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The Maverick Portofino Collection

A unique variation on dining for large numbers is shown with the Portofino dining table.  On display 3 m x 1.20 m this is achieved by using two pieces of stone from the same vein to be as closely matched as is possible with a natural product each piece seated on a wide pillar.

Any size can be achieved up to 4.4 m x 1.20 m and are available in a stunning range of finishes to ensure this is the centerpiece of any large dining room.

Natural stone has all the variations and unique colourings  which means no two pieces can ever be the same.  Travertines and marbles will show fault lines and holes which are natural characteristics that nature has provided.  These are filled with a paste close to the natural colour but can never be invisible.  The stone is then polished leaving a variance which once again emphasises the inherent unique beauty of each piece.


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