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Lee Longlands Bedroom

Pocketed springs & a luxury de luxe polyester filling.
The Stripes is an affordable quality strutted headboard
A luxurious blend of cashnmere and lambswool around 2000* pocketed springs.
The Pearl is a deep back padded headboard at an affordable price
A luxurious blend of cashmere and lambswool with 2500* pocketed springs.
Incorporating 1400* pocketed springs overlaid with luxurious silk and lambswool.
The Triple has simple clean lines and is available in all standard UK sizes
1800* pocketed springs overlaid with a luxurious blend of cashmere, silk and lambswool.
This UK-made headboard is upholstered to the ground and features elegant button detailing
This gorgeously upholstered headboard is available in a wide variety of colours
Handmade in the UK, the Aston 6750 combines traditional fillings with a 6750* pocket springs.
The Aston 6750 is expertly crafted with innovative features and 4250* pocket springs.
The Berrington 7750 is handmade with 7750* pocket springs and blends of wool, cotton and mohair.
Expertly crafted in the UK, the Berrington 7750 contains 5250* pocket springs and natural blends.
Classically constructed, the Brandon 3000 contains 3000* pocket springs and natural cotton blends.
The Brandon 3000 is a turn free mattress with 3000* pocket springs and natural cotton blends.
This upholstered fabric headboard adds the perfect finishing touch to any divan base.
The Coombe 10750 is a handmade divan base and mattress set boasting 10750* pocket springs.
The Coombe 10750 is a seasonal turn mattress with 8250* pocket springs and natural blends.
The Dearne upholstered headboard comes in a variety of colour options to complete your bed.
The Goodrich 4000 set is crafted with 4000* pocket springs and natural fillings.
The Goodrich 4000 turn free mattress is crafted with 4000* pocket springs and natural fillings.
The Hanbury 12750 is a seasonal turn mattress with 10250* pocket springs and rich, natural blends.
Expertly crafted in the UK, the Hanbury 12750 has 1270* pocket springs for luxurious comfort.
This headboard has a gentle curve design and a selection of colour options to choose from.
The Kenilworth 14750 is handcrafted from the finest natural materials and has 14750 pocket springs.
The Kenilworth 14750 is handcrafted with quality natural materials and has 12250* pocket springs.
The Leamington 18000 is expertly crafted with quality natural materials and 18000* pocker springs.
The Leamington 18000 mattress uses the finest natural materials and has 14500* pocket springs.
The Nidd headboard has a stylish tile design to complete your bed arrangement.
The simple design of the Ouse headboard makes it versatile for use on almost any divan base.
The Ragley 20000 provides support and comfort with natural fillings and 20000* pocket springs.
The Ragley 20000 mattress has a seasonal turn feature, natural fillings and 16500* pocket springs.
The handmade Rudyard 6250 boasts quality natural fillings with 6250* pocket springs.
The Rudyard 6250 has 3750* pocket springs and fillings containing blends of rich natural materials.
The Shelton 8250 is a handmade divan and mattress with natural fillings and 8250* pocket springs.
The Shelton 8250 is a handmade mattress with natural fillings and 5750* pocket springs.
The Teme headboard is a wonderful finishing touch to a divan base.
The Trentham 25000 has unmatchable quality with 25000* pocket springs and natural fillings.
The Trentham is a tailored mattress of unmatchable quality and comfort.
The Wharfe headboard suits a variety of divan bases and bedroom interiors.
The UK-made Witham headboard has a simple versatile design and colours to choose from.
The Cotswold is a classic styled headboard range with fantastic metal stud detailing.
Simple lines and design, perfect for any room.
The Serenade is a button-backed headboard offering the elegant plush look.
Striking lines and a fantastic range of fabrics. This headboard is perfect for any style of room.
The Weston headboard's simple lines create a modern style.
The Whitehall is a great strutted headboard, with a casual modern design.
Beneath the soft knit top of the Alder 800 mattress are 800* pocket springs.
The Elm 1000 mattress reaps the benefits of memory foam and has 1000 pocket springs.
The Foxglove 2000 divan base and mattress is sure to keep you comfortable and well rested.
The Primrose mattress guarantees comfort as it features a soft knit lid above 12.5g springs.
This stunning bedroom range exudes rustic industrial charm.
Expertly crafted from hard wood and solid Oak, the Farndon exudes quality and style.
The Cleveland collection fuses classic style with a clean contemporary painted finish.
Complete with chrome detailing and clean design, the Keona range has a modern feel to it.
Hand selected knotty oak gives the Fairfax collection charm and a sense of quality.
Transform your bedroom into a traditional French styled sanctuary with the Chiltern
he Montague bedroom range is a collection of stunning oak furniture finished in a chic grey.
This elegant bedroom furniture range is made from solid Indonesian mahogany and mahogany veneers.
The Devon range of divans has been designed with your comfort a best night’s sleep in mind.
The Stonehouse is a collection of clean & contemporary bedroom furniture.
The Piras bedroom range features beautiful mahogany furniture with a decadent white finish.
A simplistic modern & compact range, the Bayonne is designed to suit any size of room.
The Hunningham's contemporary design makes for a modest and versatile bedroom collection.
Inspired by classic French styling, the Seine collection is crafted from solid limed oak.
The Forma bedroom collection is a slick and modern range that's versatile.
The Bromyard bedroom collection is a stunning range hand crafted from oak.
Crafted beautifully from reclaimed pine, the Vienna bedroom collection has a rustic scandi design.
The Wishland collection boasts a gorgeous attention to detail.
The Ellington is versatile and slick modern bedroom collection.
The Ashwell is a glamorous classic French styled bedroom range
All of the items in the Sabrina bedroom range are available in four finishe.
The versatile Colours 5 collection delivers sleek, zesty modernity to rooms of any shape or size.
Inpsired by 18th Century French furniture design and styled in solid oak and oak veneers.
The Willis & Gambier Ivory exudes classic French sophistication.
Solid Poplar wood with Cherry veneers & a lacquered finish give the range strength & beauty
The Colours Sliders collection is a flexible wardrobe system to suit any size space.
The pocket springs offer great support, & the all-natural fillings provide a sumptuous comfort layer
The all-natural fillings provide a sumptuous comfort layer, great for a good night’s sleep.
The Tribune offers fantastic comfort at a modest price.
The Viscount divan is available in various different sizes and has a great choice of fabric
90cm(w) 190cm(l)  
was £139 sale £109
135cm(w) 190cm(l)  
was £189 sale £149
150cm(w) 200cm(l)  
was £214 sale £169
180cm(w) 200cm(l)  
was £239 sale £189
202cm(w) 140cm(h) 272cm(l)  
was £6169 sale £3389
135cm(w) 190cm(l)  
was £799 sale £399
150cm(w) 200cm(l)  
was £899 sale £449
135cm(w) 190cm(l)  
was £999 sale £499
150cm(w) 200cm(l)  
was £1099 sale £549
200cm(w) 216cm(h) 68cm(d)  
was £1344 sale £799
250cm(w) 216cm(h) 68cm(d)  
was £1789 sale £1069
60cm(w) 118cm(h) 50cm(d)  
was £1369 sale £1045
155cm(w) 137cm(h) 219cm(l)  
was £1519 sale £1015
170cm(w) 137cm(h) 227cm(l)  
was £1669 sale £1115
200cm(w) 137cm(h) 227cm(l)  
was £1965 sale £1315
180cm(w) 138cm(h) 252cm(l)  
was £1699 sale £1135
210cm(w) 138cm(h) 252cm(l)  
was £1965 sale £1199
157cm(w) 135cm(h) 233cm(l)  
was £1965 sale £1199
172cm(w) 135cm(h) 241cm(l)  
was £2089 sale £1299
202cm(w) 135cm(h) 241cm(l)  
was £2319 sale £1449