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Office Chairs

An office chair is a specialised form of office seating which can be purchased in many different styles.  Many desk chairs have great lumbar support, allowing you to work or study for extended periods without suffering too many aches and pains.  Arm rests provide leverage to get out of the chair and allow you to sit back in comfort.

Many types of home office chair are available to suit various requirements.  They are generally very comfortable and may have an adjustable back or height, so you can tailor the chair to suit your height and the height of your desk.  This is because comfort is integral to concentration. 

At Lee Longlands, you’re sure to find the best office chair for you.  Our collection includes desk chairs in a broad range of fabrics, leathers and colours to suit your home office.

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What are the different types of office chairs?

There are many types of desk chair available, including computer chairs, leather desk chairs and office swivel chairs.  Our range also includes Stressless chairs by Ekornes.

Computer chairs

A computer desk chair is a chair designed for use at your computer desk and is intended to provide plenty of support for your back.  For maximum support, it’s preferable to have both feet planted on the floor.  As such, a computer chair may have a gas lift function, allowing you to adjust the height of the chair to an optimal sitting position.  You can also raise the chair to ensure that your screen is at the correct height in order to prevent neck strain.

Leather desk chairs

To keep work ethic high, it’s a good idea to pick a smart, supportive chair that means business.  Exuding sophistication and great for that corporate feel, a leather desk chair is more than up to the task.  These chairs are often thought of as executive chairs.

As they are comfy and easy to clean, they can also be used for studying or gaming.  This type of chair is popular as it is low maintenance but looks outstanding.

If you’d prefer the benefits of leather at a lower price point or without the real leather smell, you might prefer a PU or faux leather chair.

Office swivel chair

An office swivel chair is a chair that can swivel around.  A 360 degree swivel chair is an excellent option for team working, allowing you to turn away from your desk to discuss your project with a colleague, client or business partner.

They are also a way to use more than one screen comfortably.  You can simply adjust your position rather than constantly needing to turn your head, reducing muscular pain in the neck and shoulders. 

Swivel chairs are especially advantageous for corner desks because they allow you to reach all parts of the desk without having to stretch or twist.  You can respond to emails, look over your files and answer the phone without having to get up from your chair.

Stressless office chairs

Famous brand Ekornes are well-known for high quality and a desire to take comfort to all new heights.   This has made them the “Innovators of Comfort”.  As well as recliners, Ekornes also make Stressless office chairs, which offer superb style as well as fantastic comfort and support. 

Stressless office chairs can come in different sizes to suit your support requirements.  Their products are available in a huge range of leathers including the popular Batick and Paloma.  Fabric options are also available in many different colours.

Why should you consider an office chair with wheels?

Depending on your individual requirements, an office chair with wheels can be highly beneficial for your work environment.  Firstly, they are easier to manoeuvre than chairs without wheels, so they are unlikely to scratch the office floor and won’t cause you to strain yourself as you move them.

A chair with wheels also useful if you have a large office, or if your work or office layout necessitates moving around frequently – for example, if you often need to see a colleague’s work or have various important documents stored in different places around the room.  No need to stand up and walk to the filing cabinet or bookshelf to grab that folder.  You can do everything you need to do from the comfort of your desk chair, boosting efficiency so you can use your time more effectively.

To get the most from an office chair with wheels, it’s best to use it on hard floors or carpets with a low pile height.  The higher the carpet, the harder it will be for the wheels to move!

Can you get different coloured office chairs?

Though black is an understandably popular choice, you can purchase office chairs in a wide variety of colours to suit all interiors.  Both fabric and leather chairs have many colour options to choose from, and have their own distinct advantages.

Fabric office chairs

Fabrics have the most colour options for you to choose from.  Fabrics come in different textures and can feature patterns, giving them a unique advantage over leather.

Bold colours bring energy and modern style into the room.  They can be used to make a statement, be integrated into a wider colour scheme or inject a bit of life into the office.

Fabric also has other advantages.  For example, it is cosy and good at regulating temperature, meaning it is more welcoming first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, fabric is cheaper than leather, making it a fun but cost effective option for a teenager’s room.  A colourful gaming chair gives your teen a way to express his or her individuality as well as providing a place to study and play computer games with friends.

Leather office chairs

Leather can be produced in lots of different colours, offering plenty of variety.  This means that you can colour co-ordinate the chair to the rest of the office, or pick something that’s perfect for your style.

Real leather is great for generating a business-like aesthetic.  The black leather office chair remains the classic choice for this purpose.  Brown leather may suit a more traditional style study, blending beautifully with wood finished desks, bookcases and filing cabinets.  Bright colours have a modern feel and brighten up the office.  This makes them more inviting, so you’ll walk into your workspace feeling ready to start the day.

Want to know more?

You can purchase a fabric or leather office chair in a range of styles to suit a variety of different furnishings.  If you’d like to learn more about one or more of our office chairs, give us a call on 0333 200 1552 or email us at  You can also visit us at one of our stores, where our sales experts will be happy to advise you.


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