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Featured Brand – Tempur

We are genuinely passionate about providing our customers with the finest furniture and carpets from around the world, which is why we only stock the best brands on the market. One of our favourite brands we stock is renowned mattress manufacturer, Tempur./live/news/TEMPUR 2.jpg

Amazingly, Tempur mattresses were originally developed in the 1970’s by NASA scientists. The pressure absorbing material was made to help cushion and support astronauts during take-off, evenly distributing their body weight and helping them stand the huge amounts of pressure they are subjected to during acceleration. Following this, in the 1980s, further research and development by scientists and engineers led to the adaptation of this material for sleep products. In the early 1990’s, Tempur products were eventually released to the public.

By actively adjusting to your body position and conforming to its shape, Tempur mattresses can offer one of the best night’s sleep possible.  By responding to pressure points, the mattress is firm where you need it and soft where you want it. This allows you to find the best possible sleeping position and leave you ready for anything the morning will bring.

The composition of the Tempur mattress is unique to the company. Only a handful of individuals know the proprietary formula, with it being kept a closely guarded secret. While there are many other memory foam mattresses on the market, they are not made to the same standard as Tempur. This is because Tempur material has been subject to intense research and development over the years, and is crafted perfectly to offer unbeatable comfort and support.

Tempur also know that not everyone has the same opinion on comfort, so they offer three different mattress collections. The Tempur Original Collection is designed for those who prefer sleeping on a bed with a firmer feel, offering the best possible support. The Tempur Cloud Collection is made with an extra soft top layer to instantly cushion and hug your body, whilst still maintaining adequate support.  The Tempur Sensation Collection offers the weightless comfort of other Tempur mattresses but also gives you the feeling of a traditional spring mattress.

Lee Longlands offers a range of Tempur and other mattresses, helping you get as comfortable as you possibly can whilst you dream the night away. 

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