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Find Revolutionary Memory Foam Mattresses from TEMPUR

TEMPUR is a revolutionary brand, bringing clever sleep technologies into thousands of homes around the UK and beyond. Offering a variety of different premium mattresses and pillows using revolutionary technologies from NASA, TEMPUR may just have something perfect for your bedroom.

Read on to find out more about this wonderful brand and the quality products they have to offer.



TEMPUR was a material developed by NASA in the 1970s, designed to support astronauts during lift- off. This clever material technology distributes weight & pressure evenly to give a weightless feel and maximum comfort to those using it.

Today the well-established TEMPUR brand uses this very same NASA material technology inside all of its mattresses and pillows, in order to bring the desirable weightlessness of TEMPUR technology into the comfort of your bedroom.

To this day, TEMPUR remains the only brand offering mattresses and pillows that are certified by the space foundation.

Revolutionary TEMPUR Mattresses

TEMPUR provides a variety of mattresses with different comfort qualities, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes no matter what you’re looking for.

TEMPUR Contour


As a mattress collection built up from the core elements that got TEMPUR noticed around the world, the TEMPUR contour mattress allows you to experience where the brand started. The contour mattress collection features comfortable memory foam mattresses with a firm and supportive feel, perfect if you’re looking for a TEMPUR mattress with a little bit of added support.

TEMPUR Sensation


The TEMPUR sensation mattress collection includes soft mattresses with an extra bouncy feel. Made up from four different layers of comfortable supportive mattress technology, the Sensation mattresses are designed to cater for those looking for a soft responsive mattress with ease of movement.



Perfect for those looking for a softer feel, the TEMPUR Cloud mattress collection provides weightless comfort with a thick layer of extra soft material to respond quickly to movement and instantly cushion & hug your body. If you are looking for an absolutely weightless and well-cushioning TEMPUR mattress, the Cloud is the perfect choice for you.  



A reinvention of the TEMPUR mattresses, the Hybrid collection features a clever combination of the usual soft memory foam technologies and conventional springs. For the first time ever you can experience the weightless cushioning benefits of TEMPUR material and the responsiveness of springs all in one mattress with the TEMPUR Hybrid.

Order Your TEMPUR Products Today

TEMPUR’s brilliance doesn’t end with its mattresses; the unique brand also provides a wider variety of products including pillows created with the weightless TEMPUR memory foam material, clever ottoman storage beds and a number of wonderful accessories.

If you’re interested in ordering TEMPUR mattresses, pillows, beds or any other products, then visit the TEMPUR brand page today in the Lee Longlands online store and purchase your products today.

Got any questions? Contact us on 0333 200 1552 to speak with a friendly member of our team and find the answers you’re looking for.

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