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Create The Perfect Home Study With Our Office Furniture

Are you interested in creating an office within your home for work or studies? At Lee Longlands, we supply a wide range of home office furniture for sale including home office desks, chairs, bookcases and filing cabinets. All of our furniture is crafted to a high standard of quality from sturdy materials, and designed with beautiful care and attention to detail.

Read on to find out all about the home study furniture available here at Lee Longlands.

Home Office Desks & Chairs

As arguably the most important furniture pieces in an office, Lee Longlands has a variety of home office chairs and desks to choose from. Every office needs a desk as a central location for your computer, paperwork and anything else you need to work or study. We understand this, which is why we provide such a variety of high quality home office desks and chairs.   

Whether you are looking for large traditional wooden office desks and chairs, or sleek contemporary office furniture, we have chairs and desks in a variety of different styles, guaranteed to cater to all.  

Explore office chairs & desks

Filing Cabinets & Chests

Within your office you’re going to want a place to store any paperwork, books and anything else you need to keep organised. That’s where our filing cabinets & chests come in handy – providing you with an easy-to-manage storage space for all of your paper work.

Not only do filing cabinets & chests provide you with the space needed to organise work, but they also give you a place to store any stationary or office accessories that you may have – making your home study a more manageable and organised room.

Explore filing cabinets & chests


Bookcases are an essential furniture item within any home office. Whether you’re looking to store work, study books or books to read while relaxing, having a bookshelf or two in your home office allows you to do just that.

Our bookcases are available in a range of different styles, both classic and contemporary. Whether you are looking for large classic oak bookshelves or sleek modern units, we’ve got a bookshelf to suit everyone regardless of preference.  

Explore our bookcases

Explore Office Furniture Ranges

When you come to designing a new home office it can be difficult to choose suitable furnishings. If you’re looking to furnish your home study but you’re struggling to choose from our selection of furniture pieces, take a look at our furniture ranges.

We have a variety of different home office furniture ranges for you to explore, some classic and some contemporary. No matter what style you’re looking to achieve within your home study, Lee Longlands’ home office furniture ranges will have something suitable for all.  

Explore Office Furniture Ranges

Order Your Office Furniture Today

Order home office furniture from Lee Longlands today and start creating the perfect home study. Have any questions? Contact us today to speak with a friendly member of staff and find the answers to all of your questions.

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