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Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are a form of office storage which can be used to keep work and private documents safe, organised and out of sight.  They can also be used to store other items, such as chargers, magazines, photo albums and more, granting greater versatility.

Our cabinets come in a wide selection of styles, colours and finishes so you can find the ideal option for your office, living room, dining room or bedroom.  Find out more about our fantastic selection below.

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What are the different types of filing cabinets?

There are various different kinds of filing cabinet available, including 2 and 3 drawer cabinets, storage cabinets and home filing cabinets.  All of these are suitable for different purposes, so you can find the best option to meet your requirements.

2 drawer file cabinet

A 2 drawer file cabinet has two drawers for storing your files.  Often, these cabinets are roughly the same height as your desk (around 80cm tall), so you can use the top of the cabinet to extend your desk space.  The cabinet does not look too bulky, still provides plenty of storage and rarely has to sacrifice drawer depth, unlike a 3 drawer cabinet at the same height.

3 drawer file cabinet

A 3 drawer file cabinet may be a similar height to your desk, or taller at around 115cm.

As mentioned above, a cabinet which is in line with your desk effectively gives you more desk space, allowing you to spread out more.  As the 3 drawer units of this height require shallower drawers, you may find the storage to be more versatile, incorporating shallower drawers for stationery and papers and deeper filing drawers for your records.

Taller 3 drawer cabinets will often include three deep drawers, all of which are intended for filing.  This is an excellent option if you are using the cabinet to keep business records or family accounts in order.

Office storage cabinets

Office storage cabinets are storage cupboards with shelves used for storing company accounts, client records and other important business documentation.  They may be tall or small, but are designed for storing ring binders upright.  An office storage cupboard also has doors to keep confidential information safe from prying eyes, with the added benefit of concealing clutter, so you can keep a tidy mind while you work.  They are ideal for a home office or study.

Home filing cabinet

A home filing cabinet is a cabinet with deep drawers intended to store personal and family documents such as ID, bills and family accounts.  As less space is generally required for this purpose, these cabinets tend to be smaller, although you are of course welcome to upgrade to a larger cabinet if you find yourself struggling for space.  These cabinets are ideal for a home office or computer room.

How to choose a filing cabinet?

You should select a filing cabinet that fits the aesthetic of your office and provides the right type and amount of storage for you.

Style and aesthetic

It’s advisable match the style of your filing cabinet to your décor and other office furniture.  A good starting point is to select a finish or colour that suits your existing furnishings.  For example, an oak filing cabinet with a natural finish will blend well with other natural oak office furniture.

In addition, there are various features that mark out the style of your cabinet.

  • A white filing cabinet with antique metal handles looks fantastic in a contemporary home.  Its colour also makes it versatile, so it will suit many colour schemes and survive changes in décor
  • A reclaimed wood file cabinet or a cabinet with a distressed finish will suit an industrial or shabby chic style room
  • Natural finish wood cabinets in a chunky style are perfect for rustic or country homes, while options with bar handles are better suited to more modern surroundings
  • Metal filing cabinets are great to modern spaces and come in different hues to suit the colour scheme of your room

Storage capabilities

Office file cabinets can offer different amounts and types of storage.

Some exclusively feature deeper drawers, which are necessary for storing suspension files.  Others mix and match these with shallower drawers, which are better for keeping office supplies, spare paper, planners, diaries, bills to be paid or a project you are currently working on.

In addition, some cabinets have more storage than others, featuring one, two or three filing drawers.  Generally speaking, a 3 drawer will store more than a 2 drawer and a 2 drawer will store more than a 1 drawer.

It’s best to select a cabinet that suits the kind of storage you will require, as well as the amount of storage you’ll need.  This saves the expense of having to purchase another cabinet in the future to hold more documents, or overspending on a cabinet that is too large, only for it to wind up partially empty.

Where are filing cabinets used?

Filing cabinets aren’t just office storage solutions.  There are lots of other places around the home where they can be useful, too.

  • Office file cabinets are ideal for keeping family or company accounts
  • A cabinet in the dining room or lounge is an excellent place for keeping letters, bills, electronics, manuals, magazines and cooking recipes
  • Bedroom cabinets are excellent for storing laptop and phone chargers, photo albums, letters, receipts and personal stationery

Why choose Lee Longlands for your filing cabinets?

Lee Longlands offer several different kinds of wood file cabinet in different styles to suit your home décor and your personal or professional requirements.  Our wide range of office furniture includes matching pieces, so you can have a uniform look throughout the room or house.

Our products are of the high quality demanded by our customers, so you can be confident that your purchase will stand the test of time.

We have friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated sales experts who are happy to offer advice and explain more about our cabinets.  If you would like to know more about any of our products, you are more than welcome to visit us instore, call us on 0333 200 1552 or email us at


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