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Turning Your Mattress - What You Need To Know

Though many assume that bed ownership is a maintenance free task, you may be surprised that it does require some care taking. All mattresses require some form of regular rotation and/or flipping, and the kind of mattress you have will determine the style of upkeep. Despite the fact that hollows in the mattress from body weight pressure are a natural occurrence, correct rotating and flipping will minimise their appearance and provide you with longer lasting comfort.

Seasonal Turn VS Turn Free


Turning Your Turn Free Mattress

Our TEMPUR mattresses are turn free

As turn free mattresses feature one sleeping surface, you will not need to flip it – only rotate it. On receiving your mattress, you should rotate it 180° every week for the first 12 weeks. After completing those 12 weeks, your mattress should only be rotated monthly from then on.

Turning Your Seasonal Turn Mattress

Some of our own branded mattresses, such as the Coombe shown above, feature seasonal turn

Turning a seasonal turn mattress is slightly more complicated. As it features two sleeping surfaces, it requires flipping as well as rotation.

On the first week of having your mattress, it should be placed with the label on the top side of the foot end. On the second week, it should be rotated so that the label is now at the pillow end. On the third week, the mattress should be flipped over, with the label still at the pillow end on the underside of the mattress. On the fourth week, the mattress should be rotated so that the label, still on the underside, will be at the foot end again. On week 5, the process repeats itself with the label on the top side at the foot end.

This process repeats for 12 weeks, thereafter it should be rotated 180° monthly and flipped over as the seasons change. A good tip is to flip the mattress in sync to Daylight Savings time.

Dual Tension and Zip & Link Mattresses


Though the turning process for turn free and seasonal turn mattresses are relatively straightforward, having dual tension or zip & link mattresses will add a few more steps. If you have dual tension mattress without zip & link and wish to keep your designated sleeping side, then simply flip your mattress over from head to foot each week for the first 12 weeks, and then every six months with the seasons. As for zip & link mattresses, simply unzip your mattresses and rotate and flip them together (turnable) or rotate them together through 180° without rotation (turn free).

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