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Corner Sofas

Corner suites are a space-saving alternative to a sofa set which can come in a variety of styles, such as traditional, modern retro and contemporary.  They can be purchased in a wide selection of materials, including leather and various fabrics such as velvets, plains and patterns.  A corner sofa, or L sofa, is a good way to create more seating room in a smaller lounge, meaning that you can host friends and family more easily.

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253cm(w) 85cm(h) 156cm(d)  
now £2575
253cm(w) 85cm(h) 156cm(d)  
now £2575
394cm(w) 91cm(h) 380cm(d)  
now £17899
240cm(w) 101cm(h) 97cm(d) 280cm(l)  
now £5501
280cm(w) 101cm(h) 97cm(d) 240cm(l)  
now £6132
300cm(w) 83cm(h) 330cm(d)  
now £5755
300cm(w) 83cm(h) 330cm(d)  
now £5755
245cm(w) 89cm(h) 103cm(d) 323cm(l)  
now £2925
245cm(w) 89cm(h) 103cm(d) 323cm(l)  
now £2925

Why buy a corner sofa?

There are lots of benefits to having a corner sofa.

Firstly, they offer plenty of seating room without the necessity for two separate sofas.  Often a corner sofa will take up less space overall, since you are squeezing all your seating into one corner.  This makes them a good option for smaller living rooms.

Since they seat more people, they are also a good choice for people who want to host lots of guests or for anyone with a larger family.  An accompanying stool can provide extra seating on busy occasions or simply a place to put your feet up in the evenings.

These sofas can also be used to divide a room or for creating a multi-functional space.   For example, you can use a corner couch to separate a kitchen-diner into sections.  Alternatively, you can split a large living room to include both a seating section for adults and a play area for children.  A corner settee is also a useful addition to a playroom, leaving plenty of floorspace for playmats, toys and games.

Things to consider when choosing a corner sofa

There are multiple aspects to choosing a corner sofa or chaise sofa.  We’ve detailed some of these considerations below.

Chaise sofa or corner sofa

Lee Longlands offer corner sofas and corner chaises.  A corner sofa looks like a standard sofa that has been folded in on one side.  It still has the same distinctive sofa look, with an arm, back and an ordinary sized seat cushion.

A corner chaise is a sofa which incorporates a chaise on one side.  It resembles a normal sofa, but has a longer seat cushion for the chaise.  The key difference is that there is no back section on the chaise section, only an arm.  A corner chaise has more space to spread out, and the bottom half of the chaise can be used as spare seating for special occasions.

Left or right hand corner sofa

Corner chaises and sofas can come as LHF (left-hand facing) or RHF (right-hand facing) – but how can you tell the difference?

Corner sofas have a longer section and a shorter section, which form a right angle when you put them together.  Imagine that you are standing facing your corner chaise or sofa.  If the shorter side or the chaise is on the left-hand side, it is a left hand corner sofa or chaise.  If the shorter side or the chaise is on the right-hand side, it is a RHF corner sofa or chaise.

Most of our corner sofas have LHF or RHF included in their names to keep things simple and straightforward.

Fabrics available in corner sofas

Corner sofas can come in either fabric or leather.

Fabric corner sofa

Fabrics are the most cost effective option and can be purchased in a wide variety of textures and types.  A wide variety of patterns is also available in fabric, including geometric, botanical and floral designs.  Fabric is a cosier option than leather because it is better at retaining heat.

If your sofa is going to see plenty of wear and tear due to family life, we’d recommend trying a medium colour that won’t show stains, such as a mid-blue or grey corner sofa.  If you’re looking to change your style often, you can easily dress up a neutral brown or cream corner sofa with different scatters and throws.  To make a statement, try a bright, bold colour.

Fabric corner sofas are a common sight in classic contemporary styling and look good in both casual and glamorous surroundings.

Leather corner sofa

Leathers work especially well for modern or modern retro décor.  Although they are a pricier option, they possess a timeless look and maintain their popular appeal.

Leathers can be purchased in softer, more characterful aniline leathers or in easy to clean top grain.  We would recommend top grain leathers for families or people with pets, since they can be wiped over with a cloth when dirty.

What are the different styles of corner sofa?

A corner settee is a great option for families, but it’s also versatile across a range of different styles and can suit a variety of requirements.  Below, we’ve included several popular styles which might make you rethink what a corner couch can be.

(Please note that all of the below can be purchased as either LHF or RHF.)

Long Farm

The Long Farm sofa is a British made corner chaise sofa which can be upholstered in a selection of velvety fabrics.  A stylish contemporary sofa with a pillow back for comfort and high quality feather/fibre interiors for a soft and sumptuous sit.


The Oakmore corner chaise blends blissful comfort with vintage good looks – an excellent choice for relaxing in style.  Its slim, squared-off arms allow it to fit into smaller lounges without a fuss.

The Oakmore comes in a selection of gorgeous leathers.  It has a sustainably sourced hardwood frame, as well as super soft feather, foam and fibre interiors.  A great fit for a modern retro lounge.


The snug and striking Fabian’s wide seat cushions have feather and fibre fillings for ultimate comfort.  Gentle curves soften its clean lines for a contemporary appearance.  Its blue and grey fabric options are relaxing choices for everyday living.


The Natuzzi Editions Bianco looks most at home in modern surroundings, boasting silver coloured legs, a manually adjustable headrest for comfort and large seats which are ideal for spreading out in style.  The Bianco is available in a selection of leathers to suit all manner of interiors.

How to measure for a corner sofa

A corner sofa is a large item which is going to need to fit into a specific space in the living room.  Before purchasing your sofa, it’s important to do the following:

  • Make sure you know the length of each side of the sofa to ensure that it won’t cause any unexpected problems once it is built, such as blocking a doorway or cupboard.
  • Be careful to factor in radiators, skirting boards and other obstructions, rather than simply measuring wall to wall.
  • Please rest assured that your corner settee will be delivered in sections, so you only need to take into account the dimensions of each section when it comes to delivery.
  • If you are ordering a corner chaise or sofa with a stool, make sure you have enough room to accommodate the chaise section or stool.
  • Make a note of which way around your sofa needs to be (LHF or RHF) and double-check your order to make sure you’ve placed the right one in your basket!


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