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Bar Tables

A kitchen bar table is a tall table typically accompanied by bar stools.  Available with a square or circular top, bar tables can be suited to traditional or modern style homes, and come in a variety of materials, colours and finishes to suit any type of décor.  Square and round table tops are generally small at 60cm or 70cm wide, and are generally between 90cm and 110cm tall.

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Things to consider when choosing your bar table

There are several factors worthy of consideration when selecting your new table.


Firstly, it’s important to ensure your breakfast bar table is the correct height and width.  With regards to height, make sure that the table is suited to the height of your bar stools.  Don’t forget to include 25cm of leg room when measuring between the stools and the bottom of the table.  If you’ve got your heart set on one of our tables, you might want to pair it with an adjustable bar chair, which can be adjusted to an appropriate height for the table.

A bar table that is 60cm or 70cm in height will comfortably seat two people, however rectangular tables can also be purchased to seat more guests.  You are less likely to see a single pedestal bar table that is wider than 70cm.  This is because a larger top will be less stable on a tall pedestal.  As such, a 60cm or 70cm is a safe choice which will not be prone to tipping over.

Some tables are long and thin at around 45cm wide, and seat people alongside rather than opposite one another.  In this style, a 120cm will seat 1-2 people, a 150cm table will suit 2-3 and an 180cm table will suit 3-4.  This type of breakfast bar is typically placed against a wall to conserve space.


Breakfast bar tables are available in a range of finishes and materials, including wood, glass and stone.  Wood has a more traditional feel and is versatile across both modern and traditional style kitchens.  Marble and glass are both modern materials which often come with metal bases.  They lend a sense of sophistication to a contemporary setting.

You can also buy matching bar tables and stools that will look outstanding when paired together.


The shape of your table can impact the overall look of the room.  Circular tables will soften the room while square tables give the space a more minimalist edge.  A long and narrow rectangular breakfast bar can be a feature for the room whilst still being tucked out of the way.

Which rooms can I use a bar table in?

Depending upon your personal requirements, there are many rooms in which your table can be situated, such as a kitchen, dining room or bar.

A free standing breakfast bar is an excellent space saver in a kitchen, kitchen diner or open plan kitchen and living area if used to replace a dining table.  This makes it a practical but stylish option for compact living.

In the dining room, a bar table can be used as an extra area for seating.  You can therefore save the table for special occasions when you need to add more guests.  It is also a good place to serve drinks.  Alternatively, you can use it for everyday use, reducing the wear and tear on an expensive dining table that you would rather keep for best.

In a bar, a bar table is the perfect piece of furniture for impressing and socialising with friends.  A fantastic way to make an impact, so guests will be more than happy to visit again.

What are the different styles of bar table?

Our tables come in a variety of interesting styles to suit your kitchen, bar or dining room décor.

Circular Bar Table

A circular breakfast bar table brings elegance to the kitchen with its dainty dimensions, making it a beautiful feature in a modern room.  It also takes up less space than a square table, so it is ideal for a smaller area.  Round shapes soften the feel of the room and help to balance cool, sophisticated materials such as glass and marble.  A circular base plate complements the top.

Square Bar Table

A square table offers slightly more room for guests and has larger dimensions, providing more elbow room for diners and better filling the space.  Square tables’ corners offer sharp, stylish angles and make the top appear larger on the column of the base, generating a more dramatic shape.  Matt monochrome finishes look stunning on these tables.  Square bar tables generally have square base plates to balance their weight appropriately.

What can bar tables can be used for?

Bar tables can be used in many different ways around the home.

Bar tables for kitchen diners and kitchens offer an additional place to serve meals, enabling you to cater for more guests.  This allows you to host larger social events that everyone will enjoy.

A free standing breakfast bar has distinct advantages to a wall-mounted table because it can be moved around and can therefore be used more flexibly.  While a wall-mounted table is held in place, you can keep your free standing bar table by the wall for everyday use and move it closer to the middle of the room when hosting guests.

They can also be used to replace a dining table as a place to eat breakfast, lunch or tea.  This makes them a superb way to save space, and of great benefit to homes with small kitchen diners or homes without a dining room.  Small square and circular tables are especially advantageous for couples and compact living.

In addition, you can use the table in a bar.  Since bar tables are so named for their commercial popularity in bars, pubs and clubs, the presence of one in your bar at home will contribute to the overall ambience of the room and distinguish it from other rooms in the house.  A wooden option is better suited to more traditional style bars, whereas a marble or glass table is modern looking and guaranteed to impress.

You can include seating with your table, or you can opt to go without.  This will leave more space in the room while still providing a spare surface for drinks and snacks.  A bar table is also a handy extra surface for keeping a phone, newspaper or tables.

Some bar tables come with a pedestal base, leaving more legroom for friends and family.  Pedestal bases are almost always made out of metal so they can withstand the weight of their tops.  They often have a brushed steel or chrome finish which makes them a gorgeous addition to a contemporary kitchen diner. 

Finally, a small breakfast bar can be used for decoration, to display an ornament, vase or bouquet of flowers.  As such, they will brighten up the room when not otherwise in use.


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