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The Harrison Snowshill 33900 Collection

Part of the Adam Henson collection, the Harrison Snowshill 33900* divan and seasonal turn mattress features luxurious fillings of hand-teased horsehair, Egyptian cotton, kapok, alpaca, and Yorkshire, Wensleydale, Cotswold and rare breed wool.

The supportive Cortec™ core, HD4000 and Microlution spring systems are enhanced by conical springs in the base, providing support and comfort all through the night.

The natural and eco-friendly ChemFRee ticking has no added chemicals, while the mattress's borders are strengthened by 5 rows of side stitching.

The mattress comes in firm, medium and soft tensions and in Zip and Link options to suit your requirements. The divan comes in a variety of fabrics to match your colour scheme.

A 5 year warranty and 5 year guarantee provide perfect peace of mind. 

*number of springs in a kingsize divan and mattress


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