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Winter 2017 - The Zanzibar Edit

At Lee Longlands, you can always find your style for less, and if your style happens to include luxurious leather, exotic flora and beautiful shades of royal blue, then we’ve just the sofa for you. The Zanzibar sofa collection is one of our favourite ranges from 2016, but what makes it so special? We’ve compiled a list of all the things that make the Zanzibar one of the most stunning and unique sofas for winter 2017.


Velvet Crush

With its popularity amongst royals throughout history, velvet has a uniquely regal appearance that standard fabrics can’t compete with. It’s always stylish and is one of the defining fabrics of winter 2016-17, spotted across the hottest new ranges in furniture, home décor and fashion. With its velvet scatter cushions, the Zanzibar captures the beauty of this material in stunning jewel tones.

 /live/blogs/zanzibar 1.jpg

Botanical Beauty

Floral fabrics are a textile staple, and have been popular for use in the home as upholstery, wallpapers and carpets. Recently, tropical imagery has come into fashion with motifs of exotic fruits and foliage being seen on almost everything from apparel to homeware. Like a midnight paradise, the Zanzibar uses a beautiful composition of palm leaves and flora across a deep indigo shade.

 /live/blogs/zanzibar 2.jpg

Leather Lover

Always fashionable, leather has a gorgeous texture and distinctive feel. Not only is it more luxurious than standard fabrics, but its naturally occurring characteristics such as marks or wrinkles make each piece one-of-a-kind. The leather used in the Zanzibar is of a midnight blue tone, making this sofa all the more unique and alluring.

 /live/blogs/zanzibar 3.jpg

Iconic Design

Inherently British, the Chesterfield is arguably one of the most iconic sofas. Its quilted button back arrangement and elegant scroll arms make it a timeless, classic design. While the Zanzibar offers a lot of modernity and avant-garde vibes, its archetypal construction makes it a refreshing twist on an old icon.

 /live/blogs/zanzibar 4.jpg


Experience the Zanzibar for yourself in person. You can find the Zanzibar in our Birmingham store now. 

/live/blogs/zanzibar 5.jpg

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