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Dining Ranges

The dining table is the centrepiece of the dining room, a place to host family dinners, entertain friends and celebrate with loved ones.  Our superb range of dining room furniture offers everything from contemporary to traditional, vintage to nouveau and chic to casual for any dining area.

Many of our dining ranges include dining tables and chairs to suit, so that matching your furniture is a breeze.

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IVY dining Range: Modern Scandinavian Design
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Theo Dining Range: Sustainable Luxury. Dine with a Difference.
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The Jardin dining range by Habufa perfectly captures the essence of modern farmhouse.
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Clifton Tables - Where nature meets modern design.
Fairweather Collection - Reclaimed Elegance, Timeless Beauty for Your Home.
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Discover Contemporary Elegance with Bewley Dining.
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Experience the glamour of the 1920s with our art deco Chambery living and dining range.
Colmar Range: Art Deco Luxury.
Indulge in Rustic Chic - Explore the Enchanting Seville Dining Collection Today.
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Dining collection that seamlessly blends classic elegance with modern sophistication.
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Elegant & contemporary white dining furniture to brighten your bedroom retreat.
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Experience Sophisticated Dining with the Crosby Walnut Collection.
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The Charlston Dining: subtle and sophisticated.
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Modern handle-free Oak range with inviting natural warmth and a durable lacquer finish.
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Brenton is a rustic country heritage oak dining range.
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Experience sustainable elegance with our Carmen Dining range.
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Elegant Dining Tables Crafted from Natural Stone.
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Shop the Zurich Dining Range for high-quality modern dining tables and chairs.
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The Hansetta displays midnight grey marble originates in Italy
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Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Francesco Range.
Venjakob Piazza Dining Table Range - German Craftsmanship, 5-Year Guarantee, Customizable Elegance.
Raffi is a contrast of subtle white marble features with a linear wooden based dining collection
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Elevate your home with the Avalon range by Habufa.
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Avalox is a series of modern Scandinavian inspired Dining and Bar tables.
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City is a hand brush Oak veneer dining range with metal accents in black and champagne gold.
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The Halmstad collection incorporates a classic Scandinavian aesthetic combined with a retro flair.
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Masura is a contemporary dining range with four different finishes available.
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Metalo is a rustic cabinet collection with a series of Oak veneers with a dark metal framing.
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Metalox dining table collection with various leg styles and featured tops.
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Metaluxe is a multi-hued Herringbone Oak veneer dining table range.
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Cyndia dining features a elegant finish with vertical etching detailing; pearl line eco veneer.
The Aero Range takes flexible to an Olympic standard.
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The Davos Range is reminiscent of iconic 1930's New York, in reclaimed pine and wax finishing's.
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The Heston collection is a juxtaposition of wistful Mid-Century design and rustic Western decor.
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A modern twist on contemporary design the Ezra range incorporates a variation of stone an steel.
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The cloud is a organic shape, with the impression to look like a cloud.
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Agatone is a oak veneer dining range with emphasis on lighting details.
Made in Italy, the Sotomura dining collection boasts a sleek, high gloss silverwood finish.
This stunning dining and living room range exudes rustic industrial charm.
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The Ercol Lugo presents mid-century Nordic design with a dark stain and exposed tenon joints.
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A contemporary take on mid-century design, the Brockley collection exudes charisma and charm.
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The Ercol Monza dining collection contrasts a textured Patina Oak finish with black painted frames.
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A stunning contemporary dining range, Aquanette Dining creates an all-out modern dining collection.
A stunning contemporary dining range, the Keona is manufactured using African Hardwood veneers.
The rustic appearance of this solid oak and oak veneer range will uplift and enhance any home.
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The Root dining collection combines beautifully crafted teak roots and tempered glass tops.
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The range comes in a Dead Matt finish for a natural look.
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The Ercol Romana modern dining collection has the warmth that only natural wood can bring.
The Quebec dining collection perfectly captures the industrial style movement.
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Designed during the 1950's by Ercol's founder Lucian Ercolani and re-introduced as a design icon.
The Ercol Teramo is a stunning modern collection crafted from beautiful natural pale oak.
Using a mixture of materials and finishes, the Santiago collection is an eclectic range.
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The Zander is an extremely stylish and contemporary collection perfect for the modern home.
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The Giovanny range's striking and varied designs and shapes add interest to any modern home.
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The Solent dining range has a pewter grey painted finish and contrasting silver handles.
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The Ercol Bosco dining furniture collection is a flexible dining room and living room range.
The Bolzana dining range features a ceramic and glass table top.
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The Xavier comes in a fashionable and versatile dark grey - perfect for the modern home.
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The industrial Yukon combines sturdy steel frames and bases with solid oak and oak veneers.
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With its modern country home feel, the Hunningham Grand fuses substance with sophistication.
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With a slick black high gloss finish, the Exclua dining range exudes elegance and style.
Windsor cabinets are archetypal Ercol & have been in production in various guises since the 1950's.
The Hunningham is a sophisticated modern dining and living room collection.
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A beautiful collection of unique stone furniture, at home in any room.
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A simplistic and contemporary dining table, available in a variety of lengths.
A modern compact glass table suitable for any dining room.
An extremely versatile range of circular, oval, square and rectangular dining and stool tables.
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The Pecos dining range is available with a selection of table tops to suit your interior.
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The Hemingford solid oak dining collection is perfect for a traditional country house look.
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175cm(w) 74cm(h) 100cm(d)  
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What are the different types of dining suite ranges?

Dining sets come in a wide selection of styles to suit any colour scheme or taste.  Our extensive collection includes contemporary, industrial, Scandi, retro, rustic, reclaimed, farmhouse and more.

Wooden tables and chairs

Wooden dining tables and chairs are very popular and well-suited to a wide variety of styles, including contemporary, traditional rustic and industrial.

  • A chunky oak dining table has a more rustic appearance, making it ideal for country homes.  A more rustic style dining table might include woodworking features such as exposed joints or breadboard ends.  A natural wood finish works best with tables like these.
  • The classic farmhouse style table can often be found with a wooden top or painted base.
  • Tapered legs and painted finishes are common features of contemporary dining, with white dining tables being a particularly common choice.  Distressed painted finishes can also be found in our collection.
  • A round wooden dining table is a very sociable option which particularly lends itself to a farmhouse or contemporary setting.  The table top can be contrasted or complemented beautifully with a pedestal base.
  • For an industrial look, reclaimed wood is a popular choice, featuring a distressed appearance and lots of character.  Reclaimed wood furniture is a more eco-friendly option, having been made from old wood rather than new.  A further advantage of reclaimed dining tables is that they are less likely to split or crack than new wood tables.  Cracking or splitting occurs as the wood expands and contracts in response to moisture in the air – because reclaimed wood has already expanded and contracted a lot over its lifetime, it no longer “moves” as much in its current form.  Metal bases or wooden X-bases are commonly seen in this style, often with a black finish, while accompanying chairs may include leather upholstery and metal legs.
  • Scandi and retro style dining suite ranges are also often made with wood, incorporating such features as angled legs and pale finishes to create a crisp and light atmosphere.
  • Veneer wood tables are more common for modern furniture, featuring fewer knots or other character features for a clean and uniform appearance.  A high gloss finish adds to its pristine appearance.

Stone dining room furniture

Tables with stone or concrete tops look fantastic in modern homes and are fantastic for a more industrial style of room.  This type of dining furniture is sure to make an impression with guests.

Marble dining furniture

If you’d like a more opulent look, the marble dining table remains a cool and classy edition to the dining room.  Marble tops are often paired with metal legs, partially because of the weight of the marble, but also because a metallic finish complements the top beautifully.

Glass dining furniture range

Glass tables have a simple and elegant look that works beautifully with modern surroundings and invite more light into the room with their reflective surface.  The disadvantage to a glass table is that it’s harder to clean, requiring more elbow grease to prevent smearing.  As such, these tables aren’t quite so much of a family friendly option.  These tables are commonly paired with metal legs.

Things to consider when choosing your dining room furniture


When browsing for a dining table, consider the amount of space you have available and ensure that there will be adequate room for guests to reach their seats and pull their chairs out from the table.  Tables vary a lot in terms of size, so consider what you require from your table before purchasing.

Some dining tables and chairs are larger or smaller than average, so take care to check your dimensions if you are mixing and matching from different ranges to make sure everything is in proportion.  When buying dining armchairs, it’s worth checking the arm height against the height of the table to ensure guests can tuck themselves in.

The shape of your table is also worth some consideration, as some shapes will be more suitable for the shape of your room. A round dining table is particularly good at saving on space, with plenty of room around the edges to get around the table.  A rectangular table is better for making an impression and is well-suited to a long and narrow room.  A square table is commonly found in kitchen diners for its compact dimensions.

Below, we’ve included some table dimensions so you can assess which dining table is best for you, based on how much room you have and how many guests you would like to seat.  Please note that these are only rough guides.  Sometimes seating capacity varies depending on the design of the table and chairs, in particular the placement of the table’s legs.

  • A 60cm or 70cm square table will seat 2 people.
  • A 90cm square, 110cm round or 100cm x 75cm rectangular table will seat 4 people.
  • A 180cm x 75cm table will seat 6 people.
  • A 240cm x 75cm table will seat 8 people.
  • A 150cm round table will seat 6-8 people.

Chair materials

Chairs with wooden seats look great in both contemporary and traditional homes.  In the case of a painted table with a wooden top, the wooden seat may be finished to match the top for a more co-ordinated look.

Fabric seats are warmer and offer a more homely feel, but are more challenging to clean than either wooden or leather seats.  Fabric provides other advantages, however – patterns become an option on some chairs, most notably on Ercol fabric seats, adding more fun or interest to your dining set.

Leather is the most expensive of the materials but is an easy to clean and stylish choice.  They work well with cantilever or metal bases in contemporary sets and wood for rustic sets.

PU seats are low cost, smart-looking and easy to clean, offering the best features of fabric and leather in one.


Colour is an important factor when choosing your dining set.  Darker colours and finishes will make a room feel smaller and cosier while pale colours such as light wood and painted white finishes will help to open up the room.

Brighter, bolder colours really pop in contemporary or retro surroundings, while cream, brown and neutral tones are better suited to a more traditional or rustic style.

Fully upholstered white or black chairs are classic choices which ooze sophistication and complement high gloss dining furniture.

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