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Bed headboards sit at the top of your divan bed, cushioning your head and back and giving your bed and bedroom a stronger sense of style and identity.  They can be purchased in many different colours to suit a wide selection of colour schemes, whether modern, traditional or classic contemporary.  This makes them highly versatile, as well as attractive and comfortable.

Lee Longlands offer many brands in our collection, including Hypnos, Stuart Jones and Vispring.  If you would like to learn more about our headboards, please get in touch on 0333 200 1552 or email us at

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The Harrison Teme headboard is a wonderful finishing touch to a divan base.
The Harrison Dearne upholstered headboard comes in a variety of colour options to complete your bed.
The Sleepeezee Lily headboard comes in a range of colours to match your Sleepeezee divan.
The modern Grace headboard boasts three rows of deeply-buttoned squares.
A modern interpretation of the buttoned headboard. Available in a variety of fabrics.
This UK-made headboard is upholstered to the ground and features elegant button detailing
The Pearl is a deep back padded headboard at an affordable price
The Josephine is classic rectangular Euro headboard with a deeply upholstered central panels
The Triple has simple clean lines and is available in all standard UK sizes
The Fiona features six cushioned panels and a hand-piped border for an attractive, modern design.
This upholstered fabric headboard adds the perfect finishing touch to any divan base.
A simplistic modern headboard, the Hypnos Isobella is in varying sizes to suit most bed sizes.
The Petra is a beautifully upholstered headboard with vertical hand piped details.
This gorgeously upholstered headboard is available in a wide variety of colours
This headboard has a gentle curve design and a selection of colour options to choose from.
The Harrison Nidd headboard has a stylish tile design to complete your bed arrangement.
The simple design of the Harrison Ouse makes it versatile for use on almost any divan base.
The Stripes is an affordable quality strutted headboard
The Harrison Wharfe headboard suits a variety of divan bases and bedroom interiors.
The UK-made Harrison Witham headboard has a simple versatile design and colours to choose from.
Clean contemporary plain shapes and styles in various widths and a fantastic range of colours.
The Stuart Jones Mars Piping enhances a simple square design with piping detail.
A classic headboard with striking detail.
The Stuart Jones Sadie adds an attractive contemporary touch to any bedroom.
A classic arched headboard with a padded border and plain panel
Deep vertical upholstered pannels make a bold statement
A arched headboard with a high back and soft padding. Available in a large choice of fabrics
The Vi-Spring Ecclestone is a deeply padded continental headboard.
A slim upholstered headboard with a gently curved top edge
Deeply upholstered headboard with letter box shaped insert. Available in a large choice of fabrics
Deeply upholstered headboard with vertical piping. Available in a large range of fabrics
Deeply upholstered with a plain padded border and miltered corners.
A deeply upholstered arched headboard, available in a large selection of fabrics
Softly padded headboard with extra depth and subtle shaping
A simple rectangular shaped headboard, available in a large choice of fabrics
Gentle rounded corners give this headboard a soft smart look
A contemporary design with deeply upholstered panelling.
Striking designs with three slim upholstered panels. Available in a vast choice of fabrics

Why should you choose a headboard?

There are many different benefits to purchasing a headboard for your bed.

Firstly, it completes the look of your bed and serves as a focal point for the bedroom.  This makes the bed feel more like a centrepiece.  The colour of a fabric headboard can be matched to your divan, bringing more colour into the room and complementing your other furnishings.

A headboard can completely transform a divan bed from one style to another.  This lends greater versatility to your bed and means that you can swap your look simply by purchasing another headboard.

Headboards are also available in many kinds of fabric, such as linen and velvet, as well as metal, faux leather and wood, for additional customisation.  Headboards can be purchased with padding or without, in different shapes and with different kinds and levels of detail, for a look fully tailored to your design vision.

A padded option is ideal if you enjoy reading in bed, or often work or stream entertainment on your laptop late into the evening.  It also serves as a back rest, ensuring that you are comfortable.  Acting as a cushion for your head, it’s a brilliant choice for restless sleepers.

A fabric headboard will also retain heat better than a wooden or metal headrest.  This keeps you warmer in bed.

What are the different styles of upholstered headboard?

Several kinds of upholstered headboard are available to suit different tastes.

  • A buttoned headboard is perfect for traditional, vintage or classic contemporary styling.  The classic button back feature can be brought into the twenty-first century with deep, luxurious velvets in darker rooms, or pastel coloured fabrics in light rooms. The positioning and pattern of the button detail varies between headboards, so there are lots of different kinds to choose from.
  • A padded headboard is generally deeper and contains more padding, so it appears more opulent and feels more supportive.  Padded headboards are available in a variety of colours to match your divan and your style.  You can purchase them in standard fabric or in richly coloured velvets.
  • Square headboards are a popular feature for modern style beds.  They may be plain for a minimalist look, or include a piped border or simple piped lines.  The latter adds decoration and emphasises the headboard’s shape.  A grey headboard in this style can be used across a range of furnishings.
  • Arched headboards are a more traditional style which bring shape to a classic or classic contemporary style bedroom.  These headboards are most popular in neutrals and pastel colours for their elegant appearance, or in more traditional patterns.
  • Panelled headboards are another popular style for the modern bedroom.  Their more elaborate designs draw attention to the headboard, making the bed the centrepiece of your room.  These headboards look fantastic in bold colours.

What are the other styles of headboard?

Headboards can also be made out of wood, faux leather or metal.

  • Wooden headboards may be slatted or solid, vary in shape and work best in rustic or modern style settings.  They help to tie the room together if you select a wood finish that matches your wooden chests, bedside cabinets and wardrobe.  They are also a low maintenance option in the event of stains or spills, since you can simply wipe them clean.
  • Metal headboards have been around for a long time and range from ornate to simple in design.  Often available in black, white and silver, they are more interchangeable between colour schemes, so they don’t look tired or out of place when you change the look of your room.  These headboards look excellent in classic style rooms.
  • Faux leather headboards works well with more opulent modern bedrooms.  They are easy to clean and are generally found in either brown or black, creating a smart and impactful appearance.

What should you consider when choosing your headboard?

There are various factors to think about when choosing your new headboard.

The size of your bed

Needless to say, it’s important select the correct size headboard for your bed, or the two won’t fit together!  A super king headboard will fit a super king divan, a king size headboard a king size divan, and so on – but do make sure that you’re one hundred percent certain of you bed size before going ahead.  For example, there’s a difference in size between a small double and double headboard (4’0 and 4’6, respectively).  The same is true for small single and single headboards (2’6 and 3’0).

The style of your bedroom

Headboards are styled to suit a range of different aesthetics.

  • A metal or arched option is well-suited to traditional or classic contemporary style divans
  • A wooden style works well with more rustic furnishings and can suit modern rooms, too
  • A padded or panelled style suits glamorous furnishings due to its depth.  These styles are often found in bold coloured fabrics and velvets to make them the centrepiece of the room.
  • A buttoned option is fantastic for a classic contemporary look and look prettiest in pastel colours
  • A square style with or without piping is a simple but stylish choice for a modern room

Which style of bed do you have?

Please note that headboards are most often made for divan beds rather than bedframes, and that divan beds are not universally compatible.  Because of this, we recommend double checking that your bed is compatible with your headboard before going ahead with your purchase.


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