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Lamp Tables

Lamp tables are a highly functional piece of furniture, serving as a useful additional surface for beverages, phones, tablets, photographs, the TV remote, or a table lamp.  This handy addition to the lounge is available in a wide selection of materials and finishes to suit your requirements, such as wood, ceramic, glass, stone, painted wood and high gloss, and comes in modern, industrial and traditional styles.

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What are side tables used for?

Side tables have many benefits and are both stylish and practical.

You can often purchase a matching coffee table with your side tables to bring the room together.  A small table on either side of a sofa provides a sense of symmetry, as well as more places to rest a mug or book.  If you’re tight on space, or have a piece of furniture that opens out such as a recliner chair, lamp tables can serve as a replacement for a coffee table.

Lamp tables can also be used for storage.  A lamp table with a drawer offers space for odds and ends, while a shelf is handy for keeping books and magazines.

True to its name, you can also keep a lamp on your lamp table to provide additional lighting.  This is a good way to illuminate larger rooms, or any room which doesn’t get much daylight.  A lamp table can be placed anywhere you like to read, such as a study or conservatory or beside a chair in a guest bedroom.

Finally, a lamp table is a means of filling space in a larger lounge, helping to give the room a cosier feel.

What types of side tables are there?

Side tables can be purchased in a number of styles and materials, and are available with different kinds of storage.  This means you can find the best lamp for your décor and requirements.

Wooden Side Table

A wooden side table is a common and time-honoured choice which can be seen in many styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Wooden occasional tables have the benefit of being more versatile, especially with regards to storage.  Stone, metal or glass tables often don’t include storage because their materials are expensive, delicate, heavy, rigid or otherwise less suited to the task.  Woodworking, on the other hand, offers all kinds of storage possibilities, thanks to age-old techniques such as wood joining and cabinetry.  This means that shelves and drawers can easily be incorporated into the design of a wood lamp table.

Wood can also come in a variety of colours, such as blonde, mahogany, walnut and wenge.  These colours may be the natural colour of the wood or a form of wood staining.  As such, you’re sure to find a wood finish that matches your colour scheme.

Oak Side Table

Oak furniture is currently very popular, and for good reason.  Oak is a sturdy material which has a very attractive woodgrain and a warm colour when lacquered.  An oak side table is a very versatile option which can be seen in traditional, modern and rustic ranges.

Some of our oak tables are made using veneers, or with a mixture of solid oak and oak veneers.  Veneers experience splitting or cracking less frequently than solid woods.  Solid wood ‘moves’ when exposed to moisture in the air, constantly contracting and expanding, and this movement can cause the wood to crack.  Veneers include less wood in their construction, so they are therefore less likely to split.

Veneers are found on all kinds of furniture but are particularly popular on modern tables because they include fewer character features like tiger stripes.  If you’d prefer a rustic look, a solid oak lamp table will have more character.

As indicated above, oak is also a good choice if you’re looking for a lamp table with storage, since woods can easily be used to make drawers and shelves.

Industrial Style Side Table

Industrial style lamp tables commonly combine a wooden top with metal legs to achieve their look.  Unlike modern designs, which often favour gold, chrome or silver leg finishes, industrial furniture sticks with darker finishes such as black, grey or antique.

Reclaimed wood side tables are brilliant for achieving a shabby chic or industrial look with their distressed appearance.  In addition, they are less likely to split than new wood tables because they are made from old wood.

Painted Side Table

Painted side tables give your home a quaint, contemporary or farmhouse look.  Many of these tables use a wood finish for the table top.  The top contrasts with a painted base which is typically grey, cream or white in colour.  Painted tables may feature breadboard ends for a rustic appearance.  They may come with a pedestal base or a square or tapered leg.  An antique metal handle or drawer knob completes the look.

Painted tables may include a drawer, a shelf or no storage at all.

Glass Side Table

A glass side table is a modern and elegant addition to the lounge.  A glass top works well with metal and wood bases and its reflective surface helps to inject more light into the room.  Glass tops require a little bit more maintenance than other tops, but look absolutely outstanding in a contemporary home.

Glass tables also have a more minimalist look, since they are less likely to include any additional storage.  Their simple appearance gives the illusion of taking up less space.

Stone or Marble Side Table

A stone or marble occasional table looks best in modern surroundings and brings a sense of opulence to any room.  Due to the weight of their tops, these tables often require a metal base to support them.  These bases come in a range of attractive colours that exude luxury, such as bronzed, silver and gold finishes.  Their weight and elegance keep their designs straightforward, so they tend not to feature storage.

High Gloss Side Table

A high gloss side table is great for a clean, simple look in a modern living room.  These tables tend to feature metallic bases, with chrome being a particularly popular finish.  These tables tend to feature monochrome tops and no storage to suit their smart and minimalist surroundings.

Side Table Brands

Stressless by Ekornes

Stressless and Ekornes side tables look fantastic as standalone pieces with their minimalist look, but look their best when complementing a Stressless sofa or recliner chair.  Some of these tables are available in metal or neutral black finishes to suit any colour scheme, whilst others come in a range of Stressless wood finishes to perfectly match your Stressless seating.


Ercol lamp tables are often characterised by rounded edges and a blonde finish.  Dovetailed joints, tapered legs, recessed handles and oval drawer knobs are also common finds.  Many Ercol ranges have a clear matt finish that draws out the natural colour of the wood.  This brand is great for modern retro styling.

If you’re looking for a small lamp table, Ercol offer compact side tables with some of their ranges.

Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions supply a selection of attractive modern style tables in a selection of finishes.  Sleek, darker wood finishes are most common, such as Canaletto Walnut and Smoked Oak.  Their wood veneer tables include fewer knots or other character features, resulting in a uniform appearance.  Their designs use materials which are popular for modern styling, like metal bases and glass and marble tops.

Frank Hudson

Frank Hudson handcraft their furniture from the finest solid ash and walnut veneers.  Traditional and modern furniture is available, all of which bring elegance to your home.

Nathan Furniture

Nathan Furniture blends contemporary design with traditional features for eye-catching results.  Many of their tables come in a teak or oak finish to suit various colour schemes.


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