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  • Quebec Dining
  • Quebec Dining


Boasting a stunning vintage design, the Quebec dining collection perfectly captures the industrial style movement. Its European oak construction has a mid-tone finish that completes the look, and its use of textures and shapes makes each piece interesting and unique. 

Not all of our stores carry every range. If you wish to view a collection please phone 0333 200 1552 or email

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The Quebec Collection

200cm(w) 77cm(h) 100cm(d)  
was £1029 now £659
from £14.90 per month*
180cm(w) 77cm(h) 90cm(d)  
was £825 now £545
from £12.32 per month*
150cm(w) 84cm(h) 44cm(d)  
was £1135 now £695
from £15.71 per month*
176.4cm(w) 80.6cm(h) 46cm(d)  
was £1299 now £769
from £17.39 per month*
120cm(w) 40cm(h) 70cm(d)  
was £499 now £319
60cm(w) 42cm(h) 60cm(d)  
was £255 now £154
150cm(w) 54cm(h) 44cm(d)  
was £815 now £545
from £12.32 per month*

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