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Lift and Rise Chairs

Electric rise and recline armchairs are an excellent seating option for anyone with limited mobility.  They are electric chairs designed to be raised and lowered, reclined and inclined, providing welcome assistance for getting in and out of your chair.

Lee Longlands have lots of lift and recline chairs available for purchase instore, online and over the phone.  We offer chairs in fabric and leather and in many different colourways, so you can be sure you’ll find something to suit your preferences and your furnishings.

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80cm(w) 104cm(h) 85.5cm(d)  
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87cm(w) 102cm(h) 95cm(d)  
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from £46.00 per month*
78cm(w) 110cm(h) 86cm(d)  
Save £680
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Sale from £1699
from £38.41 per month*
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Save £644
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Sale from £1645
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81.5cm(w) 106.5cm(h) 96.5cm(d)  
Save £644
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Sale from £1655
from £37.41 per month*
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87.6cm(w) 109.2cm(h) 96.5cm(d)  
Save £873
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Sale from £1979
from £44.74 per month*

What is a recliner stand up chair?

A recliner stand up chair lifts and rises, helping you to move from a sitting to a standing position, or vice versa.  It is extremely handy if you have difficulties getting into or out of a chair.  Powered by electricity, the chair does the hard work for you so that you don’t need as much upper or lower body strength to stand up  or sit down.  Because it is powered rather than manually operated, you don’t have to worry about the chair moving jerkily or abruptly – your incline will be safe, gradual and controlled.

Lift and rise chairs also have a recline action, allowing you to lie back and relax in the day or the evenings.  Once again, electric power assists the chair’s movements, so you can be confident that you can sit back up without difficulty.

What are the benefits of recliner stand up chairs?

The most important benefit of an electric rise and recline chair is that it gives you more independence and helps to boost your quality of life, enabling you to move around your home more freely.  You can sit and stand in comfort, secure in the knowledge that the chair will do the heavy lifting for you.  This makes rise and recline chairs very popular amongst people with physical disabilities, illnesses or limited mobility.

The chairs have more functionality than a standard recliner, and don’t require the physical strength that a manually operated chair requires to operate.  As the chair reclines in addition to its rise function, you can lie back and relax to read, have a nap or watch television in comfort.

Lift and rise chairs resemble an ordinary armchair, so they are upholstered using similar sumptuous materials.  Often, they also feature a classic high back, adding further support to your sitting experience to help reduce unwanted aches and pains.  This allows you to achieve maximum comfort as well as heightened mobility.

The chairs are also straightforward to operate.  Some operate via a button handset that resembles a television remote control, so you won’t have to reach down the side of the chair in order to manoeuvre it.

What are the different types of rise and recline chairs?

There are two kinds of tilt and recline chairs available: single motor chairs and dual motor chairs.  Both of these options come with unique benefits to suit your lifestyle, budget and requirements.

Single motor rise recliners

A single motor rise recliner is more budget friendly than a dual motor option.  This is because the technology used to operate a single motor recliner is less expensive to make.  As such, this is a saving we are pleased to pass on to our customers.

Single motor recliner chairs also tend to have simpler controls, because everything – the footrest, the backrest and the riser – is controlled through one motor using one set of buttons.  When you press the recline button, all of the components will move fluidly, gently moving you from standing to a recline position.

Dual motor riser recliners

A dual motor riser recliner uses two motors rather than one.  The backrest is operated by one motor while the riser and footrest are operated via another.  Because the backrest can be controlled independently of the riser and footrest, this means you can adjust the chair more exactly to your comfort needs.  This means you have two sets of buttons on your handset rather than one.  If you are looking for tailored comfort and greater efficiency then this might be the option for you.

Which tilt and recline chair is best for me?

Lift and rise recliner chairs vary in size, so it’s important to check the dimensions of your chosen chair to make sure that it will fit in your home.  Widths generally vary from approximately 80cm to 100cm in width and 85cm to 95cm in depth.

As the recliner armchair tilts forwards and backwards, be sure to take this into account as you measure, as this means the chair will require more space to manoeuvre.

Different materials can be used to tailor your rise and recline chair to the style of your home, so there is no need at all for your lift and rise chair to look out of place.

A leather rise and recline chair blends well with a leather sofa set and can work well with traditional and more modern furnishings.  Leather is also easy to clean and hardwearing, making these recliner chairs especially low maintenance.

A fabric riser recliner chair is highly comfortable and keeps you warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.  This is because fabric is better at regulating temperature.  In addition, fabric is cheaper than leather, and so a great way to make a saving.  Fabric is also available in patterns, providing more style opportunities for your home.

Whether you would prefer a leather or fabric electric riser recliner, both are available in many colours and fabrics to suit your décor.  Some of these choices can be viewed online, but there are many more options instore if you would like to see more possibilities.

Would you like to know more?

Lee Longlands sell single motor and dual motor lift and recline chairs in fabric and leather to suit your personal requirements.  If you would like to learn more about any of our products, you can call us on 0333 200 1552, email us at or visit us instore, where our sales experts will be more than happy to offer help and advice.

Please note that not every model is on display in every store, however you are welcome to phone your local showroom and ask what’s available to avoid disappointment.


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