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Lee Longlands have lots of upholstered chairs available, including armchairs, accent chairs, wing chairs, tub chairs and recliners, in styles such as modern, classic contemporary, traditional and casual.  These can be purchased in a selection of fabrics including plains, patterns and velvets, as well as top grain, semi-aniline and aniline leathers.

Chairs can be a variety of different heights depending upon their design.  A contemporary classic or modern design may feature a lower back or have larger dimensions on the whole.  More traditional and supportive designs, on the other hand, may opt for a higher back and smaller dimensions.

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75cm(w) 86cm(h) 85cm(d)  
was £1340 now from £999
116cm(w) 91cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £1019 now £699
104cm(w) 97cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1080 now from £785
82cm(w) 89cm(h) 84cm(d)  
was £625 now from £459
87cm(w) 84cm(h) 87cm(d)  
was £715 now £475
79cm(w) 89cm(h) 86cm(d)  
was £865 now £629
97cm(w) 86cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £875 now £525
93cm(w) 90cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1075 now from £799
87cm(w) 77cm(h) 79cm(d)  
was £639 now £445
96cm(w) 100cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1055 now £749
79cm(w) 91cm(h) 86cm(d)  
was £715 now £499
105cm(w) 97cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £645 now £399
94cm(w) 99cm(h) 91cm(d)  
was £905 now £699
was £825 now £599
100cm(w) 95cm(h) 101cm(d)  
was £795 now £549
100cm(w) 103cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1035 now £699
95cm(w) 100cm(h) 96cm(d)  
was £975 now £699
was £804 now £659
80cm(w) 99cm(h) 51cm(d)  
was £876 now £715
71cm(w) 110cm(h) 80cm(d)  
97cm(w) 94cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £890 now from £665
134cm(w) 91cm(h) 111cm(d)  
was £1285 now £899
103cm(w) 86cm(h) 101cm(d)  
was £1165 now £699
New In Stock
122cm(w) 96cm(h) 103cm(d)  
was £1145 now £799
83cm(w) 85cm(h) 90cm(d)  
was £1079 now £745
88cm(w) 99cm(h) 93cm(d)  
was £1215 now £649
114cm(w) 74cm(h) 110cm(d)  
was £1879 now £1199
95cm(w) 103cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £1199 now from £859
69cm(w) 84cm(h) 89cm(d)  
was £1285 now £689
71cm(w) 115cm(h) 85cm(d)  
was £683 now £559
119cm(w) 100cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1205 now £899
96.5cm(w) 101.6cm(h) 101.6cm(d)  
was £1567 now £1089
104cm(w) 76cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1069 now £825
92.7cm(w) 102.9cm(h) 95.3cm(d)  
was £1567 now £1089
107cm(w) 77cm(h) 103cm(d)  
was £1275 now £915
77cm(w) 81cm(h) 89cm(d)  
was £819 now £569
80cm(w) 98cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £1219 now £795
96.5cm(w) 101.6cm(h) 101.6cm(d)  
was £971 now £675
77cm(w) 108cm(h) 89cm(d)  
was £1610 now from £1199
83cm(w) 97cm(h) 89cm(d)  
was £699 now £499
85cm(w) 74cm(h) 89cm(d)  
was £795 now from £595
72cm(w) 90cm(h) 76cm(d)  
was £1445 now £899
88cm(w) 88cm(h) 102cm(d)  
was £1919 now £1179
99cm(w) 95cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1045 now £749
79cm(w) 94cm(h) 86cm(d)  
was £849 now £485
74cm(w) 92cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £675 now from £459
101cm(w) 97cm(h) 96cm(d)  
was £769 now from £499
85cm(w) 90cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £699 now from £459
106cm(w) 94cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £899 now £575
99cm(w) 99cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £699 now £475
79cm(w) 91cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £675 now from £459
100cm(w) 95cm(h) 101cm(d)  
was £699 now £515
105cm(w) 95cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £955 now £639
85cm(w) 90cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £829 now £555
102cm(w) 85cm(h) 95cm(d)  
was £1145 now £775
88.9cm(w) 86cm(h) 93cm(d)  
was £2379 now £1699
79cm(w) 96cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £1255 now £825
88cm(w) 96cm(h) 95cm(d)  
was £589 now £399
105cm(w) 97cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £645 now £399
136cm(w) 97cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £745 now £495
122cm(w) 87cm(h) 95cm(d)  
was £649 now £449
80.5cm(w) 99cm(h) 77.5cm(d)  
was £735 now £499
80.5cm(w) 109cm(h) 86.5cm(d)  
was £915 now £619
107cm(w) 97cm(h) 106cm(d)  
was £1325 now £925
69cm(w) 92cm(h) 66cm(d)  
was £949 now £659
98cm(w) 101cm(h) 85cm(d)  
was £2141 now from £1699
99cm(w) 99cm(h) 96.5cm(d)  
was £1269 now from £949
79cm(w) 105cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £1035 now from £699
83.8cm(w) 109.2cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £995 now from £695
81cm(w) 98cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £839 now £669
105cm(w) 92cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1545 now £879
72cm(w) 97cm(h) 76cm(d)  
was £669 now £465
53cm(w) 79cm(h) 61cm(d)  
was £325 now £275
107cm(w) 97cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £1615 now £899
99cm(w) 93cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £875 now £599
89cm(w) 100cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1077 now £799
94cm(w) 94cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £1067 now from £799
105cm(w) 98cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £1208 now £915
95cm(w) 103cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £1240 now £915
97cm(w) 103cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1039 now £779
95cm(w) 100cm(h) 95cm(d)  
was £1044 now £759
110cm(w) 83cm(h) 103cm(d)  
was £1570 now £1335

Why should you choose an upholstered chair?

A chair is a supportive and comfortable seating option that is just the right size for one person.

An armchair is a convenient option for anyone with lower mobility.  Its armrests provide leverage, making it easier to get in and out of quickly and comfortably.

A wing chair is another supportive option and makes a brilliant statement chair for a lounge, guest room or foyer.

Chairs can be placed in almost any room of the house where comfy seating would be desirable.  Occasional chairs can be used in conservatories, bedrooms, guest bedrooms and studies, for example.

Chairs work as a design feature as well as providing additional seating.  They can be co-ordinated to match existing furnishings or add a splash of colour.  An accent chair is used specifically for this purpose, often decorated in a patterned or contrasting fabric to provide a focal point.

What are the different styles of chairs?

Chairs come in many forms to meet the requirements of your room and match different kinds of décor.


Armchairs provide ample support thanks to their armrests and don’t take up too much room, making them a great choice for smaller sitting rooms or for squeezing into one corner of the living room.  Firmer seat cushions, commonly filled with foam, will make it easier to stand.

For maximum support, it’s best to select an armchair that is appropriate to your height.  Shallower, lower small chairs will allow someone of shorter stature to be fully supported by the backrest whilst still having both feet planted on the floor.  A taller person may require a larger, deeper model with enough leg room and space to sit comfortably.

Recliner chairs

Recliners are a great place to relax, with support and comfort technology sitting at the very heart of their design.

Both power and manual recliner options are available.  Manual recliners are cheaper to purchase, while power recliners require less physical strength to operate and offer greater longevity because their parts needs replacing less frequently.  You can see our full range of recliners by clicking here.

Recliners are available in fabric or leather, depending on what look you would prefer for your room.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are a fun or colourful addition to the lounge or hallway.  Often fabric chairs, they feature either a contrasting colour or a pattern.  Patterns which would look busy if used on the whole sofa set can be placed on an accent chair to draw the eye and add interest to a room.  They are a great way to show off an affinity for design.

Wing chairs

Wing chairs are a versatile addition to the home, characterised by their high back and wings which were used to fend off the draft in times gone by.  These days, they can be used to create an impression in almost any room of the house, providing stylish seating in a guest bedroom or office, or a place to put on shoes in the hallway.

Tub chairs

Tub chairs are multipurpose seats which can be utilised to great effect around the home.  Tub chairs function as accent furniture, as well as stylish spare seating in an office, guest bedroom or family room.  They can also be paired with a bedroom dressing table, offering a stylish place to get ready as well as hang tomorrow’s clothes.

Our bestselling chair styles

Ercol Marino

Courtesy of Ercol, a beloved British company renowned for high quality, the Marino’s steam-bent solid ash curved arms and angled legs make for an eye-catching modern retro design.  The Marino is available in over 50 fabrics including plains, stripes, checks and plains, in a wide selection of colours.


The handcrafted Tam button back tub chair showcases glamorous metal stud detailing, hand-turned polished legs and a buttoned back – vintage glamour in contemporary form.  The range can be purchased in a range of fabrics, including a gorgeous and opulent selection plush velvets.

Natuzzi Editions Marco

A stunning modern design, the Marco by Natuzzi Editions is ultra-stylish with a classic Italian look and a luxurious feel.  The Marco can be purchased as a static model, or alternatively as a manual or power recliner, enhancing its comfortability even more.

Parker Knoll Burghley

The Parker Knoll Burghley boasts turned feet and scroll arms.  The range is made from excellent quality timber and is available in a wide selection of patterned and plain fabrics to suit any interior.  The Burghley is handmade in the UK to Parker Knoll’s exacting standards and comes with a confident 25 year guarantee.

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