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Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors or bedding protectors resemble fitted sheets and are placed over your mattress to keep it protected from sweat, spills, stains, dust mites and bed bugs, helping your mattress to last for longer.  Some protectors are quilted for maximum comfort, or alternatively made out of different materials so you can achieve the perfect level of comfort for you.  Brands include memory foam giants TEMPUR, whose mattress protectors are specifically designed to help TEMPUR mattresses stand the test of time.

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What are the benefits of using a mattress protector?

Mattress covers offer many different benefits for you and your mattress.

Firstly, and most importantly, they place a barrier between you and your mattress.  Rather than your mattress absorbing sweat and bacteria, the comparatively inexpensive mattress protector will do this instead.  This keeps your mattress fresher for longer, extending the lifespan of your investment.  You can get five to ten years of extra life from your mattress by using a mattress cover – plus it allows you to protect your mattress warranty.

As many bedding protectors are washable, you can simply remove them from the bed and clean them, getting rid of bacteria, stains dead skin, rather than have these sink into your mattress.  You can also protect your mattress from dust mites and bed bugs, which thrive in the dirty conditions created by an unclean mattress.  As such, the protector makes your sleep environment more hygienic.

Purely by virtue of being washable, protectors are also anti allergy and a great option for anyone with hay fever.  Sleeping with a build-up of pollen all night can exacerbate symptoms like itchy eyes or a blocked nose, interfering with your sleep cycle, your health and your mood.  If you use a mattress cover, you can wash these unwanted elements away and sleep soundly.

A machine washable mattress protector is a convenient option, since you can just throw it into the washing machine rather than hand wash it.  Some protectors can also be tumble dried, allowing you to wash and dry them effortlessly in only a day.

Finally, mattress covers may be padded or quilted or made out of luxurious materials such as silk.  This adds extra comfort to your sleep experience.

What size mattress protector should I get?

Naturally, it’s best to select a bedding protector that is the same size as your mattress – for example, a single mattress protector will cover a single mattress, which is approximately 90cm x 190cm, and a king size mattress protector will cover a king size mattress, which is 150cm x 200cm.  This means that the protector is guaranteed to fit onto the bed, rather than springing off because it is on too tight.

Likewise, the protector won’t hang too loose on the bed – if you were to place a super king mattress protector on a king size bed rather than a super king, the spare material would bunch and shift during the night, making it harder to sleep comfortably.

Whether too loose or too tight, if a mattress protector comes free, it will most likely expose the mattress beneath, meaning that it is unable to do its job and will endanger the health of your mattress.

You may think you know which mattress size you have, but it’s always worth double-checking before you go ahead with your purchase, just in case you have a less common size – e.g. a double mattress protector is intended for a 135cm double mattress, so it will be slightly too big for a 120cm small double mattress.

How to care for your mattress protector

To get the most from your bedding protector, you should take care to wash it regularly and follow its washing and care instructions.  It is generally best to wash your bedding protector every time you change your sheets, and the frequency of your washes will vary depending on the time of year.  It’s advisable to change all bedclothes, protector included, more often during the warmer summer months, when you are likely to sweat more.

You should aim to replace your mattress protector once a year, or once every half year if you wash it heavily.  You can often tell it’s time to replace your bedding protector when it starts to shrink due to lots of washes and no longer fits your mattress correctly.

You may also want to upgrade or change your bedding protector depending on your circumstances – for example, a mattress encasement is the best way to prevent bed bugs.  If bed bugs have become a problem, a protector that fully encases your mattress may be the way forward.  Likewise, if you find you are uncomfortable in bed, a quilted or padded option will hopefully help to give you a better night’s sleep.  If you’re looking to cut costs, a basic cotton protector won’t cover every base, such as protection from stains, but it’s just the ticket against daily wear and tear.

The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress protector

The Lee Longlands collection includes the TEMPUR-FIT mattress protector.  These protectors are designed specifically to be used with a TEMPUR mattress, so you can be sure you are giving your TEMPUR mattress the tailored treatment it deserves.

The protector comes with many benefits, including a 10 year TEMPUR guarantee against manufacturing and stitching defects, granting total peace of mind.

Its easy to fit stretchable cover takes the effort out of bed making, plus it’s easy to wash, as it is machine washable up to temperatures of 90 degrees centigrade and can be tumble dried up to 70 degrees centigrade.  This ensures an immaculate sleep environment.

The protector is one hundred percent waterproof and fully breathable, allowing vapour and body heat to pass through it for an excellent night’s rest.  Thanks to its unique TENCEL one hundred percent cellulose fibre, it also feels as smooth as silk, as cool as linen and as warm as wool.


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