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Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are a superb solution for relaxation and are available in a number of styles, including manual, electric and swivel recliners and recliners with stools.  We have modern, traditional and casual models to suit all tastes. 

Recliners can be purchased in plain and patterned fabrics in various textures, as well as various grades of leather, all in a fabulous range of colours.  Lee Longlands offer recliners by brands such as Stressless by Ekornes, Natuzzi Editions, Parker Knoll, Himolla and G Plan.

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90cm(w) 101cm(h) 81cm(d)  
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77.5cm(w) 106cm(h) 100cm(d)  
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87.5cm(w) 108cm(h) 106cm(d)  
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81.5cm(w) 106.5cm(h) 96.5cm(d)  
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81.5cm(w) 106.5cm(h) 96.5cm(d)  
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105cm(w) 103cm(h) 103cm(d)  
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109cm(w) 97cm(h) 106cm(d)  
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109cm(w) 97cm(h) 106cm(d)  
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77.4cm(w) 97.5cm(h) 76cm(d)  
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82cm(w) 102cm(h) 91cm(d)  
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76cm(w) 101cm(h) 90cm(d)  
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74cm(w) 95cm(h) 85cm(d)  
was £1425 now £995
79cm(w) 98cm(h) 89cm(d)  
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84cm(w) 101cm(h) 93cm(d)  
was £1739 now £1215
107cm(w) 97cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £1799 now £999
76cm(w) 105cm(h) 84cm(d)  
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107cm(w) 97cm(h) 99cm(d)  
was £1999 now £1099
97cm(w) 102cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1365 now £899
97cm(w) 102cm(h) 97cm(d)  
was £1549 now £999

Why should you choose a recliner chair?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an armchair recliner.

Firstly, there’s nothing quite like putting your feet up after a long day at work. 

Secondly, some recliners possess lumbar support and other features to improve your posture and prevent back pain.  Electric recliner chairs are helpful for anyone experiencing mobility issues, as they allow you to adjust the chair without the need for lower body strength.  Some of our chairs are lift and rise, gently easing users to standing with only the touch of a button.

Thirdly, recliners can be extremely stylish, so there’s no need to worry that a new purchase will be cumbersome or unsightly.  Some of our range come as part of a broader sofa range, so your recliner can match the rest of your furniture.  Others are sleek standalone chairs that look great in most settings.  A fabric recliner chair is cosy and casual, while a leather recliner chair is low maintenance with classic appeal.

Although the lounge is the most obvious choice for a recliner, they also make fantastic spare seating in the conservatory or office, allowing you to relax with a book or magazine.

What are the different styles of recliner chairs?

Recliners come in several forms to suit your furnishings and individual requirements.  These include manual and electric recliners, recliners with stools and swivel recliners.

Manual recliner chair

A manual recliner chair has an inbuilt footrest which opens outwards, generally with the pull of a lever or the push of a button.

Manual recliners are a more cost effective option than an electric recliner, since they don’t require extra parts such as a control box, transformer or motor.  This makes them substantially lighter and therefore easier to move around.

Manual recliners are also a brilliant option for compact living.  While a separate footstool will take up space in the lounge, a manual recliner footrest folds away, leaving more room for other furniture, such as additional seating or a coffee table. 

Electric recliner chair

An electric recliner chair resembles a manual recliner, but with one key difference: it functions via electrical power or battery.  They generally come with a remote or a couple of buttons along the side to allow you to raise and lower the footrest.  A lift and rise chair will include more  buttons to allow you to raise and lower the chair.  The movement of the footrest is gradual, smooth and comfortable, so there’s no need to worry about jerkiness or sudden movements.

Electric recliners are pricier than their manual counterparts, but have plenty of benefits to justify the expense.  Firstly, they tend to have greater longevity than manual models.  This is because the chair’s movements are controlled, resulting in less wear and tear.

Electric recliner chairs also have varying amounts of custom options to suit your relaxation needs.  Some go as far as to allow you to adjust your headrest and footrest angle to meet your comfort needs with impeccable precision.

Recliner chair and stool

In the case of a recliner chair and stool, the recliner still maintains the ability to recline backwards but has no internal footrest that pops out.

A recliner chair and stool is a great option for anyone who isn’t sure about having an inbuilt footrest.  Compared with inbuilt footrest options, an ordinary recliner chair with no mechanisms or internal components is likely to require less upkeep over time and will often be cheaper to buy.

It’s also a more flexible option.  A stool can be moved out of the way when necessary, or even serve as a makeshift table for tablets, phones and magazines when the occasion calls.  Some stools come with storage space so you can keep your surroundings clutter-free.  Stools can also serve as a handy extra seat, making them a useful multi-purpose item to have around the home.

Stools are also useful if you want to be able to move your footrest around.  A separate footrest can be shifted to suit your height, making for a more comfortable experience.

If you aren’t one hundred percent certain whether a footrest is right for you, you can always purchase a recliner chair and then buy a matching accompanying stool at a later point.

Swivel recliner chair

A swivel recliner chair is a recliner chair which has the ability to swivel in place.  This has several benefits.

For starters, you can perfectly adjust your position without having to get up and physically adjust the position of the whole chair, a practice which contributes to wear and tear and can be challenging due to the chair’s weight.

In addition, you can turn the chair to the exact angle you would like to stand up at by simply swivelling away from your footrest. This means a swivel recliner is easier to climb back out of than a recliner and stool, since you won’t have to walk around the chair or squeeze past the footrest.

Recliner chair brands

We stock several famous brands who are recognised for their high quality furniture, so you can be one hundred percent confident with your purchase.  Each of these brands has its own unique strengths.

Stressless by Ekornes

The well-known “Innovators of Comfort”, Stressless strive to come up with better and better technology to provide exceptional comfort.  Their chairs come in several sizes, ensuring you can find a recliner that fits your body and offers the best support.  Their reclining sofas and chairs come in many fabrics, leathers and wood finishes, with occasional tables to match.

Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions provide exquisite leather recliner chairs that looks incredible in any modern home.  Models may include all sorts of comfort-maximising features such as adjustable headrests.  Their products come in Protecta and Natural leathers.

Parker Knoll

Parker Knoll remain a symbol of excellent British quality.  They combine the best materials with up-to-date developments in recliner technology to create classic, stylish reclining chairs.


Himolla fuse cutting edge design with outstanding comfort and choice.  Their Cumuly Collection features a selection of shapes for neck, back, leg and full body support, so you can find the perfect chair for you.

G Plan

Every G Plan sofa or chair is handcrafted using the finest materials and carries the proud signature of its upholsterer.  A 10 year frame and spring guarantee gives welcome peace of mind.  G Plan offer a selection of traditional style recliners in a number of beautiful fabrics.

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