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Table lamps

Table lamps are lamps which are placed on a table to add ambience or to achieve a practical objective, such as facilitating studying or reading.  Lee Longlands have traditional, industrial, bohemian and contemporary table lamps to match a wide range of furnishings and styles.  Glass, metal and even wooden lamps can be purchased from our extensive collection.

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What are the different types of table lamp?

Table lamps vary widely in style, size and function.

Large table lamps

Large table lamps are suited to larger surfaces, such as a sideboard, console table or large lamp table.  They are most commonly found in the living room or dining room.  Not only do they add illumination to the room, they also add ambience and can be a style statement which complements other furniture.  An attractive large lamp will impress guests and add extra atmosphere.

Small table lamps

Small table lamps are an excellent addition to a bedside table, small hall table, small lamp table or shelf, because their dimensions allow them to balance comfortably on a smaller or narrower surface.  A small lamp provides light for reading in the living room or bedroom and is both decorative and practical.

Bedside table lamps

Bedside table lamps are designed specifically for reading at night and are typically placed on a bedside table.  Often the lights have a switch so you can turn off the light without having to get out of bed.  Bedside lamps are also a useful addition from a safety standpoint, because you can switch off the main light and still see to get to the bed, reducing the risk of tripping.

There are also plenty of other kinds of table lamp, including standard, desk and torchiere styles.

  • Standard lamps have a stem or shapely base and a shade.  Also known as a buffet lamp, the standard lamp suits bohemian, modern and traditional style rooms
  • Desk lamps are a form of reading lamp with a base and a V shaped stem.  Their downcast light can be adjusted to the perfect position for reading and writing.  Highly practical items, these lamps are commonly found on the desk in a study and come in many styles and materials to suit all forms of décor
  • A torchiere table lamp comes with a tulip shaped shade which directs the light upwards.  These lights are brilliant for creating ambience in your home and look fantastic in both traditional and rustic surroundings

What else should you consider when buying table lamps?

Mood and Ambience

Different styles of lamp direct light in different ways to achieve a specific atmosphere.  Uplighting such as the torchiere will create more ambient lighting, while a spotlight will point light in a particular direction, drawing attention to a feature of the room or illuminating a shadowy corner.

Shades also achieve different effects.  A warm coloured shade in red or orange will make a space feel warmer and more welcoming, while a blue or grey shade will evoke cool sophistication.  Different thicknesses and colours will let through different amounts of light – a thick or black shade will let through less light than a thin or white shade.

Light bulbs can also be purchased in warm or colder colours so you can achieve the perfect look for your room.


For desk work, a desk lamp is ideal because its light is bright and focused and the lamp’s position can be adjusted.  This means you can direct it at your textbook, notes or project, so you won’t strain your eyes when working late at night.

When winding down before bed, it’s wise to use a lamp with a shade.  The shade will block out some of the light, making it less bright and easier on the eyes.  This means the light is less likely to wake you up.

If you intend to keep a light on for an extended period while you work or read, an LED reading lamp may be the way forward.  An LED bulb won’t get as hot as a halogen bulb, so you can leave it on for longer and it won’t reach the same high temperatures.  An LED light is also more energy efficient – a safer option that saves you money.

Style and aesthetic

What kind of décor do you have, or intend to have, for your room?  Traditional, boho, industrial and modern table lamps are available to suit all sorts of homes.

  • For the traditional look, a torchiere or standard lamp like the Bernardo is best.  These lamps come in all sorts of shapes, both simple and elaborate, to suit classic furnishings
  • Bohemian styling favours colourful shades and bold and bright metallic tones.  These lamps come in standard styles or wonderfully different looks, as with the Antique Gold Rabbit Ears lamp.
  • Industrial and rustic style table lights often feature a mix of materials.  The Ebke blends wood and metal for an antique feel.  These pieces may feature a brass, bronze or antique finish as a final touch
  • Modern table lamps are often simple, elegant pieces in silver, chrome or glass and with a white or black shade.  You might also want to try a marble effect or tripod table lamp.  These lamps achieve a minimalist feel but still add plenty of interest.  The Chrome and Glass Tubes Deco lamp suits this style well.

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