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  • Bayonne
  • Bayonne


The true beauty of oak shows through the Bayonne with the clean simple lines and military inspired metal handles. The oak is treated with a natural oil, which brings warmth to any bedroom.

Not all of our stores carry every range. If you wish to view a collection please phone 0333 200 1552 or email

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Products in this range

189cm(w) 97cm(h) 210cm(d)  
was £765 now £495
In Stock
159cm(w) 97cm(h) 210cm(d)  
was £669 now £445
In Stock
144cm(w) 97cm(h) 207cm(d)  
was £639 now £399
In Stock
47cm(w) 62cm(h) 38cm(d)  
was £239 now £149
In Stock
115cm(w) 200cm(h) 60cm(d)  
was £1195 now £649
86cm(w) 97cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £635 now £369
145cm(w) 76cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £865 now £499
In Stock
48cm(w) 118cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £529 now £299
92cm(w) 118cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £715 now £449
110cm(w) 75cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £319 now £199
In Stock
57cm(w) 65cm(h) 15cm(d)  
was £89 now £59
60cm(w) 44cm(h) 64cm(d)  
was £95 now £59
60cm(w) 166cm(h)  
was £329 now £179
In Stock
110cm(w) 45cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £389 now £249
In Stock

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