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Now £1439
from £32.53 per month*
123.7cm(w) 229.4cm(h)  
Now £1809
from £40.89 per month*
156cm(w) 200cm(d)  
Now £1802
from £40.73 per month*
166cm(w) 210cm(d)  
Now £1802
from £40.73 per month*
196cm(w) 210cm(d)  
Now £1802
from £40.73 per month*

The Minto Collection

Explore customizable bedroom solutions now!

Elevate your bedroom with the Minto Bedroom Range, a testament to over 120 years of Lee Longlands' commitment to quality.

Material Excellence: Real wood veneer adorns fronts and bodies, while adjustable 23 mm strong shelves provide versatile storage.

Safety First: Finishes comply with EU norms for toys, prioritizing safety for your peace of mind.

Custom-Made Luxury: Crafted in Germany, Minto offers bespoke solutions for personalized bedrooms, meeting individual dimensions.

Quality Assurance: Backed by a 5-year guarantee, Minto reflects over 120 years of Lee Longlands' commitment to enduring quality.

Transform your space with Minto today! Where every detail reflects the timeless legacy of Lee Longlands.

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