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Mirrors are reflective home accessories which can be wall mounting or free standing.  They are used primarily for getting ready and can also serve as decoration.  In addition, they are available in many different styles, shapes, sizes to suit your home, and may be wood, metal, high gloss or glass.

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80cm(w) 80cm(h) 3cm(d)  
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105cm(w) 105cm(h)  
was £589 sale £365 now £339
was £79 sale £52 now £49
90cm(w) 121cm(h) 6cm(d)  
was £295 sale £169 now £159
101cm(w) 120cm(h)  
was £589 sale £365 now £339
89cm(w) 180cm(h)  
was £589 sale £365 now £339
74cm(w) 104cm(h) 6cm(d)  
was £125 sale £125 now £115
91cm(w) 183cm(h)  
was £279 sale £279 now £275
92cm(w) 92cm(h) 8cm(d)  
was £125 sale £125 now £115
was £71 sale £69 now £65
68cm(w) 155cm(h)  
was £215 sale £215 now £199
41cm(w) 41cm(h) 4cm(d)  
was £35 sale £31 now £29
30cm(w) 30cm(h) 4cm(d)  
was £25 sale £20 now £19
100cm(w) 100cm(h) 2cm(d)  
was £225 sale £215 now £199
72cm(w) 72cm(h) 4.5cm(d)  
was £125 sale £125 now £113
60cm(w) 60cm(h) 3cm(d)  
was £115 sale £115 now £104
91.44cm(w) 2.54cm(h) 91.44cm(d)  
was £225 sale £215 now £199
30.5cm(w) 105.5cm(h) 5cm(d)  
was £99 sale £95 now £89
30.5cm(w) 150.5cm(h) 5cm(d)  
was £99 sale £90 now £85
88cm(w) 177cm(h)  
was £295 sale £215 now £199
91cm(w) 91cm(h)  
was £225 sale £149 now £139
88cm(w) 177cm(d)  
was £415 sale £265 now £249
84cm(w) 84cm(h)  
was £179 sale £125 now £115
88cm(w) 118cm(h)  
was £295 sale £185 now £169
87cm(w) 117cm(h)  
was £385 sale £239 now £225
76cm(w) 110cm(h)  
was £245 sale £189 now £175
79cm(w) 110cm(h)  
was £149 sale £95 now £89
100cm(w) 67.6cm(h) 4.5cm(d)  
was £189 sale £139 now £129
91cm(w) 91cm(h)  
was £199 sale £135 now £125
61cm(w) 127cm(h)  
was £185 sale £125 now £115
80cm(w) 140cm(h)  
was £219 sale £145 now £135
120cm(w) 90cm(h) 6.7cm(d)  
was £349 sale £245 now £229
95cm(w) 120cm(h)  
was £295 sale £195 now £179
79cm(w) 109cm(h) 6cm(d)  
was £235 sale £155 now £145
79cm(w) 165cm(h) 6cm(d)  
was £295 sale £195 now £179
104cm(w) 115cm(h)  
was £369 sale £239 now £225
52cm(w) 192cm(h)  
was £179 sale £125 now £115
84cm(w) 84cm(h)  
was £255 sale £159 now £149
88cm(w) 127cm(h)  
was £255 sale £159 now £149
104cm(w) 184cm(h)  
was £475 sale £289 now £269
102cm(w) 81cm(h)  
was £599 sale £385 now £359
140cm(w) 100cm(h)  
was £899 sale £575 now £539
from £12.19 per month*
53cm(w) 169cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £579 sale £365 now £339
53cm(w) 169cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £529 sale £329 now £309
100cm(w) 61cm(h) 2cm(d)  
was £119 sale £75 now from £69
65cm(w) 170cm(h) 44cm(d)  
was £255 sale £159 now from £149
122cm(w) 81cm(h)  
was £579 sale £369 now £345
65cm(w) 160cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £979 sale £535 now £499
116.5cm(w) 66.2cm(h) 4cm(d)  
was £485 sale £265 now £245
122cm(w) 97cm(h)  
was £375 sale £239 now £225
122cm(w) 97cm(h)  
was £375 sale £239 now £225
99cm(w) 69cm(h)  
was £339 sale £215 now £199
104.14cm(w) 88.9cm(h) 2.54cm(d)  
was £335 sale £275 now £255
145cm(w) 100cm(h) 2.5cm(d)  
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94.5cm(w) 62cm(h) 8cm(d)  
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59.5cm(w) 57cm(h) 10cm(d)  
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65cm(w) 165cm(h) 25cm(d)  
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120cm(w) 89cm(h) 2cm(d)  
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65cm(w) 168cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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105cm(w) 65cm(h) 2cm(d)  
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60cm(w) 166cm(h)  
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100cm(w) 65cm(h)  
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76cm(w) 99cm(h)  
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107cm(w) 130cm(h)  
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140cm(w) 80cm(h) 3cm(d)  
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61cm(w) 152.4cm(h)  
was £365 sale £289 now £269
119.4cm(w) 58.4cm(h)  
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119.4cm(w) 86.4cm(h)  
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88.9cm(w) 109.2cm(h)  
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91.4cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
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76.2cm(w) 101.6cm(h)  
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121.9cm(w) 91.4cm(h)  
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91.4cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
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71.1cm(w) 116.8cm(h)  
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121.9cm(w) 81.3cm(h)  
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114.3cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
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55.8cm(w) 116.8cm(h)  
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76.2cm(w) 101.6cm(h)  
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81.2cm(w) 162.5cm(h)  
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81.2cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
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91.4cm(w) 91.4cm(h)  
was £365 sale £289 now £269
91.4cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
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60.9cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
was £275 sale £219 now £205
71.1cm(w) 96.5cm(h)  
was £275 sale £219 now £205
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99cm(w) 124.4cm(h)  
was £335 sale £265 now £249
99cm(w) 124.4cm(h)  
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78.7cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
was £319 sale £255 now £239
91.4cm(w) 121.9cm(h)  
was £349 sale £279 now £259
66cm(w) 86.3cm(h)  
was £209 sale £165 now £155
91.4cm(w) 116.8cm(h)  
was £165 sale £135 now £124
91.4cm(w) 116.8cm(h)  
was £165 sale £135 now £124
152.4cm(w) 91.4cm(h)  
was £419 sale £329 now £309

What are the different types of mirrors?

There are lots of different kinds of mirrors at Lee Longlands, with varying purposes to meet your requirements.  Some are intended primarily for decoration, while others are attractive but functional and are designed with a practical use in mind.

Our collection includes dressing, wall and vanity mirrors, and mirrors with drawers.

Dressing mirrors

A dressing mirror is long, vertical mirror that allow you to see your entire body, making it easier to choose your outfit for the day or evening.  These mirrors are also known as full length mirrors. And are often placed out of the way in the corner of the room.

Vanity mirrors

A vanity mirror or triple vanity mirror is used for getting ready in the morning, and is also known as a dressing table mirror because it is generally situated on top of a dressing table.  Many are also swivel mirrors, so you can adjust them to the best angle to catch the light.  Some are part of a bedroom range, with a matching dressing table also available.  Click here to see our full range of dressing table mirrors.

Mirrors with drawers

A mirror with drawers boosts the storage you have available, making it a superb option for compact living.  You can purchase a mirror with drawers in the vanity style or in the full length cheval mirror style depending upon your requirements.

Wall mirrors

Since a wall mirror is hung on or fixed to a wall, it takes up less space in your home overall.  However, these options vary dramatically in style, size and shape, so it is always best to check the dimensions of your wall and mirror before purchasing.

Some wall mounted mirrors are more decorative, being intended to bring light into the room and provide interest.  Large wall mirrors can be placed on a blank large wall, sometimes serving as a replacement for a large picture.

Other designs have a more practical purpose.  For example, mounted hallway mirrors are useful for checking your appearance before opening the door to a visitor or exiting the house.

You can buy a wall mounted mirror in many different sizes, from large horizontal options, to full length, to medium sized, to small.  Some come in sets to achieve an art deco look.

What rooms are mirrors good for?

Different types of mirror are more suitable for different rooms of the house.


Many people get themselves ready in the bedroom, whether for work, the weekend or a special occasion.  As such, a full length mirror such as a floor mirror tends to be favoured in this room.  These designs allow you to inspect the entirety of your outfit before heading out the front door.

You may well find a swivel mirror or a triple vanity mirror here, too.  Combined with a dressing table, these bedroom mirrors allow you to do your hair and makeup while sitting, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable while you do your hair or makeup.


A mirror is a useful addition to the bathroom, giving you somewhere to apply makeup.  Generally bathroom mirrors are smaller, as they are intended mainly for examining the face.  Bathrooms tend to have smaller windows, so a mirror will also bring more light into the room.

A wall mirror is a popular choice here, as it is less obstructive and does not need to be placed on a surface.

Living room

In the living room, people often opt for larger wall mounted designs, especially above the fireplace or sofa.  The mirror bounces light around the room, making the space brighter and more inviting for guests.  It also provides decoration, adding interest and style to your surroundings.

Another option is to use lots of small but stylish mirrors to make a fun and contemporary style statement.  Decorative designs are the focus in the living room, as lounge mirrors rarely need to serve a practical purpose, giving you lots of room to be creative.

Different shapes will alter the look of your room.  A large round mirror will soften the overall appearance of the room, while square shaped and rectangular styles give the room cleaner angles.

Dining room / kitchen

You can also find wall mounted and decorative mirrors in the dining room.  This not only invites light into the space but gives the room a stronger identity and perhaps even provides a talking point over dinner.  Wall mounted options are advisable to prevent the mirror from taking up valuable floor space, leaving more room for your dining table, chairs and sideboards.

What are the best mirrors for modern rooms?

Modern rooms tend to favour metal or high gloss frames, or all glass designs.

An art deco or vintage mirror is a popular feature of classic contemporary styling, with their pretty frames and geometric decoration adding a touch of beauty to your décor.  Starburst, arched, zig zag, bevelled glass and geometric designs are all common finds here.

Gold frames are gathering popularity for boho styling, while silver coloured frames are a timeless option which work across many different colour schemes.

All glass mirrors use texture in their designs, featuring shard, multi-panel, criss-cross and tile effects to add depth to their appearance.

Although some contemporary styles have more intricate designs, others have simple silver frames and designs for a minimalist approach.  Black or high gloss finishes can be used for definition.

What are the best mirrors for traditional rooms?

Traditional or rustic mirrors are typically made out of wood or metal.

You can find wooden designs in classic mahogany, sturdy and beautiful oak, pine, ash and teak.  They may be made out of solid wood or using a mix of wood and wood veneers.

Gold is the preferred colour for metal traditional frames, exuding sophistication.

These styles may feature a square, rectangular, arched or oval design, or adopt a more elaborate shape.  Woodworking features, such as hand carving, can be used to add texture and interest to their designs.  An ornate mirror with an artisan finish adds a touch of classic design, while a distressed finish is ideal for shabby chic styling.

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Lee Longlands sell both expensive and cheap mirrors to suit your home décor and your budget, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.  If you are interested in any of our mirrors, call us on 0333 200 1552 or email us at


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