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How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook


6th September is Read A Book Day, a day to dive into your latest read and let the rest of the world fade into the background. And where better to celebrate than your very own reading nook?

A reading nook is a corner of the home dedicated to reading. Whether you’re a bookworm or an infrequent reader, a nook is a distraction-free haven from the stresses of everyday life where you can lose yourself in a novel or non-fiction.

So, how are you to create this little piece of reading heaven?



A comfortable chair is an absolute must. Discomfort will break your concentration and reduce your enjoyment, so it’s worth investing in something you know you could relax in for hours.

  • A wing chair or leather armchair will be in keeping with a more traditional style home. A footstool and scatters provide additional comfort
  • A recliner chair allows you to lean back and put your feet up. We would particularly recommend Stressless recliners, which adapt to your ideal sitting position and ensure you are properly supported while you read
  • A snuggler is a fantastic place to cuddle up with the kids for story time – only if you’re planning on sharing your reading nook, of course!


Soft but sufficient lighting is essential for a reading nook – enough to see by without straining your eyes, but not so harsh as to prevent you from being able to relax. Switch off the main light and opt for a table lamp or floor lamp. Unlike a main light or wall light, these can be positioned to fall perfectly over your reading material. A lamp shade softens the light and helps provide ambience.


Side table

A side table can hold your table lamp, but it can also be used to keep a cup of coffee, your reading glasses and your current or next read. Side tables may include a drawer for additional odds and ends or a shelf for magazines, maximising your storage.



An obvious addition to your reading nook, a bookcase is the most suitable storage solution for your books. It also provides instant access to your book collection, which saves you venturing too far from your tranquil reading space.

You can buy a tall bookcase, a slim bookcase, a low bookcase or a wide bookcase to suit your room and the size of your collection.

Colour scheme

Avoid clashing colours or colours that are too bright – these aren’t calming, so they won’t help you to unwind. Instead, aim for pastels, muted colours or neutrals.

You can also use colour to make the space more inviting.

  • If the room is cold, try some warmer colours
  • If it’s dark, use white and pale colours to brighten the space
  • If the space seems too large and stark, darker shades will make it feel cosier

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