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Vispring: A Tale Of Craftsmanship

Vispring have released an insight into their factory and manufacturing process with a new video entitled ‘A Tale of Craftsmanship’. This short film focuses on the skills of their master craftsmen and the unique and traditional methods that guarantee Vi-Spring mattresses their supreme luxury.

Vispring have been making the finest mattresses since 1901, meaning their methods have over 100 years of experience behind them. At the turn of the 20th Century, James Marshall pioneered a technique that allowed for unmatched comfort within his mattresses. By placing the steel springs in individual pockets, Vi-Spring quickly became known for their comfort and ability to supply the perfect support during sleep.  This technique has continued to this day, with every mattress being made to order and constructed entirely by hand. From hand nesting the springs to side stitching by hand, the entire process is an intricate and difficult task, but one that maintains a standard of unmatched excellence.

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This level of quality extends to the materials used within the manufacture. Using the best of the best in every part of the bed creates a sleeping surface that is breathable, healthy and completely sumptuous. From silk, cashmere, horsehair, bamboo and cotton, Vi-Spring have a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients. Not only are these materials long lasting, pure and luxuriously soft, they also all come from renewable resources and are fully biodegradable.

With this devotion to quality, buying a bed from Vispring can be a life changing experience. Your bed and your sleep is a major factor in emotional wellbeing and health, and Vi-Spring beds can be expertly designed around your own personal sleeping habits.  Everything from the spring count, the fillings, the upholstery and the stitching can be customised to ensure that your bed will let you sleep exactly how you want.  

This tale of craftsmanship shows that British manufacturing is still very much alive and survives through the traditions that made this country an industrial powerhouse. The fact that Vi-spring beds remain an international standard for comfort and sophistication is a testament to the hard work and skill that is done on the factory floor.

Here at Lee Longlands we offer a large studio of Vi-spring divan sets and mattresses, with free expert advice to help you find the bed that will suit you the most. 

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