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Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs or twister chairs are a form of upholstered chair which can swivel in place.  These chairs can be purchased in a wealth of different styles, including modern retro, classic contemporary, modern and casual.  You can purchase a swivel chair in leathers of various grades, from top grain to aniline leathers.  Alternatively, you can opt for velvet or a plain or patterned fabric.  The chairs often have metal bases in various designs to support their swivel mechanism.  Lee Longlands have many swivel chairs for sale online and instore, including brands such as Natuzzi Editions and Alstons.

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What are the benefits of swivel chairs?

Swivel chairs aren’t simply a novelty purchase.  They also have plenty of benefits and functionality to offer your lounge or bedroom.

Firstly, they are a comfortable form of seating that rivals a standard armchair, with the added flair of being able to swivel in place.

They are also sociable seating thanks to their swivel function.  You can turn to speak with friends or family, rather than having to twist in your chair.  This also means that they are better for your neck and spine, as you aren’t having to position your body awkwardly to hold a conversation.

In addition, you don’t have to manoeuvre twister chairs as often as chairs that are fixed in place, because you can adjust your angle simply by turning left or right.

Twister chairs can also be a means of saving space in the home.  Rather than requiring room to stand up and get around the chair, as you would with an armchair, you can simply turn in your seat and stand up without having to deal with any obstructions.

Not only that, but they work brilliantly as accent furniture.  Accent chairs employ bold colours and patterns which complement the rest of your furniture in order to add interest to the room.  As such, they allow you to really make a statement.

Some twister chairs are upholstered just like a living room armchair or sofa, providing plenty of comfort.  These chairs can come as part of a living room set to perfectly complement your sofas.  Other models feature a sleeker and slimmer design which takes up less living space, making it more suitable for compact living.

Swivel chairs with smaller proportions are also more versatile, since you can use them in more places around the home.  You can seat yourself in a twister chair in the study to read, or use it as seating in a guest bedroom – a great place to hang clothes or keep a handbag.

The chairs can also be upholstered in leather or fabric, providing all sorts of style possibilities.

  • A leather swivel chair in top grain leather is easier to clean and therefore more family friendly
  • Aniline leather swivel seats come with lots of prestige, and have a one-of-a-kind look thanks to sought-after imperfections in the hide
  • Velvets are an opulent option with a great look and feel, and are often found on classic contemporary styles
  • A plain fabric swivel chair is ideal for everyday living.  Mid-greys and mid-blues are excellent for hiding stains and so are another good choice if you have children or pets
  • Bold colour fabrics brighten up the room and are intended to make an impression.  These colours work well in rooms which are used primarily to entertain
  • Patterned fabric swivel seats are a popular choice for accent or occasional use, but still have a homely feel appropriate to everyday living.

Twister chairs are also available in lots of styles so that you’re sure to find something to suit your living room and your tastes.

  • Casual designs tend to be larger so that they can be upholstered for ultimate comfort.  They tend to have simpler shapes and, on account of their size, look great in plain fabrics, whether bold or plain.
  • For a touch of glamour, try a classic contemporary style chair.  These chairs may include a combination of leather and fabric, fusing longevity and luxury with the comfort of fabric cushions.  Velvets are a popular fabric choice, often in dramatic or opulent tones such as turmeric, teal and silver.  You may also find the chairs in big patterns in a botanical or floral style.  Fantastic traditional features may also be included, such as a button back, for that vintage touch.
  • Modern styles are most commonly found in leather, although fabrics are also available for purchase.  Brands like Natuzzi use clean lines and bold shapes to leave a lasting impression on visitors.  Monochrome shades – black in particular – are favoured for their classic, executive look.  Meanwhile, neutral colours like cream can be used to soften the chair’s appearance, allowing it to blend seamlessly with surrounding furnishings.  Bright colours are also available to brighten up a minimalist living space.
  • Modern retro chairs can be seen in colourful patterned fabrics, with geometric patterns continuing their surge of popularity.  These chairs tend to be accent chairs and, due to their reliance upon patterns, are generally upholstered in fabric.  The chairs use bold shapes and angles to achieve their cool retro look.

What are the different styles of swivel chairs?

Swivel chairs come in lots of different styles and designs to suit your décor and requirements.  These styles include:

  • Swivel armchairs
  • Swivel cuddle chairs
  • Swivel occasional chairs

Swivel armchair

A swivel armchair is designed to seat one person, providing plenty of support for your back.  Its defining feature is its arms, which provide extra leverage for getting in or out of the chair.  This makes it a safer form of accent chair as well as comfortable.  The arms also add style to the design.

Twister chairs are available in larger styles or smaller, less padded styles, so they can be suited to a small room or home office or used as part of a sofa set.  This makes them especially versatile.

Swivel cuddle chair

A swivel cuddle chair has the proportions of a love seat or cuddle chair and is therefore able to seat two people.  This makes it larger than a standard spinning chair and more of a feature in the room.

These chairs are too large for most rooms in the home, but work well in a large lounge, conservatory or guest room.

Swivel occasional chair

A swivel occasional chair is a piece of accent furniture which can be used in bedrooms, spare bedrooms, studies and conservatories. 

Often you can get away with a busy geometric or botanical pattern which would be too overwhelming if used for the whole sofa set.  This adds a touch of fun and/or wow factor to the living room.  If the accent chair comes from a sofa range, it may come in the same fabric as the stool and sofa scatters, helping to tie the whole room together.  Sometimes accent chairs are made out of leather to contrast with a fabric sofa set, or vice versa.

An occasional spinny chair can be found in many rooms, and provides a great contrast to a divan in a guest room.

Can you lock a swivel chair?

Some swivel chairs can be locked into place.  This is a useful feature, since it secures the seat in one position, making it easier and safer to get out of or into the chair.  The lock will often be accessible from a seated position, so you can reach it whether you are standing or sitting.


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