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Dressing Tables, Mirrors & Stools

Dressing tables, mirrors and stools are perfect for getting ready, whether for a day at work or a night out.  A matching set is a stunning addition to any bedroom.  Dressing table mirrors often swivel for ease of use, while stools provide a place to sit while putting on makeup or drying your hair.

Lee Longlands can offer dressing tables, stools and mirrors in many different styles, and sell brands such as Ercol, Frank Hudson and Stuart Jones.

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126cm(w) 76cm(h) 45cm(d)  
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39cm(w) 48cm(h) 39cm(d)  
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150cm(w) 138.8cm(h) 51.5cm(d)  
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48.5cm(w) 49.5cm(h) 37cm(d)  
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137cm(w) 73cm(h) 43cm(d)  
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34cm(w) 47cm(h) 34cm(d)  
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54cm(w) 54.5cm(h) 14cm(d)  
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100.5cm(w) 73.5cm(h) 43cm(d)  
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Why should you choose a dressing table?

A dressing table offers a surface and sometimes storage to hold hair and beauty products and jewellery.  It can also support a dressing mirror and be accompanied by a dressing table stool, allowing you to prepare for the day in comfort.  Having this designated preparation station frees up a crowded bathroom and means you don’t have to get ready on the bedroom floor.

A vanity table is an aesthetically pleasing item which serves as a beautiful feature in the room.  They can be placed in your bedroom, or alternatively be used in a spare room, giving the room a purpose and making it feel less empty.

In addition, many dressing tables feature some form of storage so that everything you need is at your fingertips.  This reduces clutter in the bedroom, bathroom or wardrobe.

Do you need a dressing table mirror and stool?

Dressing tables are shaped and sized for you to sit down in front of them to get ready, since being in a seated position will give you a steadier hand for applying makeup.  A vanity mirror allows you to see yourself in order to do makeup or style your hair, and a swivel mirror is particularly useful as it can be adjusted to the perfect angle.

As such, a vanity mirror and stool are often necessary to use your dressing table to its full potential.  Because of this, many dressing tables have matching stools and mirrors to accompany them.  They may even come together as a full set, or with built-in mirrors.

What should you consider when choosing your dressing table?

There are a variety of factors to think about when selecting your new vanity table.

The size of your bedroom

The size of the room can have an impact on which table you choose, as some designs are larger than others.  Bear in mind that you will need leg room and room to get around the table and stool, as well as room for the table and stool themselves.

A small or shallow makeup table will fit easily into a smaller room.  If you have the space and would like your table to be a feature in the room, you can opt for a larger model such as a double pedestal table.

The style of your bedroom

Dressing tables and their accompanying items come in several different styles to suit many aesthetics.  A white dressing table continues to be a popular choice for a classic contemporary look.  Weathered and dark wood finishes are also available.  Often these styles will include classic leg styles such as a turned or cabriole leg, accompanying mirrors will be more elaborately shaped for a prettier, more decorative look.  Handles are also more decorative and often feature a silver or antique finish.

Alternatively, wooden dressing tables with a rectangular mirror and a simple square leg are perfect for a country home.  These more rustic styles may come painted or alternatively have a light or natural wood finish.

Traditional designs often have a darker finish or are made using a darker wood such as mahogany.  These tables have a grander appearance, with some even including a three section mirror.

A sleek black or white gloss dressing table may be used in a modern bedroom.  Some of these tables include LED lighting and other extra features for glamour and convenience.

Please note that a lot of our dressing tables, stools and mirrors come as part of a wider bedroom range.  All of the bedroom furniture within each range, including chests, wardrobes and bed frames, are styled to match, so you can decorate the whole bedroom in one look.

Do you need a dressing table with storage?

You can purchase dressing table with drawers or without.

A table with no storage has a minimalist look that won’t make the room look too busy.  As they don’t need to house drawers, they can be narrower than a table with storage, making them potentially a brilliant choice for a small bedroom or a small alcove.  The top surface still provides room for a mirror and beauty products.

Storage for dressing tables tends to consist of drawers, but there are various formats that drawers can come in that influence the design and function of the table.

Some tables resemble console tables, coming with a row of shallow drawers beneath the table top.  The drawers are best for storing makeup and small jewellery, while larger products can be kept on the table top.  This leaves lots of leg and storage room underneath, so styling equipment can go in a basket or box below the table.  Some products in this style have two rows of shallow drawers for a more decorative look.

You can also purchase a single or double pedestal dressing table.  A pedestal table is a table with at least one column of drawers.  A single pedestal has a column of drawers on one side, while a double pedestal has two columns on either side.

Pedestal tables have deeper drawers, so they are better for storing straightening and curling tongues, hairdryers and other electrical equipment, as well as standing larger bottles upright.  Their larger dimensions mean you can store more items to keep clutter to a minimum, leaving only the most necessary products on the table top itself.

A single pedestal dressing table offers the best of both worlds, providing more storage without taking up too much room.  A double pedestal table is larger and roomier and is more of a feature in the room.  This makes it a great addition to a large bedroom or spare room and useful if you require a lot of storage space.

Our bestselling dressing tables, mirrors and stools

We’ve included some of our bestselling dressing tables below.

Ercol Teramo

The Ercol Teramo exudes modern retro style with its round built-in mirror, overhanging top, oval handles and tapered leg.  Made with Ercol’s superb British craftsmanship, the oak is finished in a clear matt lacquer for a warm natural finish, perfect for brightening up the room.  A matching stool is available to complete the look.


The Cleveland is a feature in any contemporary classic style bedroom.  Painted all over in one of several dazzling colours, the range is finished off with a choice of handles and boasts a plinth for a more substantial appearance.  A matching stool and mirror can also be purchased with the table.


Perfect for a farmhouse look, the Hunningham painted dressing table can be purchased in a range of colours with a choice of handle finishes for greater versatility.  Its oak and oak veneer top boasts breadboard ends and a beautiful satin lacquer finish.  Stretchers and dovetail drawer boxes add decoration and strength.


Crafted from solid mahogany and mahogany veneers, the Thurso dressing table with mirror has a stunning traditional design which is topped off with a high gloss finish.  The 3 section mirror allows you to see yourself from every point of view.


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