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Display Units & Cabinets

Display cabinets are a form of storage unit which can be used to display valuables and other items of interest in the kitchen, dining room or living room.  Display cabinets may include a diverse range of storage types, such as shelf compartments, glass cabinets, cupboards and drawers, in a variety of combinations to suit your requirements.

Lee Longlands sell many display cabinets, including cabinets from high quality brands such as Ercol and Nathan Furniture.

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What could you use display cabinets for?

A kitchen display cabinet is a piece of dining room furniture which contains many kinds of storage for both decorative and practical purposes.

Display cabinets allow you to show off items of sentimental value or decorative items which add to the aesthetic of the room, such as glassware, ornaments, crockery, family photos, vases and more.

They are also a highly practical storage solution which can contain virtually any combination of storage to suit the needs of the room.  Storage may include drawers, wooden cupboards, glass cabinets, shelves and shelf compartments.  Not only can you use them to tidy away clutter, but you can use them to store a wide variety of items which differ in shape and size, making them versatile, too.

Many cabinets are tall rather than wide, so you can make the most of your ceiling space and avoid taking up floorspace.  This makes a display cabinet an excellent addition to smaller homes as they help to maximise your storage.

A cabinet with glass doors allows you to showcase cherished items in a safe manner.  Kept safely behind the glass doors, items will gather less dust and be less at risk of falling out or being damaged.

For more practical everyday use, display cabinets with shelves grant easy access to items without the need to open or close a cupboard or cabinet door. 

Not everything in your cabinet needs to be on display.  Drawers and solid cabinet doors provide plenty of additional storage for clutter and items which are only for occasional use.

A display cabinet with an LED light function adds a touch of modern glamour to the home and adds additional lighting, contributing to the ambience of the room.

What are the different materials for display units?

Display cabinets are often made using wood and have traditionally incorporated glass doors into their design.

A glass display cabinet is still a popular choice, and many are available in our collection.  Glass display units are well-suited to traditional and classic contemporary style furnishings, but can also look good in a modern design with a high gloss finish.

Many of our wood cabinets are made in oak for its outstanding colour and woodgrain, but painted options and other woods are also available.

A modern high gloss option is easier to clean than a wood display cabinet and boasts plenty of modern appeal.

How big are display cabinets?

A display cabinet will generally range between 170cm and 200cm tall.  Other options, such as dressers with dresser tops, are comprised of a hutch and sideboard which can be purchased separately.

Although display cabinets are generally tall, their width can often vary, and can be anything from 70cm to 150cm.  If you are hoping for storage that can fit into a narrow space, you can find a display cabinet to suit this requirement.  If you have the room and storage is a priority, you can choose an expansive display cabinet that can store a lot of items.

Larger cabinets tend to be more functional, whereas a small display cabinet is useful for showing off photographs, cards, ornaments, souvenirs and other decorative items.

Other things to consider with display cabinets


When selecting your cabinet, think about the style you would prefer.  Our collection includes reclaimed wood cabinets, painted classic contemporary options, rustic oak cabinets and modern high gloss cabinets.

Rustic cabinets are a wonderful addition to a country style dining room, whereas reclaimed wood options are better suited to a distressed, shabby chic or industrial style dining room.  Painted options with pretty handles are perfect for a classic contemporary look, while high gloss has wow factor and a sleek appearance for that modern look.


The place your display cabinet is going to go can have an impact on which model you choose.  For example, an oak display cabinet may not be as well-suited to a room with high moisture levels, such as the kitchen.  It’s worth double-checking the finish on a wood display unit to see whether it has any water resistance.  A waxed finish provides more protection against moisture than a lacquered finish and will therefore keep the unit in good condition for longer.  Alternatively, you might want to try an alternative style, such as a cabinet with a high gloss finish.

Narrow or small display cabinets can work well in the living room, whereas a larger display cabinet is best used in the dining room or kitchen and is an excellent place to keep crockery and glassware.

Matching with other furniture

Would you like your furniture to match?  If so, this may also influence your choice.  Many of our display cabinets come as part of wider dining ranges, so that your dining table, chairs, sideboards and bookcases will have the same distinct style and finish – the perfect way to transform your room.  If you’d like to search by dining range, please click here.

Some display cabinets come in two sections: a hutch and a sideboard, also sometimes known as a dresser and dresser top.  Hutches and sideboards are best purchased as a set, since they are styled and proportioned to match one another.  The hutch can be wall mounted in order to save space.

Combination of storage

Finally, think about the kind of storage you need and would prefer for your display unit, since there are many kinds and combinations of storage available.  If you want something that will display lots of items, perhaps opt for something larger with glass doors and several of shelves.  If you need the display cabinet to store other items you don’t want displayed, or to conceal clutter, then something with drawers and cupboards with solid doors would probably be preferable.  For paperwork, jewellery and keepsakes, consider drawers rather than cupboards, so that nothing will be lost at the back of the cupboard.  If you need the cabinet to hold storage boxes, keepsake boxes or larger items such as board games and photo albums, a cupboard will be a greater priority.

If you’re keeping more practical items in the display unit that you plan to use regularly, perhaps opt for something with shelves so you can reach everything easily.  If you would rather keep ornaments and other items protected from dust and damage, it may be wise to opt for a glass door option instead.

Finally, think about the size and width of the shelves.  If you want to keep cookery books and greeting cards here, be sure that they will fit between the shelves when propped upright.  Try narrower shelves if you’d like to squeeze lots of smaller items into the cabinet.

Want to know more?

You are welcome to discuss any of our display cabinets with our team of sales experts.  You call us on 0333 200 1552 or email us at


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