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How to Style Aniline Leather Sofas

Natural or aniline leather sofas are a fabulous addition to any living room. But what exactly are aniline leathers, and what’s the best way to style them in your home?

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Benefits of aniline leathers

Aniline leathers are high quality leathers that feature little to no protection and are dyed only with soluble dyes.

Although they require more careful maintenance, natural leathers are softer and warmer than top grain alternatives. They also have more character, retaining natural features such as scars, stretch marks, blemishes and insect bites, as well as uneven coloration. This makes every piece look unique, and guarantees a one-of-a-kind leather sofa for your home.

How to care for a natural leather sofa

Because it has no protective coating, aniline leather stains and soaks in dirt easily. Where possible, stick to vacuuming or dusting your natural leather sofa. In the event of a spill, wipe the sofa clean with a soft, damp cloth. Use a lather of lukewarm water and mild soap, as this won’t soak straight into the leather.

Before using any kind of leather care kit on your natural leather sofa, check that it is suitable for aniline leathers.

Styling with aniline leather sofas

Aniline leather sofas aren’t just for traditional country homes. They can also be used for modern interiors and work especially well with the industrial look. You can easily find aniline leathers sofas in contemporary styles as well as classic styles like the Chesterfield. So, what sort of natural leather sofa is right for your home? We’ll take you through some of our options below.


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The Yosemite has gorgeous angled arms and tapered feet for a modern retro feel. Its distinctive shape is suited to most modern living rooms. Practical as well as stylish, its padded arms make for a comfortable sit. The sofa doesn’t need accessories to look good, but contrasting fabric scatters add a pop of colour and interest. Wooden cabinetry matches the sofa’s feet and gives the sofa a more casual feel.


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The Siggy brings a modern twist to the classic Chesterfield shape. Its dramatic square arm design is further emphasised by its slim, tapered metal leg – perfect for contemporary classic styling. Soften its sharp angles with scatters, ideally in velvets and big pattern fabrics. Alternatively, introduce a velvet or big pattern accent chair. Table bases and accessories in a matching metal finish will further incorporate the sofa into your living room.

Edmonton and Mountback

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Industrial styling is all about combining raw materials. Edmonton and Mountback sofas are right at home amid reclaimed wood tops, metal bases and Edison table lamps. Imposingly large with deep seats and big, cosy back cushions, these two sofa ranges introduce the warmth and comfort of natural leather into any industrial style apartment. The Edmonton features a chunky, stylish tapered arm, while the Mountback’s arms are padded for extra comfort.

Brown and grey leather sofas work best for this style. Industrial styling is also minimalistic, so avoid dressing the sofa with scatter cushions.

Want more advice?

For more advice on natural leather sofas, speak to one of our sales experts on 0333 200 1552. Or you can experience our natural leather sofa collections for yourself at a Lee Longlands showroom near you.

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