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In our continuing efforts to bring our customers inspirational style, we recently teamed up with breakthrough interior designer, Sarah Akwisombe. 

Renowned for her award-winning blog as well as her unique creative vision, Sarah has quickly become a big name in the world of interiors gaining an army of online fans. 

As such, we asked Sarah to photograph her favourite Lee Longlands accessories in the natural settings of her home as the location for the shoot.

Read on to see Sarah’s full review: 

I love creating imagery. Everything from the pieces used to the lighting the the photo itself. Yea I'm an interior stylist but I'm really delving more and more into the world of photography and overall creative direction too, so I love when I get asked by brands to use their own products and create whatever I fancy. Who wouldn't?! I recently worked with furniture and homewares company Lee Longlands to style and shoot some images for their Instagram feed, something which is becoming more and more popular as social media rises up and influences our shopping habits! Here's a little look at the pics I created.


Silver rectangular mirror, £345

Atara mirror,  £259

Large gold leaf overmantle mirror,  £179

Ercol originals nest of tables, £449

Castaway rope cushions, £22

Knox yellow table lamp, £62


 /live/blogs/originals nest.jpg

I'll start with this one as I think it's my fave. When you're a stylist you really have to be able to represent lots of different styles and ways of living. So even though this is quite a pared back Scandi look (which isn't obviously 'my style') I was actually really happy with how it turned out! I also really like the light in this one. - Ercol originals nest of tables, £449

 /live/blogs/bubbles mirror.jpg

This one is definitely  perfect summary of my style. I really loved this bubble mirror (as I dubbed it). It's not only a cool mirror but also a statement art piece which is nice. I loved the contrast of putting the circles against the very geometric wallpaper. - Atara mirror,  £259


I enjoyed using the cosy colour palette and lighting in this shot. Again, not particularly 'me' but I loved embracing the softness of it. It's funny how products can push you to be more creative and I really enjoy getting pushed outside of my comfort zone. I actually shot this in my daughter's room before were decorated it. I hung an ombre blanket on the wall to create a wallhanging which echoed the cushions. - Castaway rope cushions, £22

/live/blogs/gold mirror.jpg

This big overmantle mirror was perfect for above our fireplace so shot it there. I liked that you got a bit of a reflection of the artwork and accessories in the background, as well as a hint of bookshelves. The gold against the charcoal walls really made it stand out. - Large gold leaf overmantle mirror,  £179

 /live/blogs/yellow lamp.jpg

This little yellow table lamp was pretty fun. I liked the yellow against the rich blue in my bedroom and it's size and shape would make it perfect for a bedside lamp so styled it there. In theory, a gold ball bulb would work better - I was in a crazy rush and the shop only had this candle one (sigh). This one could be really cool in a kids bedroom too. - Knox yellow table lamp, £62

 /live/blogs/zig zag mirror.jpg

Another mirror! I know, I went a bit mirror crazy but they had so many cool ones I wanted to try them all out. I liked the idea of having quite a simple sideboard and then adding a crazy mirror on top. That's almost all you'd need if you were to have this in your home. A few books and accessories take it to another level though, and you all know I love an accessory! - Silver rectangular mirror, £345

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