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Storage Furniture Buying Guide

Storage is an important part of making a great home. Without good storage, our belongings can be easily misplaced or even damaged. Not only that, but they can take over the whole house, interfering with our sense of order, our stress levels and our overall sense of happiness - in short, they can end up owning you!

Make sure this doesn't happen by following our simple guide to choosing storage.

Assessing your storage requirements

Storage furniture can add several different kinds of storage to a room:

  • Table tops are brilliant for keeping flowers, photos, mail and ornaments
  • Shelves provide easy access to items you need. Belongings stored on them are easy to see
  • Cupboard space is useful for storing occasional items out of sight, giving the room a tidier appearance
  • Drawer space is useful for small but useful items such as keys, stationery, stamps and flyers

Measuring for your storage

Make sure you have enough room for your new furniture by measuring the room and furniture appropriately. Don't forget to factor in obstructions like skirting boards and radiators and clearance for doors to open fully.

Check that you will be able to open all drawers and cupboards properly, that you have enough room to walk around the room safely and comfortably, and that pieces such as recliners, extendable tables and dining chairs have enough room to recline, extend, or be pulled out without being obstructed by the new furniture.

Think tall

Not sure all your dream furniture will fit? Worried you don't have enough room for all the storage you need? Think tall - taller furniture will take advantage of unused wall space, give you extra storage and take up less floorspace.

Types of storage furniture

Different types of furniture will afford you different kinds of storage. It's best to consider the type of storage you require beforehand so you can purchase that winning combination.

display units

Display units

If you have lots of ornaments or photographs or like to display greeting cards, you can do so with a display cabinet or shelving unit.

  • Shelving units are open, so your items are easier to reach but will be more likely to become dusty
  • Display cabinets may feature glass doors. These prevent dust from accumulating but will need to be cleaned to keep them looking their best

Display units can feature drawers, open shelves, cupboards, mini drawers and glass cabinets, so look for a storage combination that suits your needs.



Sideboards are useful for storing odds and ends such as board games and spare crockery, and their long surfaces are perfect for table lighting, flowers and photographs. Often, they include drawers for smaller items and cupboards for larger items.

Some of our sideboards have a corresponding hutch or sideboard top, creating additional storage space.

Sideboards may feature 2 doors, 3 doors or 4 doors, so take care to choose the most appropriate size for the room and your storage requirements.

tv units

TV Units

TV units may contain a mix of drawers, shelves, cupboards and drawers. Their main function is to support your TV and offer media storage, but you can use the storage for other items if you prefer. Assess how many DVD players and consoles you need room for as well as how much space you need for DVDs when deciding on a unit.

How big does my TV unit need to be?

There are no hard and fast rules for this, but as a general rule of thumb your TV unit should be wider than your TV. For best results, measure your TV and see how this compares with the unit. You may want extra space on the table top for your consoles and DVD players.

Need something bigger?

Combination units can make use of overhead space and provide plenty of extra room for DVDs, consoles and more. Some combination units can be customised for optimal storage.



Bookcases are designed for holding books but can be used for decorative purposes, too. They can also be used to store photographs, DVDs, plants and ornaments. They come in a variety of different widths, heights and depths to suit the size of your book collection and room.

  • Low bookcases are a common addition to a children's room or guest bedroom for decoration
  • Taller and wider bookcases are more suited to studies and dining rooms due to their extra capacity and wow factor

Naturally, bookcases have shelves for storing books, but they can also include other forms of storage such as cupboards and drawers. Although bookcases will hold most standard-sized books, shelf heights do vary, so if you're not sure a particular item will fit, measure the shelves first.



Wardrobes are used to store clothes and are available in several different storage combinations to meet your requirements. Some wardrobes include mirrored doors, meaning you won't have to purchase a mirror separately.

  • All hanging wardrobes are tall with only a wardrobe compartment. These are best for longer items like dresses as they have plenty of height
  • Gents wardrobes feature a shorter wardrobe section with a drawer or two underneath, creating comprehensive storage for compact living
  • Combination wardrobes offer an all-in-one fitted storage solution for all of your clothes and accessories. They can be tailored to include drawers, interior drawers and shelf compartments, and can have hinged or sliding doors
chests of drawers

Chests of drawers

Chests of drawers are collections of drawers for storing clothes and accessories. Chests may have three drawers, five, seven or even more, which can be deep, shallow, short or full width. Different drawers are suitable for different items. Shallow drawers are suitable for perfumes and jewellery, while larger and full width drawers can be used to store jeans and t-shirts.

Chests of drawers come in many sizes and combinations. Consider how extensive and varied you need your storage to be - there's likely a chest of drawers that meets your specification.

Create extra storage

Don't forget that you can create extra storage elsewhere - for example, by choosing a lamp or coffee table with a drawer or shelf. By creating extra storage, you can sometimes negate the need for an extra piece of furniture, saving you space and money.

Need some advice about storage?

For advice about our storage furniture, speak to a sales expert in one of our showrooms or call us on 0333 200 1552 to discuss your requirements.


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