more colour or warmth, it can also add a sense of depth and texture, helping define an interior’s decor.

Geometric rugs can be paired with both retro and modern furniture, and at Lee Longlands we stock a massive choice in both. For instance, the Zelig Teal Lamp Table with modern, clean lines and American white oak would make a good accompanying piece to these rugs, along with the Knox Red Table Lamp

/live/blogs/geometric - knox.jpg   /live/blogs/Geometric - Valon.jpg

For a more traditional look, matching the rug with the Valon Table Lamp would create a fantastic retro look. Our ranges of Stressless sofas are great for any style of living room with geometric rugs. 

Browse our range of Geometric Rugs now, including the Geometric and Frankie designs.

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