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233cm(h) 37cm(d) 90cm(l)  
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233cm(h) 37cm(d) 170cm(l)  
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233cm(h) 37cm(d) 250cm(l)  
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233cm(h) 37cm(d) 330cm(l)  
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233cm(h) 37cm(d) 410cm(l)  
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The Charlotte Bookcase Collection

Charlotte isn't just a bookcase; it's an invitation to play.

This Italian-made masterpiece, brainchild of the brilliant Shannon Sadler, lets you sculpt your storage space with a symphony of shelves and boxes.

Picture sleek glass shelves cradling your favorite reads, while rich wooden ones display treasured trinkets. Add a touch of luxe with lacquered metal storage boxes in captivating ridged finishes, or mix and match for a truly bespoke masterpiece.

From Wallflower to Room Divider: This modular marvel can hug your wall like a loyal companion, or stretch across your space as a captivating room divider. Imagine the possibilities - curate a library nook, section off your workspace, or create a stunning visual barrier that whispers, "This is me."

Tailored to Your Tune: The magic of Charlotte lies in its meticulous attention to detail. Choose from a palette of stunning frame finishes, including the warm embrace of dark brass, the blushing elegance of rose gold, or the sleek sophistication of natural silver. 

Sculpt your space, showcase your style. Bontempi Charlotte's modular brilliance. Metal, shelves, boxes - endless possibilities. 

Shop Bontempi Charlotte now and unlock your interior design potential!

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