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We Pull Up a Seat With Parker Knoll Factory Visit

Lee Longlands Pulls Up a Seat With Parker Knoll Factory Visit

This week we were lucky enough to get an in-depth factory tour at one of the UK’s most luxurious furniture makers, Parker Knoll.


Based in Nottinghamshire inside a specially designed premises, we arrived with the mission to gain a deeper understanding of the brand and the craftsmanship involved in making each piece of exquisite Parker Knoll furniture.


On this particular visit, we’d planned to follow the step-by-step production of a stunning large two seater sofa in the Burghley range. What was obvious to us as we entered the factory floor was the employees’ attentiveness to their task at hand. Each worker seemed happily absorbed in their work (which was true of each department) but we were impressed at the speed at which they worked whilst still maintaining impeccable standards of precision and accuracy.

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After talking to a few of the workers it transpired that many of them have spent years, even decades perfecting their art, whether it be with wood, cutting and sewing or even in design. A clear testament to the consistent quality of furniture that this iconic brand produces.


Starting on the assembly line, each craftsman goes about their task with a smooth efficiency, expertly navigating their tools as they twirl their giant work bench to reach a new area of the frame. It’s only after seeing the workers in action that you truly get a sense of the expertise involved in producing a piece of Parker Knoll furniture. From meticulous drilling to the scrupulous stitching, no area of the building process is overlooked.


It is this unwavering attention to detail that has carved the path for Parker Knoll, combining stylish design with only the highest quality materials to create unforgettable furniture.


Here at Lee Longlands we make it our business to know our furniture inside out, quite literally.

It’s this extensive knowledge that sets us apart from the competition and we invest a large amount of time in training our staff to be the best they can be. We don’t just sell furniture, we understand it and by doing so we give our customers the most informed choice possible. So next time you think Parker Knoll, think Lee Longlands.

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