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Snuggler Chairs

Wider than an armchair, a snuggler is a chair which is large enough to seat two people.  Lee Longlands offer several kinds of snuggle chair, including fabric snugglers in plain and patterned fabrics and leather snugglers in natural and top grain leathers.  Mixed fabric and leather snugglers are also available.  Our selection includes classic contemporary, modern retro and casual styles.

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138cm(w) 95cm(h) 101cm(d)  
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150cm(w) 91cm(h) 110cm(d)  
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from £24.17 per month*
150cm(w) 91cm(h) 110cm(d)  
was £1339 now £1069
from £24.17 per month*
162cm(w) 100cm(h) 110cm(d)  
was £1955 now £1399
from £31.63 per month*
151cm(w) 76cm(h) 107cm(d)  
was £1455 now from £959
from £21.68 per month*
130cm(w) 85cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £999 now from £739
from £16.71 per month*
130cm(w) 76cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1385 now £1049
from £23.72 per month*
134cm(w) 89cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £949 now £729
from £16.48 per month*
135cm(w) 85cm(h) 91cm(d)  
was £1079 now £829
from £18.74 per month*
135cm(w) 84cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £1039 now £725
from £16.39 per month*
138cm(w) 83cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £995 now £749
from £16.93 per month*
140cm(w) 85cm(h) 92cm(d)  
was £1575 now from £1179
from £26.65 per month*
132cm(w) 85cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1429 now £999
from £22.58 per month*
169cm(w) 86cm(h) 104cm(d)  
was £1135 now £825
from £18.65 per month*
135cm(w) 95cm(h) 105cm(d)  
was £1155 now £799
from £18.06 per month*
155cm(w) 81cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £1655 now £1049
from £23.72 per month*
125cm(w) 89cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £1280 now from £959
from £21.68 per month*
155cm(w) 81cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £1655 now £1049
from £23.72 per month*
138cm(w) 90cm(h) 94cm(d)  
was £1395 now from £1045
from £23.62 per month*
143cm(w) 90cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1159 now £799
from £18.06 per month*
114cm(w) 85cm(h) 102cm(d)  
was £1069 now from £695
from £15.71 per month*
143cm(w) 90cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1159 now £799
from £18.06 per month*
150cm(w) 91cm(h) 107cm(d)  
was £3779 now £2829
from £63.95 per month*
133cm(w) 90cm(h) 98cm(d)  
was £1400 now from £1049
from £23.72 per month*
137cm(w) 95cm(h) 102cm(d)  
was £1269 now £835
from £18.88 per month*
150cm(w) 91cm(h) 110cm(d)  
was £1735 now £1299
from £29.37 per month*
150cm(w) 91cm(h) 110cm(d)  
was £1735 now £1299
from £29.37 per month*
145cm(w) 72cm(h) 125cm(d)  
was £1249 now from £949
from £21.45 per month*

What is a snuggle chair?

A snuggle seat is also known as a cuddle chair, love seat or 1.5 seater sofa.  As all of these names suggest, a snuggler is designed to be just big enough for two people to squeeze onto together.  It is smaller and less roomy than a 2 seater sofa and has one seat cushion rather than two.  As such, it more closely resembles a wide armchair than a small sofa.

Snuggler chairs are ideal for compact living, in particular for couples, providing more seating while taking up a comparatively small amount of space.

A snuggler’s cushions come with a variety of fillings.  Since different fillings provide different sits, you can choose the best comfort level for you.  A feather or fibre back cushion  is easier to sink into, while a foam back cushion will provide better support.

What are the different types of snuggle chair?

We have several kinds of snuggler available, and each offers its own unique benefits.

Fabric snuggler chairs

Fabric snugglers are cosy and cost effective and can be found in casual, classic contemporary and modern styles to suit various tastes.  Classic contemporary styles may come in geometric patterns or bold, bright colours like lime green and sky blue, giving the lounge a more fun feel.  Others are upholstered in beautiful dark velvets for a luxurious look.

Casual designs tend to favour child- and pet-friendly colours that hold up well against everyday wear and tear.  A medium blue or grey snuggle seat will show fewer stains than paler fabrics.

A fabric snuggle chair makes an excellent accent chair.  Accent chairs are upholstered in an alternative fabric to the rest of your sofa set, often a patterned fabric or complementary colour, to add interest and colour to the living room.  This fabric may also be co-ordinated with the scatters of your sofa set to tie the whole room together.

Leather snuggler chairs

A leather snuggle chair is designed to impress and looks great in the living room, study or bedroom.  Top grains suit family life while natural leathers are more of a status symbol.

Leather snugglers are well-suited to traditional or rustic styling, but are a glamorous addition to classic contemporary style homes, too.  Many incorporate fabric into their designs, using patterns or colours that complement the leather body of the sofa.  This gives a classic style sofa such as a chesterfield a modern twist.  Fabric also makes a leather snuggler feel warmer and cosier.

At first glance, a leather snuggle chair may look less comfortable than a fabric cuddle chair – but appearances can be deceiving.  Seat fillings make all the difference to your comfort.  A foam filled seat cushion provides a firmer sit, while fibre or feather filled seat cushions are softer.  Some cushions contain a mixture of fillings to get the feel just right.

There are other features which are useful for enhancing comfort, such as a pillow back or scatter back.  Although they require a little bit of maintenance to keep them at their best, pillow backs are a highly comfortable alternative to standard back sofas.  They are another excellent twist on traditional styling, with their colourful fabric scatters adding contrast and interest.

Swivel chair

Swivel chairs are sometimes only thought of as office style chairs, but nothing could be further from the truth.  A swivel chair can also be shaped like an armchair, with the added benefit of swivelling in place so you can easily adjust your seating position.  Swivel chairs can also function as an accent chair. 

As well as the living room, a swivel chair can be used in a guest bedroom, conservatory or study, and is a cosy place to curl up and relax with a good book.

Swivel chairs come in fabric and leather and can primarily be found in modern, modern retro and classic contemporary ranges.

You can explore our full range of swivel chairs here.

How big is a snuggle sofa?

A cuddle chair can snugly seat two people.  Alternatively, it can seat just one person with extra room to spread out.

Although there is no hard and fast rule for the size of a snuggle sofa, they tend to range between 115cm and 155cm wide, with many measuring at around 135cm wide.  Compare this to a 2 seater sofa, which is generally between 140cm and 200cm, and you can see how much space a snuggler can save. 

It’s always important to check your measurements before purchasing furniture, but this is of particular significance if you are specifically choosing a snuggle seat to save room.  Given that there is a little bit of overlap between the widths of snugglers and 2 seater sofas, it’s best to make sure you aren’t buying a snuggler that’s larger than a small 2 seater!

In our snuggle chair collection, there isn’t much correlation between the size and style of a snuggler.  However, our chesterfield style snugglers tend to be wider, as they need to incorporate scroll arms into their classic designs.

Chesterfield style cuddle chairs are a smart addition to an office space, providing a small amount of seating for reading or hosting guests.  Casual and modern retro styles work well as a more substantial form of seating for a bedroom or guest bedroom, providing a useful place to leave a bag or hang clothes.  Naturally, all kinds of snuggler are suited to the living room, particularly as a smaller replacement for a 2 seater chair.

Want to know more?

Lee Longlands offer a wide range of snuggle sofas from a selection of famous brands including Alstons, Ercol and Parker Knoll.  If you have a query about any of our snugglers, give us a call on 0333 200 1552 or email us at


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