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Desks come in various different forms, such as an office desk, computer desk or study desk, and are primarily used for studying, working and playing computer games.  Desks also come in many materials, from conventional wood to more unusual options such as metal or glass.

Lee Longlands have many high quality desks for sale instore and online, in styles ranging from traditional and Scandi to modern and classic contemporary.

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Why consider an office desk?

A desk is a piece of home office furniture which is used for working, studying and creating.  As many of us work at our desks for long periods, it’s best to pair your desk with an office chair as this is better designed to support your body while you sit.

A home office desk can also be multi-purpose.  Many offer cupboards, shelves, drawers or even filing cabinets for storage.  Suitable for writing by hand or on a laptop, many are also sturdy enough to take the weight of a desktop computer.

Where else do people use desks in the home?

Desks are often placed in a home office, study or a computer room, but are also useful in other areas of the house.

A teenager may want a writing desk in their bedroom for completing their homework, or perhaps a computer table for playing computer games.

Alcoves in spare rooms, living rooms or dining rooms are also good places for desks, ideal for keeping a family computer.

For compact living, a small desk can even be kept in a bedroom or hallway.

What are the different types of desk?

There are lots of different types of desk available to suit your requirements.

Single office desk with drawers

Also called a single pedestal desk, a single office desk is a desk with a set of drawers on one side, useful for keeping documents and stationery.  A single office desk is smaller than a double pedestal but still provides storage, offering the best of both worlds.  Its size makes it suitable for keeping family accounts as well as compact living.

Double pedestal desk

A double pedestal desk has drawers on both sides and looks its best in a large office or study.  Its symmetry and substantial dimensions give it an imposing and executive feel.  Boasting an expansive desk top and huge amounts of storage space, it’s the best office desk for keeping clutter to a minimum, as well as storing accounts and work documents.

Computer tables

A computer table is a desk specifically designed to carry a desktop computer.  These desks are built to withstand the weight of your computer monitor or laptop.  They also have computer-friendly features such as a cupboard for storing your processor and a keyboard tray for your keyboard and mouse.  Drawers serve as storage for memory sticks, CDs, games and print paper.

Computer tables also make your work area safer and more aesthetically pleasing with cable management holes which keep ugly wiring out of the way and out of view.

A computer desk works especially well in an office, study, bedroom or dining room.

Study desks

A great place to draw or complete homework, a study desk or writing desk may have a small compartment for keeping loose papers, but otherwise maintains its simplicity.  This makes it a cheap desk as it offers only the storage you need.  Study desks are great for children’s or teenagers’ bedrooms.

A space saving alternative to study desks, corner desks are shaped to fit into a corner.  This feature makes them a great way to minimise the amount of floorspace they require.

Scandinavian-inspired desks

Scandi-style desks inject style and simplicity into any home with their angled legs, clean lines and pale wood finishes.  They often include shallow drawers and shelves, providing useful extra storage.


A bureau is a traditional style of writing table which nowadays can be found in plenty of different looks.  A bureau has a grander appearance than the standard desk, often featuring compartments on the top for storing stationery or paperwork.  Some are taller and feature a dropleaf which can be used as a writing surface as well as to maintain privacy.  As the dropleaf folds back in, it is also a means of saving space.  Bureaus sometimes feature storage beneath the desk like drawers or bottom cupboards.

Bureaus work well in an office as well as a dining room or living room.  They are great for letter writing and writing by hand, but do bear in mind that they are not be suited to supporting a desktop computer or heavy laptop.

Why consider a wooden office desk?

The classic choice, wood has been used to make desks for many years.  A pine or oak office desk can give a work environment a comfortable and warm feel, or a more professional look.  In the case of reclaimed wood, wood can also be a sustainable option.

Wooden desks are versatile in terms of style because they can be purchased in a wide range of finishes.  Woodworking features, such as interesting edge profiles, unusual leg styles and intricate detail work, create all sorts of design possibilities which are not open to desks made from other materials.  Natural wood characteristics such as growth rings, knots and tiger marks give each wooden desk a characterful and unique appearance.

Pine office desks

Because pine is excellent for staining, a pine desk can be found in a wide selection of colours.  It’s also a cost effective option.  Its lightness belies its surprising strength and makes it easier to move around.

A pine office desk can be found stained, painted or in a natural wood finish.  When lacquered, pine generally has a yellowish or golden finish that brightens up the study.  Pine may also be painted in a darker finish for a more traditional look.  A dark finish will make a bigger study feel cosier and less stark.

Pine is commonly found in reclaimed furniture for a more industrial look, or looks great in a contemporary home when given a painted finish.

Oak office desks

Oak furniture is very popular thanks to the wood’s attractive woodgrain and coloration.  Natural oak finishes are currently favoured, which are generally waxed, lacquered or oiled.  Their pale but warm natural colour helps to create a light and inviting space to work, and makes a smaller study feel lighter and airier.

Oak is a heavy and strong wood which is often cut in such as way as to resist warping.  Its strength makes it perfect for bearing plenty of weight, making it a stable choice for a computer desk or for storing files and folders.  Our oak desks are most often made from solid oak and oak veneers.

An oak office desk is a very versatile option which is great for all styles, but lends itself particularly well to a rustic style or country home thanks to its wood finish.


If you’d like to learn more about our desks, you are welcome to call us on 0333 200 1552 or email us at  Our sales experts will be happy to help.


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