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Office Chairs

Office chairs with comfort and style, essential for a home/office work environment for that satisfying feelgood factor.

67cm(w) 120cm(h) 61cm(d)  
was £255 sale £199
75cm(w) 108cm(h) 71cm(d)  
was £1115 sale from £889
82cm(w) 109cm(h) 77cm(d)  
was £1810 sale from £1445
81cm(w) 111cm(h) 73cm(d)  
was £1443 sale from £1149
80cm(w) 106cm(h) 75cm(d)  
was £1622 sale from £1295
79cm(w) 113cm(h) 73cm(d)  
was £1349 sale from £1079