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Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes or storage trunks are a useful form of storage for the bedroom, as well as other areas of the house.  They can be used to store a wide variety of items, whether for convenience or for maintaining tidy, uncluttered surroundings.

At Lee Longlands, there are various types of blanket box available for purchase, including rustic, reclaimed and contemporary styles in varying dimensions to suit your home.  Blanket boxes range in size from a compact 90cm in length to a more substantial 140cm.  Choose a painted, oak or pine blanket box from our extensive collection.

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Things to consider when choosing your Blanket Box

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting your storage chest.  These include:

  • Dimensions of the box
  • Storage space required
  • How the box will complement your furnishings


First, you must make sure that the blanket box is the correct size for the space.  If the box is going at the foot of the bed, it’s best to compare its length with the width of the bed, so you can make sure it won’t be dwarfed by the bed.  The box also shouldn’t be so big as to protrude out from the foot of the bed, so you won’t stub your toe on it when you get up in the morning!

The same can be said for the space beneath a window.  Make sure the blanket box is the correct size so that everything looks in the correct proportion.

If you would like to use the blanket box as additional seating, check the dimensions of the room and the placement of your existing furniture to ensure that it will fit in the available space.

Storage space required

Consider the amount of storage space you will need.  If you need to store more items, or larger items like pillows, a larger box may be better.  For smaller items or decorative purposes, you may be able to make do with a small box.

Complementing your furnishings

You can select a box that suits the colour and style of your divan bed or bed frame, either by matching the wood finish or paint colour to the finish on your frame, or by choose a complementary colour.  A wood finished, grey or white blanket box will suit most colour schemes.  You can also match the style of the box to the style of your furnishings, taking note of woodworking features used.  If you’d like a perfect match, many of our blanket boxes come as part of a bedroom range, so all of your furniture can be purchased in a similar style.

What can Blanket Boxes be used for?

A storage box is an extremely handy addition to any bedroom, and can also be used in other areas of the house.  This makes it a multipurpose addition to the home.

Storing blankets – blankets are ideal for chilly evenings as winter approaches or as a replacement for a duvet in the height of summer.  A blanket box allows you to store these stylishly at the bottom of the bed.  Place them inside the box, or fold them up and keep them on the lid for easier access.  You can keep the box in a bedroom, guest bedroom or on the landing, so that everyone in the family can grab a blanket if they need it.

Storing pillows – a large storage chest is an excellent place to keep spare pillows, a welcome extra for guests who like to prop themselves up to read in bed, or who prefer to sleep with more pillows for comfort.  As pillows are fairly big items, this also frees up room in the cupboard.

Storing cushions and bed runners – if your bedspread includes a bed runner, a bed throw or decorative cushions, you can use a blanket box to keep these items off the floor and out of the way at bedtime.

Seating – some of our blanket boxes come in the form of storage benches, providing extra seating while still offering room to store bedding and other items.  These are a useful addition to a guest bedroom, living room or conservatory, and are a compact replacement for a sofa or armchair.  Some of the benches are wooden all over, while others are upholstered for comfort.

Storing throws and cushions – you can keep a storage chest in the living room to store throws, blankets and cushions.  This allows you to keep the airing cupboard and sofa free from clutter while still providing easy access to those style essentials and creature comforts.  Whenever you want to snuggle up, sit upright on the couch or just have a change of pace, you can take out your extra blanket, spare cushion or different coloured throw.

Toy box – a storage box makes a beautiful but stylish toy box for youngsters, which you can keep in the lounge, playroom, conservatory or your child’s bedroom.  Be sure to choose a box with a soft close lid to protect little fingers.

In the nursery – babies need so many things that it’s hard to keep track of everything and keep the nursery tidy.  To save you tripping over a pack of nappies at three in the morning, you can use a storage box to store all kinds of baby things, such as rattles, changing mats, blankets and toiletries.

Decoration – storage capabilities aside, blanket boxes are a beautiful item for the home.  A range of woodworking features are available to give the box a sense of identity, including breadboard ends and different edge profiles and legs.  Raised or flat panels add dimension to the piece.  Legs take the weight out of a box’s design, while a plinth gives a more solid appearance.  The woodgrain and various character features such as knots and tiger marks make every box unique.  For this purpose, a box can be used anywhere in the house. 

Filling space – in a large room, a blanket box is an excellent way to fill up space.  You can use the box to punctuate a long stretch of blank wall or to bring extra life to a landing, hallway, or a plain, neutral coloured spare room.  This makes the space feel snugger, lived in and more homely.

Saving space – you can also use a box to save on space!  By tidying away clutter, you can create more floor and table space, as well as more room in the cupboards.  You can also use the box as seating to replace a tub chair or wing chair, or to store beauty tools in place of a large dressing table.

Shoe storage – a storage box is a great item to keep in the hallway or bedroom for storing spare pairs of shoes.  This keeps your shoes safe and out of the way and simultaneously adds interest to the space.

What styles of Blanket Boxes are available?

There are several kinds of wooden blanket box available at Lee Longlands.

Pine Blanket Boxes

A solid pine blanket box weighs less than oak alternatives, making it easier to manoeuvre.  Despite its lightness, however, it is a perfectly resilient material.  Pine is often found in reclaimed furniture, commonly repurposed from old scaffold boards with plenty of character.  These are an excellent choice if you like furniture with a story to tell or prefer eco-friendly furniture.

Naturally, pine has a yellowish finish that brightens up the bedroom, however it is also a fantastic candidate for painting and wood staining.  This means you can also find it in more contemporary designs.

Oak Blanket Boxes

An oak storage box is extremely versatile, being found across contemporary, rustic and modern retro styling.  Oak furniture is favoured for its sturdiness and strength.  It also boasts a beautiful warm colour when lacquered, oiled or waxed, and has an absolutely gorgeous woodgrain that you’ll want to show off.

  • A modern retro oak blanket box is likely to have distinctive features such as tapered legs and an overhanging top
  • Rustic boxes favour features that make them look chunkier – for example, thick square legs or exposed joints.  Breadboard ends are also a popular addition, adding support as well as decoration
  • Modern oak blanket boxes tend to have cleaner lines for a simpler appearance.  Some painted boxes have an oak and oak veneer lid to contrast with the rest of the box.

Painted Blanket Boxes

Painted blanket boxes are a popular choice for a contemporary or farmhouse style abode.  Some of these boxes come with a wood finish top for a farmhouse look, while others are painted all over.

A white, cream or grey blanket box blends with a broad selection of furnishings.  This means they can survive a style makeover without looking out of place.  Light colours will help to open a space up while darker colour choices will make the room seem smaller and cosier.

Painted boxes may come with more elaborate decoration, such as raised panels and an intricate edge profile. Others opt for a more straightforward look with a simple tapered leg and a square or eased edge.

Blanket Box Brands

Our storage box collection includes storage benches by Ercol, who are renowned for their superb quality dining and bedroom furniture.  Our selection includes:

With Ercol, you can trust that you’ll be getting a product that is beautiful, well-made and long-lasting.


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