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Lee Longlands Bedroom Design Guide

Designing your bedroom can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t know where to begin. At Lee Longlands we have lots of experience working with furniture and décor, so we’ve put together this bedroom design guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to planning your perfect room.

Essential Elements

Before you get into choosing the furniture and decor to redesign your bedroom, there are a few essential elements you must take into account in order to properly plan the layout. By taking the time to consider these essentials, you’ll ensure the perfect layout is achieved when it comes to adding your furniture.

Desired Room Styling

First of all, you should decide whether you want a modern or traditionally designed bedroom, knowing the style you’re trying to achieve is an extremely important step in the design process. All of the colours, furnishings and décor that you will be using within your room will be dependent upon this, so it’s important to settle on your desired style before starting any work.


Location of Power Outlets

Chances are your bedroom already has a number of power outlets dotted around. These obviously can’t be moved, so it’s important to plan your room layout around them when deciding where to position furniture. Consider whether you want outlets near to your bed for phone chargers, and make sure there’s sufficient power outlets for setting up any appliances you desire, like TV’s, consoles and music systems.


Natural Lighting

Something important to consider when planning the layout of your bedroom furniture is natural lighting. Do you want your bed to be positioned out of natural light so you can have an uninterrupted lie in? Or would you rather be woken up to the sun’s rays? Peoples’ preferences are different here, so it’s down to you to decide how best to position your furniture to suit the light your room receives.


Furniture & Décor

The most important aspect of any well designed bedroom is the furniture and décor within. Once you’ve considered the essentials and settled upon the style and layout of your room, you’ll want to begin choosing the perfect premium bedroom furniture.

We recommend Ercol bedroom furniture; expertly crafted premium oak bedroom furniture from a renowned brand.


In terms of both style and comfort, your bed will be the most important furniture piece in your bedroom. When you’re choosing the perfect bed for your room the first thing you should consider which size bed suits your room best – Single, Double, King-size or Queen-size? When you’ve decided upon the ideal bed size for your room, you can start thinking about styling; do you want a divan bed, or a full bedstead with headboard? Think about how it fits into your room when choosing the perfect bed.


We recommend spending as much as you can afford to on a bed and mattress for your bedroom. This is where you’ll be sleeping every day for many years to come, so it’s good not to cut corners and to make a good investment into a stylish, comfortable and well-made bed and mattress.

Lee Longlands recommends unbeatable comfortable Tempur mattresses; expertly crafted with space certified materials.

Bedside Tables

For convenience and style, you’ll likely want to invest in some bedside tables for your bedroom. Bedside tables will provide you with a surface for a lamp, alarm clock and other useful accessories, and if you choose a bedside table with drawers, you’ll even benefit from some additional storage space in your bedroom.

Choose some bedside tables that suit your desired style and colour palette for the room, and be sure of measurements before buying bedside drawers; you don’t want them not to fit into your design.



Your wardrobe will be one of the most substantial storage facilities within your bedroom, so it’s important to choose the ideal wardrobe wisely. Think not only of your wardrobe as a striking, impactful furniture piece, but also as an important storage unit. Make sure there’s room inside for all of your clothes and accessories as this’ll ensure adequate storage space and help you to keep your room clutter free.

Wardrobes are widely available in a range of colours, styles and sizes – so no matter whether you’re looking for a traditional oak wood wardrobe or a contemporary metal wardrobe – you’ll have no problem finding something to suit your room.


Other Furnishings

You’ll likely want more furnishings in your new bedroom than just a bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe. However preferences differ between all of us, so it’s down to you to decide how you’d like to furnish your new dream bedroom.

Perhaps you’d like to bring a blanket box in at the end of the bed for aesthetic and extra storage, or maybe you want to include a desk and office chair to create a small work space within the room. Make sure you involve adequate storage for all of your belongings; you don’t want clutter building up!


Finishing Touches

No room is complete without some finishing touches. Now that you’ve got all your furnishings, you should think about ways to finish off your room to perfection.


Adding accessories to your bedroom is one of the most effective ways to add those much needed final touches. Rather than leaving walls bare fill blank spaces with a stand out mirror or some pictures, and spruce up any empty surfaces with table lamps, clocks and other useful household accessories. Cushions help to add a bit of impact and character to your bed.



Lighting is crucial for setting a mood within a room. In your new bedroom design you should make use of a combination of natural lighting, light fixtures and lamps to create different levels of ambience; this will allow you to benefit from bright natural light throughout the day, and dim, relaxing ambient lights when the sun goes down.

Lighting is something often overlooked, but having a good lighting setup offering different levels of ambience allows you to create relaxing moods within a room, so don’t forget to think about your use of lamps & lights in your bedroom.


Bring Your Dream Bedroom to Life

Everyone deserves their dream bedroom, and there’s no reason why you can’t make yours a reality! Hopefully you’ve found some helpful tips within this bedroom design guide to aid you in the process of designing your perfect bedroom, and we hope you’ll get round to bringing it to life.

At Lee Longlands we have a varied collection of modern & traditional luxury bedroom furniture available, explore our online store today to shop the entire selection.

Got any questions? Contact us today on 0333 200 1552.

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