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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are lights which are fixed to the ceiling to illuminate the room, for both ambience and practicality.  There are many different kinds of ceiling light fixture available for purchase in fabric, wood, metal and glass to suit your tastes and requirements.  Living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen ceiling lights can all be found in our collection.

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110cm(h) 80cm(dia)  
was £675 now £599
57cm(w) 60cm(h) 15cm(d)  
was £245 now £219
23cm(h) 43cm(dia)  
was £255 now £229
46cm(h) 27cm(dia)  
was £99 now £89
65cm(h) 24cm(dia)  
was £425 now £379
40cm(w) 38cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £99 now £89
22cm(h) 45cm(dia)  
was £375 now £335
36cm(h) 44cm(dia)  
was £125 now £113
65cm(h) 24cm(dia)  
was £425 now £379
45cm(h) 40cm(dia)  
was £199 now £179
62.5cm(h) 50cm(dia)  
was £199 now £179
45cm(h) 24cm(dia)  
was £165 now £149
190cm(h) 30cm(dia)  
was £475 now £425
46cm(h) 51.5cm(dia)  
was £199 now £179
44cm(h) 58cm(dia)  
was £239 now £215
33cm(h) 20cm(dia)  
was £435 now £389
55cm(w) 30cm(h)  
was £285 now £255
55cm(w) 30cm(h)  
was £285 now £255
45cm(w) 28cm(h)  
was £215 now £189
31cm(h) 32cm(dia)  
was £74 now £61
81cm(h) 64cm(dia)  
was £780 now £649
25.4cm(w) 10.9cm(h)  
was £150 now £135
17.8cm(w) 29.8cm(h)  
was £225 now £203
50.8cm(w) 30.5cm(h)  
was £462 now £416
46.4cm(w) 17.5cm(h)  
was £474 now £427
55.9cm(w) 17.5cm(h)  
was £594 now £535
18.4cm(w) 15cm(h)  
was £225 now £203
86.4cm(w) 17.5cm(h)  
was £930 now £837
94.6cm(w) 19.7cm(h)  
was £750 now £675
48.9cm(w) 17.8cm(h)  
was £510 now £459
71cm(h) 88cm(dia)  
was £528 now £425
64cm(h) 70cm(dia)  
was £288 now £249
12cm(w) 10cm(h)  
was £70 now £65
98cm(h) 28cm(dia)  
was £161 now £134
43cm(h) 44cm(dia)  
was £360 now £289
45cm(h) 55cm(dia)  
was £276 now £229
33cm(h) 44cm(dia)  
was £138 now £115
97cm(h) 88cm(dia)  
was £1380 now £1099
8cm(d) 30cm(dia)  
was £53 now £44
13cm(h) 21cm(dia)  
was £101 now £84
78cm(w) 103cm(h)  
was £396 now £329
12cm(h) 26cm(dia)  
was £120 now £100
15cm(h) 50cm(dia)  
was £79 now £55
41cm(h) 46cm(dia)  
was £106 now £88
43cm(h) 42cm(dia)  
was £240 now £199
26cm(h) 26cm(d) 25cm(dia)  
was £71 now £59
31cm(h) 33cm(dia)  
was £71 now £59
16cm(h) 105cm(l)  
was £84 now £70
30cm(h) 44cm(dia)  
was £144 now £120
35cm(h) 55cm(dia)  
was £372 now £309
16cm(h) 105cm(l)  
was £139 now £115
48cm(h) 48cm(dia)  
was £422 now £350
140cm(h) 31cm(dia)  
was £264 now £219
116cm(h) 18cm(dia)  
was £144 now £120
116cm(h) 20cm(dia)  
was £197 now £164
12cm(h) 24cm(dia)  
was £74 now £61
14cm(h) 28cm(dia)  
was £101 now £84
14cm(h) 28cm(dia)  
was £101 now £84
was £168 now £139
18cm(w) 25cm(h)  
was £55 now £46
15cm(h) 50cm(dia)  
was £120 now £100
40cm(h) 48cm(dia)  
was £144 now £120
13cm(d) 9cm(dia) 48cm(l)  
was £50 now £42
13cm(h) 13cm(d) 24cm(dia)  
was £72 now £60
49cm(h) 27cm(dia)  
was £96 now £80
37cm(h) 29cm(dia)  
was £139 now £115
18cm(h) 44cm(dia)  
was £103 now £85
28cm(h) 62cm(dia)  
was £106 now £88
50cm(h) 50cm(dia)  
was £360 now £299
17.5cm(h) 8cm(dia) 70cm(l)  
was £84 now £70

What are the different types of ceiling lights?

There are various types of light fixture available to suit different styles of furnishings, including spotlights, pendant lights, cartwheel fittings, multidrop fittings and flush fitting ceiling lights.  Many popular styles of light fall into these five categories, but this list is by no means exhaustive!  Learn more about the big five below.


Spotlights feature several lights which can be pointed in different directions, so you can tailor the ambience of your home to your exact requirements and focus light in more than one place in the room.  The lights are generally attached to a bar or square shaped fitting and are suspended quite close to the ceiling, providing a good amount of ceiling clearance.  These lights make brilliant kitchen and bathroom ceiling lights.

Pendant lights

Also known as hanging ceiling lights, pendant lights are a form of lighting which hang down from the ceiling by a cord.  These lights may include a single or multiple bulbs and come in a wide range of different looks.

The Edison bulb style is a great choice for industrial style furnishings, but lights with shades are also available.  Shades can be made from clear or tinted glass, metal or a variety of fabrics so you can achieve the perfect look for a modern style room.  Drum pendants may be decorated with patterns or made out of metal and are ideal for bohemian style furnishings.

Cartwheel fittings

A cartwheel light fitting features many bulbs attached to spokes or a circular frame.  The lights can come in many different styles, including industrial and rustic, which favour black and antique metal finishes.  Both contemporary and traditional options are available.  These lights may come with shades or without and are guaranteed to add interest to your room.

Multidrop fittings

Multidrop fittings are also called cluster pendants, featuring multiple lights which hang down by cords.  The lights often have their bulbs suspended at different heights, adding flair and scattering light differently around the room.  These lights are a beautiful addition to a modern home and are available in many different styles, sometimes featuring multicoloured shades, frosted glass or metallic finishes.

Flush fitting ceiling lights

As their name suggests, flush fitting ceiling lights are lights which are fixed flush to the ceiling, lighting up a wide area.  There are two kinds within this category: flush fitting and semi flush fitting lights.

With flush ceiling lights, the lights themselves are flush with the ceiling, often creating a dome or drum shape.  Some of these types are LEDs lights for a simple, minimalist look, while others use crystal effects to scatter the light and provide decoration.  This makes them a great addition to a modern or traditional style room – plus they provide lots of ceiling clearance, because they don’t hang down.

Semi flush mounted lights are still fixed to the ceiling, but their lights are suspended a little further down.  This leaves a gap between the ceiling and the fixture which creates an uplit effect, producing superior ambient light.  This feature makes them more popular in the lounge, bedroom, dining room.  Semi flush lights come in many styles to suit all sorts of furnishings.

What are the best kind of bedroom ceiling lights?

When it comes to bedroom ceiling lights, it’s best to choose something more homely that won’t wake you up too much when you’re about to go to bed.  Shades are therefore of great benefit here.  If your bedroom has quite a low ceiling, a large or extravagant light such as a cartwheel fitting or chandelier may overwhelm the space as well as your other furniture.

If you would like a pendant light, we would recommend something adjustable so you can alter the cord to suit the height of your ceiling.  A small or adjustable pendant or multidrop can be a pretty and colourful addition to your home, and will often suit a contemporary style room.

You may want to try a semi flush fitting light for its ambience.  These lights are sure to fully illuminate the room over a broad space and add a little bit of ambience to boot.  Semi flush fitting lights can be found across all styles, so you’ll find something to suit a modern or classic style room.

What to consider when choosing kitchen ceiling lights?

Adjustable lighting is an excellent option for kitchen lighting or a kitchen diner.  Typically, adjustable lights come in the pendant light style, and can be suspended above the dining table to add to the mood, providing a replacement for a table centrepiece.  You can adapt the height of the light to avoid work surfaces, breakfast bars and dining tables – as well as the heads of your guests!

Pendant lights or multidrop lights are a brilliant way to add colour or interest to brighten up your kitchen space.  These lights are perfect for a moody industrial or rustic style kitchen.  Silver and chrome options work well in modern homes, suiting many different colour schemes with ease.

Chandeliers are perfect for more traditional or neo-classical furnishings, while pendant lights are a good choice for industrial and rustic décors.  Depending on their style, a cartwheel style light can fit into either category.

Another good option for a kitchen is a flush fitting or semi flush fitting light.  The former provides maximum ceiling clearance while the latter produces more ambience, an ideal choice for entertaining guests.

LEDs and spotlights are also a good choice here and provide plenty of light to see by for eating, cooking and washing up after a meal.  LEDs are more minimalist while spotlights give a modern kitchen a glamorous edge.  In addition, spotlights can often be adjusted, so you can angle them to suit the space.

What are the most popular living room ceiling lights?

Living room ceiling lights are excellent for making an impression on guests, and should provide ambient lighting for winding down after a long day at work or watching a movie with loved ones.  This makes semi flush fitting lights an ideal option.

If your lounge has a high ceiling, you may want to try a chandelier or cartwheel fitting.  By choosing a larger light, you can create the illusion that the ceiling is lower, making the space feel less stark and empty and therefore more inviting for guests.

What kind of rooms are best suited to LED ceiling lights?

LED ceiling lights work well as kitchen lighting or bathroom lights.  In kitchens and bathrooms, we tend to favour lighting that doesn’t hang down or require a shade, and that offers full visibility for cooking and bathing.  An LED light is easy to see by and boasts plenty of modern style.  In addition, LED bulbs are very energy efficient compared to halogen lights, helping to save money.

We sometimes think of LED ceiling fixtures as a bright, cold and stark form of lighting – not great for bathroom ceiling when you’re trying to relax in the bath tub.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all.  A warm white LED light emits a softer glow with a warmer colour for a homelier feel.  This makes LED bathroom and kitchen lights just as good, if not better than halogen alternatives.


Lee Longlands supply ceiling lights to suit a variety of styles.  To learn more about any of our products, call us on 0333 200 1552, visit us instore, or email us at


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