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Five Top Tips for Brightening A Dark Room

Summer swore on several occasions that it was definitely leaving, only to keep pausing in the doorway and making small talk.  As a result, those first dark autumn mornings came as a bit of a shock to the system – particularly since they began in early September.

After two solid months of these dreary conditions, the clocks are finally going back, so you can soak up those last few glimpses of the cold, pasty morning sun of 2019.

It’s dismal out there, that’s for sure, and it’s only going to get darker, but there are a few tricks you can use to keep your home merry and bright this winter.


Hayle Black Round Mirror


You thought we’d start with lamps, didn’t you?  Guess again.  Mirrors are a brilliant way to make the best of natural light.  Position them to capture the sun’s rays and they can be the difference between needing the lights on and managing without, making them oddly eco-friendly.  Pick up more than one to bounce the light around even more.  Vanity and freestanding mirrors are great for bedrooms, while a wall mirror works well in a lounge, dining room or hallway.


Clarence and Lumley Table Lamps

Table lamps

Okay, okay, now we’ll talk lighting.  A table lamp is a practical but decorative solution to your lighting troubles and doubles up as a compromise: you don’t have to stub your toe staggering around a pitch black bedroom, and your partner doesn’t have to be rudely awakened by the main lights every morning.

Often placed on a lamp table or bedside, a table lamp’s gentle, localised light is ideal for reading by or for winding down at the end of a long day.  They’re also a great option in a gloomy hallway: place them on a telephone table or sideboard to punctuate the space.

Try bulbs with a ‘warmer’ light to make the space more homely.


Broadway Floor Lamp

Floor lamps

Floor lamps light up shadowy corners and make for fantastic mood lighting – you can reposition the lights on a 3 light or 5 light lamp to softly illuminate different parts of the room.  Annoyed that your favourite art print is now practically invisible at dinner parties?  A well-placed spotlight will illuminate it for all to see and put the character back into your lounge.


Jayda Antique Tin Hanging Lamp

Ceiling lights and chandeliers

Your main ceiling light is often the strongest light in the room.  You’ll need it over the winter, so you might as well enjoy it and turn it into a feature. Cartwheel lights, pendants, hanging lamps and chandeliers all make a perfect statement piece for your dining room or hallway.


Wall Clocks


Bring time into the 21st Century with our selection of stylish wall clocks.  Small pieces add a splash of personality and can be tied in with your look or colour scheme to outstanding effect.  Larger clocks can be used as features to fill up empty wall space.


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