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Interior Design Tips:Transform Your Space

Interior Design Tips: How to Transform Your Space Using Mirrors

When styled in the right way, mirrors have the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room. By combining some creative flair with clever positioning, mirrors can light up even the darkest of corners, making your space appear bigger and brighter as well as bringing a whole new dimension to your design décor. Lee Longlands has compiled a ‘top five tips’ list of ways to transform your home with the use of mirrors.

1. Catch the Light

If you’re looking to brighten up a room, the strategic placement of a mirror can help flood it with natural light. Place a mirror adjacent to a window to help catch the light and bounce it around the space. Remember the bigger the mirror, the more light it will reflect but make sure when buying larger mirrors that the design still fits in with the overall theme of your interior.

This chic zig-zag silver frame will catches the light spectacularly, opening up the darkest of spaces. It’s unusual and eye-catching shape will also reflects your stand-out pieces like no other.

 /live/blogs/mirrors blog 1 (5).jpg

 2. It’s all about Texture

Make your mirrors pop by choosing a textured frame. As well adding an eye-catching element to your room, the combination of different textures will create a 3-D effect. You can also maximise the texture created by other pieces of furniture in your room by reflecting it through your mirror. If you own any statement pieces that you simply love, such as a vase or chair, make sure to line it up with your mirror so it’s always in your eye line.

Our clearly silver mirror has an intricate detailed frame that looks striking on the wall. Its charming antique frame is sure to turn heads, giving it a wonderful three dimensional appearance.

 /live/blogs/mirrors blog 2 (2).jpg

 3. Mirrors on the Mantel

Mantel pieces are often a great place to hang or balance a mirror, as they are already a room’s focal point. To choose the right size mirror simply use the ‘rule of thirds’. Start by taking the height of your mantel shelf, then double it. You should now know the perfect height for the mirror to go above. Make sure the width of the mirror isn’t longer than the mantel and the top of the mirror doesn’t touch the ceiling.

Our large goldleafed overmantle mirror sits beautifully on a mantel. With its ornate features and gold finish, this statement mirror is a guaranteed focal point.

  /live/blogs/mirrors blog 3(1).jpg

 4. Optical Illusion

Mirrors can be the ideal solution when working with small spaces. The placement of a mirror can reduce the feeling of confinement, giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Larger mirrors can also have a great effect on the ambience of a room, perfect for when entertaining as it will appear there are more guests present.

With a contemporary white matte finish, this Elston white mirror sits as beautifully on the floor as it does the wall. It’s periodic, Baroque styling also gives it a sophisiticated edge.

/live/blogs/mirrors blog 4 (3).jpg

 5. Window to Another World

Don’t restrict your use of mirrors to just inside the home, why not try placing one in your garden for an unconventional addition to your outside space?
By placing mirrored panels along the borders you can make your foliage flourish by making it appear fuller and more dense. Alternatively, try placing a large mirror in the corner of your garden to create a mysterious gateway to another world.

The Alridge mirror is a bold statement mirror with a deep decorative frame and a stylish antique silver finish. Placed in the corner of a garden, it will be sure to bring an element of mystery to your garden.

/live/blogs/mirrors blog 5 (4).jpg

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