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Staying Cool at Night

On muggy summer nights, sleep can be hit and miss. But luckily, there are a range of solutions available so you can still get the rest you need.

Sleepeezee Staycool™ gel

The Sleepeezee Cooler Seasonal 1000, Balance 1200, Poise 3200 and Cooler Supreme all include Sleepeezee’s Staycool™ gel, which channels away body heat and helps to regulate your body temperature. As an added bonus, the gel provides a layer of extra support by adapting to your shape and weight. The gel is also featured in their hypoallergenic Staycool™ pillows. Bask in their soothing, cool-to-the-touch feel.

Sleepeezee PocketGel Balance divan and mattress


Harrison Spinks seasonal mattresses

Perfect for anyone who finds they’re too hot in summer but too cold in winter. Seasonal mattresses have a warm side and a cool side, so you can flip the mattress the moment you experience an autumn chill or a warm, end-of-spring evening.

Harrison Spinks offer some excellent pocket spring seasonal turn mattresses, including the Campden 26400, Hereford 16500, Burford 23800, Gloucester 11600 and Lichfield 19200. Each side contains different fillings that either wick away moisture or help retain heat.

Harrison Hereford 16500 divan and mattress


Sealy technology

Sealy have some fantastic technology to prevent stuffy sleep spaces. The Alder Geltex and Genoa Geltex 1400 both feature Tencel® fibres, Adaptive® intelligent textile and Sealy Smart Fibres, which work together to provide a blissful night’s sleep.

The Tencel® fibres are 100% organic and optimise moisture absorption, while the Adaptive® textile dynamically responds to changes in moisture and temperature, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the night. Sealy Smart Fibres not only help to keep you cool but are hypoallergenic, endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house mites. A great solution for allergy sufferers.

Sealy Genoa Geltex 1400 divan and mattress


Adapt your bedclothes

Your scatters, runner and throws may look inviting on a frosty night, but they aren’t quite what you’re after during the warmer months. Why not go for a simpler bedspread and tidy away the bells and whistles for a chillier day? Lee Longlands offer several blanket boxes and storage benches that are ideal for storing extra bedding. Alternatively, you can keep your spare blankets in a divan with drawers. Many of our divan beds offer drawer options for an additional cost. If you can’t see the option on our website, feel free to give us a call on 0333 200 1552 and we’ll be happy to discuss what’s available.

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